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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

19 Days Left ©

Here is a later post than usual.
Actually there may be some days I won’t be able to post as the time of my departure gets nearer.
With 19 days or sleeps as Lisa would say left, I am running around making sure everything is ready.
My bag is 80% packed and tomorrow I go out to buy the last items I have to put into it.
It is also 17 kilos and I am allowed 20 so it’s going to be close on the weight. I just may have to do a Fizzy and cut off the corners to keep the weight down.
As the time is getting nearer I am getting excited and worried.
This is my first trip alone ever and it’s a big one.
I will be meeting people I have never met before in person and that is going to be great and scary as well.
I know I will be fine with Lisa because we have spent time together in each others company and are comfortable with each other but I will be meeting her kids, who know me and have spoken to me many times but this will be in person and much different.
We will also be sharing the same roof for the first time, so it may be awkward in the beginning, but I am sure we will get along just fine.
I will also be meeting other members of her family and extended family so yes, I am nervous.
My biggest concern is my cats. They are my children and act the part very well. I have someone that will come by and feed them on the weekends but I have no one for the weekdays as of yet so I am a little anxious.
I worry about Emme the most because she is about 17 years old now and needs to be close to me 24/7 when I am at home.
If I had a normal family I would get them to look after my pets but as it is I don’t so that’s out of the question.
My mother told me my father would feed them but the last time he watched my cats he killed one and the other one mysteriously died of eating rat poison so fuck that, I’ll keep looking.

I think the hardest part of my travel plans is my wait in Vancouver.
I have to wait at the airport for 8 hours, 8 boring hours.
I guess I will have to hang out at the Laura Secord booth and consol myself on chocolate until my flight.
I do intent to buy a journal to write in so I will have documentation of my trip and blog material when I do get the time at the PC.

Now, I will go back to an earlier post for my next couple of posts.
Don’t worry I won’t be doing reruns if that’s what you are thinking.
I did something in an earlier post that I will do again, because there are some of you that are new so I could get something new to write.
Now as it was in this post, I will answer any question you ask me.
ANYTHING about me that you want to know I will answer.
The rules as before you get only one question and not one sentence with more than one question.
GOT that mrhaney?
Now remember I have done a lot in my 46 years of life from being a cleaner, drug dealer to a bouncer, truck driver and let’s not forget working in a brothel too.
So that you don’t ask any questions that were asked before I suggest you take a peek at the ones that were asked before because if you ask the same ones as last time I promise I will copy the answer I gave the last time.
So leave your questions in the comment section of this post and in 2 days will come back with the answers to them.
I will even take questions from bloggers who don’t normally read me but I will not answer to anyone called anonymous.

Have a nice day


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