blue moon (2)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Unhooked ©

Last night I had a couple of friends drag me out of the house and out to the bar.
Not that I fought back much.
I could use some beer to wash that taste in my mouth from the night before.
Good thing I drank it all because I was swearing it off anyway and I wouldn’t want any temptation left in the cupboard.
It’s not often I get to see these two together so when I have an opportunity and they are in town I take advantage to catch up.
The talk revolved around their up coming adventure and it will be.
They were trying to get me to go into it with them
I was tempted for just a ……… yeah right, I was tempted.
They are going to northern Alberta to work at the oil fields.
The pay is great, about 100 grand a year and the way they see it this is going to be their last shot at making some real money as they are getting to old for the heavy work.
The way I saw it was, ITS FUCKEN -60 IN THE WINTER.
I can’t wait for it to warm up here; there the snow barely melts when winter comes again.
Fuck that.
I know I could easily get a job up there.
I could drive anything with wheels and even a tail.
They have already been guaranteed work so they are off next week to take a look at it.
It would have been nice to go for the ride but the last time we took off together Andy ended up aw you go read it if you want here.
Yeah I got a dirty look for bringing that up again.
Then M brought up the pleasures about being divorced as opposed to being married.
He just got his divorce a couple of months ago.
I sat there and listened to how much money he saves now.
He has it all worked out, the pros and cons of being in a relationship.
According to him its better paying a hooker a couple of hundred dollars for a fuck than it is to date.
He says you can go out on a date and spend as much and not get laid, but you give a hooker a couple of hundred and you get what you want all night.
Sounds logical to me but will she let you spray her with raid first?
I can’t even think of fucking a hooker and I worked in a brothel and could have got it for free and it gave me the creeps.
I used to have this recurring dream while working at the brothel with finding my pecker lying next to me when I woke up in the morning.
He tells me getting divorced is the best thing that happened to him.
These are my friends, and I know what makes the tick so I grin and say to him, “So I hear the wife got the dog too, eh”
That was it. LOL
He let loose with a barrage about how he gave her the house and a car but she wanted the fucken dog too, and how he should have trained it to bite her.
Yeah I know how to be a prick sometimes.
That’s when R showed up and joined the fun listening to M rant for another 15 minutes about his EX.
R is an old friend going back and knew most of the stories being spilled out for the neighboring tables to stretch their ears out to hear.
He wasn’t an active member of our crew but he did some stuff on the side for extra cash.
He never really had the stomach for it and we never pushed anyone to do what they didn’t want too.
He got into it with M for a bit telling him all him ever cared about was getting laid and he looked at me and said just as much to me.
M told him he was just bitter because he wasn’t getting any.
That only fueled the argument as much as the beer did.
R said it was because we never gave him any.
That’s when I reminded him about the brunette I sent into his room one night when he was living with me.
That only got him madder, because it was his GF.
You have to understand we argued but never fought, especially over women.
R got up to go to the washroom and looked at me with a serious look on his face and asked me, “You never fucked my GF, right”?
“No, I wouldn’t do that to you”.
He took off to the washroom.
M and A looked at me and M said “you lied to him, you did his old lady”.
“Naw, he said GF, I slept with her before she was”.
We swapped some old tales like the time Snake ate 7 hits of acid and was in the toilet of a washroom for 2 hours talking to God.
He said the Angels were singing to him while he was on the toilet.
Those are the perils of having MUZAK piped through the speaker in the ceiling in the washroom.
Or the time C picked up that blond with the big tits and took her to the car for a quickie only to find spare parts down there when he pulled her panties off.
He almost killed him/her and would have if we hadn’t gone out looking for him only to find him beating it in the parking lot.
The joke for the rest of that night was C’s new GF had a bigger one than he did.

M was eyeing the waitress at the bar all night and was getting uppity, which only got R going again with horny Greek cracks.
We called for the bill and went to drop off R at home when M said we should get a hooker.
We both said NO!
The he said ok, we should get 3 hookers and he will pay.
I said NO!
I said NO!
I look at R.
“He said he will pay”.
“Then they are all going to your bachelor apartment where you work as the super”.
NO!!!!!!! was R’s answer.
That settled that, no hooker.
Damn M.
We sat around R’s place until about 3 am and M dropped me off at home.

I sat here in front of my computer later thinking about my life and where it’s been and how I got here for where I was.
It’s been a rough couple of years for me but I am still here taking shots at life, why, I have no idea, or maybe I do.
I have never been a quitter, and have taken risks and don’t give a fuck about it if they don’t go right.
I evaluate what happened and why and understand what went wrong and I go on from there.
I never forget though, as my enemies have found out.
Either have my friends when they called needing help and I have good friends both here and out there in blog land.

When I think of everything, I have no regrets but many disappointments but every dark cloud has a silver lining and I have found a few.
One day I will get what I want and I am the only one who knows what that is and it’s my secret.
Let’s face it it’s only a secret when one person knows about it.
All in all my life sucks at the moment but its still my life and that’s all I got.

Have a nice day.


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