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Thursday, July 14, 2005

You Asked, You Get ©

These were all good questions and some were two but what the hey right, they went together. Some of them were very hard to answer and made me go back and forth before I could really be honest with what I said.

Ok here are the questions and the answers from yesterdays post:

When are you and Sara going to meet?

The plan is for me to go there just before New Years Eve and stay for 45 days.
As you know we have met and been together already, and she can handle my snoring. I still say it was the cat sleeping next to me, but she wouldn’t let me set up the video camera to get proof.
The truth is I had a GREAT time with her.
I can’t answer for her but I think she feels the same way.

Ok mine is, what went through your mind the first time you laid eyes on Sara at the airport?


The first thing that went through my mind when I saw Sara at the airport was, WOW she’s beautiful.
We had talked on the phone and seen pictures of each other but I had never seen live pictures of her, she had seen me because I did have a web cam, so seeing her in the flesh for the first time was spectacular.
I was nervous at first because you don’t know how she feels about what she sees; but that is how I felt at that moment.
The second thing that went through my mind was I need a chair.
What went through my head before we met at the airport, was another matter, but you didn’t ask that question.

Who is your hero and why?


My hero is the average person.
The person, male or female it doesn’t matter, that struggles to survive.
The people who were not born with money, but had to make ends meet with what they had.
Like our parents, who went through the war and survived only to be poor, hungry and uneducated, because there were no schools to learn in, but still made it working at anything that paid, so that they could feed their kids.
In today’s world, people like Fizzy and her husband who work hard raising a family and taking care of her parents and finding time to go to school to become a teacher.
The single mothers and fathers who surrender a social life to make sure that their kids have everything they need and are happy.
The average Joe/Jane is my Hero. They are the foundation of our society, but for them there would'nt be one.

What is the one little luxury that you would really really love to possess right now?

The only small thing I would really enjoy right now and I really don’t think it’s a small thing but it would be Sara’s lips planted on mine. I miss kissing her the most I think. Touching her and holding her in my arms, being together.
With us talking almost everyday and not being able to touch, bites.

Walker, are any of your toes webbed?

No, they are not webbed, but the way I swim I wish they were. Mind you I only learned to swim about 4 years ago and almost drowned in the process, in four feet of water. While in the swimming class a lady jumped into the pool and landed on me. She managed to straddle me with my head facing down and wouldn’t get off.
I eventually threw her off and learned to swim real quickly just to stay away from the rest of the drowners. LOL

Walker, if we are both re-incarnated ...would you marry me? Or, at least can I be your cat? Or dog? That is, if I come back as an animal. Is that two questions? Wait, is that three? Now its four...damn....I must stop.


Now that is a tough question.
What would happen, if we both came back as men? Then you’d be a royal pain in the ass.
Even though I have had 3 dogs, I much prefer cats.
I have a fondness of stroking pussy.
Now if you were reincarnated as a woman and I married you that would only mean I would be fooling around behind your back with a reincarnated Sara. So it’s a Catch 22 situation.
So I think the proper answer would be, I get Sara and a cat and you'd get stroked. LMAO!

What period/era would you most liked to have lived in and why...???

Katya Coldheart

There are 2 really, and both are alike so I can’t separate them. One has passed and the other will never end. And I will miss both.
I would have loved to be around during the time of the Wild West. Meet Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody, Wyatt Earp. Billy the Kidd, Sitting Bull, I can skip Crazy Horse, John Wayne wait I don’t think he was there but he should have been and many many more.
It was a time of open country, Mother Nature at its finest. No pollution no fences, no taxes. Money wasn’t as much of a priority as it is today.
Riding the open range on the back of a horse and watching the sunset every evening and the sun rise every morning on a breathless landscape. No buildings just wide open sky, with a billion lights blinking down on you.
You find yourself a place to live doing farming or running a cattle ranch or a horse ranch (would be my choice) and raise a family.
Now there were obstacles like there is in any challenge but I would overcome them.
If the Place didn’t suit you after awhile, then you pack up and move on, to start all over some place else.
The other era, which has just begun is the space age.
I view this with the same eyes as I do the Wild West.
It’s a new untamed frontier, ready to be explored and visited by new eyes.
To quote from Gene Rodenberry’s Star Trek, “To go where no man has gone before”. How cool is that.
In every sense this would be like the west but with space ships rather than a horse. I look up at the sky sometime at night and see a twinkle, beckoning me to come and touch it up close with my eyes.
It’s like the sky is filled with precious jewels.
BUT again it’s not meant to be so I will stay here where my heart is and go explore New Zealand.

