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Thursday, December 08, 2005

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Now before I start answering the questions that I received yesterday, I would like to share an idea with you.
It’s one I have been thinking about for the last three months and I think it is a good one.
I get them once in awhile.
Many of us have been talking with each other back and forth for some time now and would like to meet up with some of the people we read and like.
We would like to shake someone’s hand or give a big hug too, but that’s hard to do because of distance and cost.
So here is my Idea:
Today I bought a Journal.
I will write something in it to the person I will mail it too.
The person who gets the journal will read it, write something in it and send it to someone else.
I would like to see this travel all over the world, this way all of us will hold something that we all held, a hand shake of sorts.
The person who sends you the Journal will be the only one that gets to see your address so this makes it safe for everyone.
The recipient of the Journal could post the last message so we could all keep up to date with what is in it because lets face it there is nothing in it now for me to read.
I will track the Journal and its travels on my blog thus keeping us all informed.
This way we all get to read what is written in the book and enjoy each others company.

The Rules:
1. You get to write on ONLY one page, both side of course.
2. You can only send it to someone on your blog roll who asks to receive it. This way we can all read what other people who are not on our blog rolls write also.
3. You can only get the journal once.

I can’t make it any more simple than that.
There are over 100 pages in it so I figure it will take over a year for it to finish its travels at which time I would appreciate it being sent back to me when it is full and I will add it to another one and send it out again.
Give me your feed back on this and if it is fine with the rest of you, I will tell you how I will choose who gets it first and it will be fair.

Answers in order of questions received.

Buenos Días!
Ok, just finished reading the old post, so I'm sure I won't be forcing you to repeat yourself... My question is:What is the thing that you enjoy most in life? (not counting your love relation, of course)
see ya!Mrgonsings
Buen día mi Amigo

Now that is a tough question.
There are so many things that I enjoy in life.
Each one has its place and time.
But I think what I really enjoy most in life is life it’s self.
I have a constant yearning to learn.
I enjoy reading or watching something on television that I know little or nothing about. I have the ability to retain what I learn as well. I remember things I did as a child.
Most recently I enjoyed reading about a certain blogger’s holiday and loved the picture he put up of Venice. I had been studying to be an architect and looking at the craftsmanship put into these old buildings could only be described as a work of love of art.
I love to eat, and not just what I know.
I love to eat from different cuisines.
It is a delicious way to travel to other locations without leaving your city.
It gives you the lay of the land through a gastronomic point of view.
I like to eat meals that originate from that particular country and give me an understanding why they ate such foods.
I like listening to different music from different countries. Even though I don’t understand what they are singing about I can feel their pain or pleasure through their voices.
My road through life has enriched me and hurt me thus far and though I am battered and bruised as well as enlightened I look forward to more of both.
What’s life without a little pain to achieve some pleasure?
So my answer is, I enjoy LIFE and what it brings most of all.

Goce de su mi Amigo


I hope my Spanish is ok


1) What is your favorite BBQ recipe? 2) What do you think your pressie is?OK a question for all the visitors to Walker's blog. What do you think he should do to occupy his time for 8 hours at the airport?
Have a good dayFizzy

Yup sister Fizzy is bending the rules like she did the last time.

I have many Bbq recipes but over the years I have learned a thing or two.
Simple is best.
For steak, I prefer to rub oregano, black pepper and some garlic powder into the meat both sides.
Oregano is a meat herb and is great.
It gives it an aroma and flavor.
I heat up the grill until it is very hot and then put the steaks on.
This gives the grill marks.
Keep a close eye on them because they will cook fast.
When one side is done then flip them over and cook the other side until it reaches the they way people want their steak.
I prefer medium, because the steak would be tender. The longer you cook it the tougher it will get.

Now my favorite bbq meat is pork and specifically baby back ribs. Hold on a second I have to wipe saliva off my chin.
For bbq sauce I now go out and buy it.
The companies now make some great sauces and it’s a lot less work.
Many of these companies use home made recipes.
There are two ways that I do them, the outside version and the oven version.

The outside version:

First I cut the pork side to 6 inch lengths.
Then I put them in boiling water for about 30 minutes so the a lot of the fat boils off.
This makes them a little leaner.
Then I take them out strain them quickly and put them in a metal bowl and pour the bbq sauce on them while they are steaming hot and leave them on the counter.
I do this because the hot meat sucks the sauce in.
When they cool down I put them in the fridge until the next day when I want to cook them.
The next day heat up the bbq and put the on. Constantly watching them and turning them as well. Always cook in the center of the grill.
Keep a bowl with bbq sauce close by so you could brush them every now and the.
When they are done take them out and enjoy.

Oven version:

Do the boiling as you did before and the straining but when you have strained them, this time cut them into rib size pieces.
One rib = one piece.
When that is done put them in a bowl and pour sauce on them and let them cool down.
You will notice the sauce disappearing BTW, it will be sucked into the meat.
Then heat up your oven to 400 and put then in a pan and seal them with foil paper or if you have a pan with a lid that’s the same.
After about 45 minutes take off the lid and stir them up. Put the over on broil and cook them like that for about 15-20 minutes.
The meat will start falling off of the bones.
Serve with rice and beer.

Question two.
I will guess edible underwear for Lisa.

I will answer two more tomorrow, until then

Have a nice day


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