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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Walker Of The North ©

A quick up date.
I was at the hospital yesterday to see my niece.
As I was approaching the room I could hear screaming and crashing and a nurse ran out holding her eye.
Stepping up the pace I walked faster with the thought that my brother finally cracked and was killing my SIL in the room.
When I got in I found a scene of mayhem and panic.
2 nurses and a doctor wanted fluids from my niece which entailed shoving a hose up her tail which she didn’t agree with and was putting up a valiant and first rate attack rather than a defence.
Ah, a chip off the block.
Damn I was proud of her and wanted to wade in and back her up.
Four people finally subdued her long enough to get what they wanted but as the next doctor found out, she isn’t going to trust them again, balloons of not.
They are looking into what made her sick and will be keeping her in for a couple of days more.
She has gotten better which is great but she is still lacking that smile I am so used to.
I’ll be back there soon.
My mother has been there daily for 12 hours at a stretch, that is where my concern is and my father sits at home watching TV.
I asked him to go get her yesterday and he said my brother will drive her home when he comes back.
It’s easy to tell where my brother gets his pig headedness from and his lack of compassion for that matter.
Well I didn’t wait yesterday and took his car and went and brought her home.
She is back there again this morning but this time I will be there earlier to get her back.
My mother is worried that she will loose yet another grandchild.
She hasn’t seen my kids for 6 years now and I know that sits heavy on her heart.

Just now I received information that they have found something growing in her brain that might be a tumour causing her to have seizures.
She is scheduled for a MRI later today.
We are all waiting for word of what it is and how to combat this.
We won’t let one of our own go so easily as most of you wouldn’t give up one of yours.

Ok it’s time to see who loves me.
Which one of you is going to come up here and shoot me?
Come on just put me out of my fucken misery.
I’ll even supply the gun but you’re going to have to aim for my right earlobe because it pulls up and right.
I wouldn’t want you to aim at my head and shooting my left ear off forcing me to meander to the right while I walk.
Any takers, I don’t see any hands, just as well I’d have to get the gun, oil it and a whole bunch of other shit.
A deep breath would be good.
Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath.
Come on everyone reading this
It’s got to be a good one.
You know one of those bra filling, strap stretching, suspenders pulling deep breaths.
One more, DEEEEEEEEEEEP BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You see, this is the way I deal with anger.
I think of other things, simple things that don’t need much thought, stupid things, just trying to make me laugh.
It’s like my pressure valve and it’s been getting a lot of fucken use this year and all I can do is keep it greased so it doesn’t stick open.

Another day in hell
The drama unfolds by the day in downtown Walkersville.
6 pm the phone rings, it’s my mother.
She tells me to run up the street quick.
My niece has stopped breathing and needs to go to the hospital NOW!
I’m out the door and down the street before the dial tone has silenced.
I get there, walk in go to the back bedroom where the kid and the SIL are along with my father and asked her what’s wrong?

“She stopped breathing and almost died”

That’s what she said to me.
A simply but to the point sentence that even a dead guy at the morgue would understand

I whip out the cell phone and start calling for an ambulance, but she stops me.
She tells me to wait so she could think of what to do.
What is there to think?
Let’s get the kid to the hospital.
She starts off on a rant about how my brother is never home and always working.
How he never gives her money for anything and never buys groceries……… there is a long list she blurred out.
I hate defending my brother and I can’t because I don’t live in that house but I have seen him give her a lot of money and buy groceries as for anything else I don’t know.
We have this kid that needs help so why the rant and not an ambulance.
I ask her if we are going to call the ambulance now.
She takes the phone and makes a call.
So I am thinking she is calling for an ambulance.
“Where are you? You should be here and not working”?
This is what she said WORD FOR WORD.
Now while all of this is going on the kid is looking at me and I am making faces at her trying to make her smile but still listening.
She looked like a sick kid does when she is sick nothing serious, but when her mother turns around to touch her she flips out and starts fighting her.
Ten minutes later I asked again about the ambulance and she told me my brother was an asshole and he should be here with his daughter instead out there with his friends.
She said she hasn’t slept in four days.
My brother works 14 hour days and is not with his friends and my mother has been there everyday all day while she did what she wanted and most of the time she wasn’t even home.
She sat there trying to inject tea with a syringe down my niece’s throat.
Fuck it
I walked out and called my brother, he called an ambulance with his cell.
Eleven paramedics, cops were there in minutes running through the house.
Thirty seconds later eight left.
I wonder why?

I know bullshit when I see it and I have seen plenty and she was full of it.
This was not about the kid.
This is about my brother not being home.
The kid is sick and she is in the hospital right now and will stay there for the next 3 days but this was not about her.
My SIL is gone of the deep end and I don’t trust her with the kid.
It’s a feeling I have when I see her and listen to what she says.
It’s just not right.
She was more concerned about where my brother was and has my whole family running around with their heads cut off because she calls them up crying for help and you have to go.

I remember when my brother started seeing her, I told my then GF that the SIL was crazy.
The GF asked me how I knew that and I said that she had that crazy tilt in her head and pointed it out to the GF.
My SIL sits there some time in LA LA land with her head slightly tilted to one side and her eyes glazed over.

While I was waiting for the paramedics to arrive she was walking around the hallway telling me she was fed up and has had enough with my brother always not being there.
Now thinking back 7 years before the kid was even born, when she said something along the same lines, I recall telling her that she should just leave him and go be happy.
That was sound advice.
Instead she told him what I said and still remains, why?
Why should you stay where you don’t want to be?
I wouldn’t want to stay with the person she describes.
I just held my tongue and listened, I figured why start something.

When they had left for the hospital I came home to think of what I had seen and learned.
I don’t feel comfortable with this woman.
I am extremely protective when it comes to kids.
It probably stems from when I was a kid and went through.
After an hour I called my brother and asked how it was going and the doctors were tight lipped about it and said they would keep her for three days for observation.
I told him to tell the doctor to look for any foreign toxins in the kid.
Fuck it I don’t trust the SIL any more.
I hate to think that a mother would hurt her child but I see a lack of caring and it makes me wonder.
I would rather be wrong but certain.
What ever the case may be I am on to her and I’m not going to let her get away with this.
I am going to tell my brother she needs help and now.
I wouldn’t want her around my kids.
She is a pathological liar and I knew this from the beginning but now it’s causing trouble to my family and I worry she may be dangerous to my niece’s health.

So stay tuned as the drama unfolds, will Walker be wrong or will he become a fugitive running off with a pint size munchkin to the great white oils fields in -60 degree weather to spend the rest of his life chewing on seal meat and fucking toothless hookers.

I’m glad that bottle of Absinth is empty


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