I know you and Sara met via IM .I also know you met in person last year. My question is did you think you were in love with her before you actually met in person. Or did that develop after your first meeting. The reason i ask is I’ve always been curious if it’s possible to really love someone without actually meeting them first.

I was actually in Love with her before we met.
You must also know that we spent a lot of time together online, talking about our past and present day to day life. We shared persinaql moments and secrets. We were frineds first and then fell in love. We did everything, except being able to touch.
I call it are courting period of sorts, we got to know each other before we met each other and the internet was our chaperon.
We got to learn what we liked what we hated, how we sounded while talking to each other. We got used to our accents and I hardly noticed it at the airport.

We spent over a year talking like this before we met.

I know you and Sara met online. Have you had other internet relationships, and if so, how did they turn out?

I never have, this is my first but I have been hunted and others have assumed that there was something where there wasn’t. I still have problems now with some woman who refuse to understand what NO means.
There are alot of lonely people on line and it is easy to get hung up. We started as backgammon partners and then became friends. As time went on and feelings began to change, we fell in love.
I take this relationship as I would any relationship I've been in. It’s the only way it can work. We meet people in bars at work, in the supermarket some in church. I know one person who met his wife at a funeral. I met Sara online and we got to know each other, completly
One woman who is a friend and is a friend of Sara’s took it rather hard when she found out about us. It caused some stress in the beginning but everything worked out in the end and Sara even went to Vegas with her and wasn’t stabbed, shot, strangled, electrocuted, run over by a tour bus, pushed out of the hotel window, poisoned, kidnapped or anything on those lines.
She is a dear friend of mine and always will be, but she assumed that I was her's for some reason.
Love is what it is no matter where you find it. It’s what you do with it after you get it that matters. How you treat it.
After all Brian, you can meet someone on line across the world or across town. Its just another meeting place for people to meet. With more potential and many different people.

Okay Walker, this took me a few hours to think up. What inspires you? Now don't answer with who inspires you, what inspires you?

This was so hard to answer, because I am so simple but my beliefs are so complicated. This question took me the longest to answer.
Life inspires me, death inspires me, knowledge inspires, lust inspires me, love inspires me and much MUCH more, but that wouldn’t answer your question properly.
So my answer is passion inspires me. Passion could be many things, love, and hate. It’s a desire to do something and giving it 110 %. To push yourself with a zeal, to do it as well as you can.
Watching people all my life struggle to be something and doing it with a passion, inspired me to be just as passionate in what I did and do. There can never be just half, or almost with me.
It fuels my emotions and pushes me to go farther than I would have. It gives me life and strength. It drives me, pushes. Its not about perfection, but that I gave it my best. It gives me the edge over most people without passion.
I don’t know what the meaning of quit is. I push and fight like it’s my last fight and I will win or I loose with the satisfaction that I gave it all.
A year and a half ago I was sick. Very sick, I was running a fever of 105 and sweating all over the place. I had caught a bug that was going around and had killed a couple of people and had double pneumonia on top of it.
People were telling me to go to the hospital, but I couldn't risk it.
I wouldn’t let anyone come into the house so I wouldn’t infect anyone.
My sister in law was 8 months pregnant and I was scared she may get sick.
So I locked myself away from everyone.
I came to the conclusion, if I died, so be it.
They used to leave food at my door and ring the door bell to tell me it was there. I would then get ikt and attempt to eat, which most times I couldn't.
I was going in and out of a state of delirium.
The world around me was spinning and the only way I could move around was to crawl. At one stage I stood up and it felt like I was having a heart attack and I passed out on my feet.
When I awoke, there was a jagged wooden leg next to my face as I lay there on the floor. I had crashed through the coffee table. A little more and it would have ripped my throat out and part of my face. I crawled back to the couch and lay there.
For 5 days I lay there until I thought it would be safe for me to be around other people. Then and only then did I come out and go to the doctor and be properly diagnosed.
But I was determined, to stick it out and never gave up.
I had something I needed to do still.
That was all passion.
I play with a passion.
I make love with a passion.
I breathe with a passion.
And I live with a passion.

I hope this answers your question.

What country have you never been to that you want to go to? (Apart from NZ)Fizzy

Fizzy, Fizzy, Fizzy, one question each. Ok Graduation present.
The country I would like do visit is, an Island. Yup, it’s big with lots of different people with various cultures and traditions. It has lots of green and history. My kind of place. No it’s not Canada, but we do have lots. It’s the UK. I want to see Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland.


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