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Monday, December 05, 2005

Welcome Back Or Not Welcome ©

Elvira Black of ShitHouseRat left a very good question or rather two questions in my comments the other day.
How would Jesus be received if he came back?
And the flip side to that,
What would he think of the horrors done in his name?

I have heard these before and pondered them some.
I think the best way to look at these is to look mostly at the man rather than the religion that was spawned in his name.
I really don’t want to look at this post strictly on the religious side of it but from the human side of it.

I would like to tangle the second one first I think.
What would Jesus think of the horrors done in his name?

Now going by what I have read in the bible and through other books.
He would probably be appalled as would any person.
I think the problem with being a martyr is that you are dead and have no say on how people use your name and beliefs.
The mere mention of Jesus or God catches people’s attention.
Jesus was a man that inspired compassion, hope and forgiveness.
But over the centuries people have abused his beliefs and name.
Look at the televangelists, actors, playing out a script.
They get on a stage in front of cameras and spew brimstone and fire then cry in the next sentence after they have the crowd in the palm of their hands, including their money.

“The LORD JESUS our savior came down amongst us to bring us the WORD of GOD.”
“He brought us hope for a better life”
“He brought us faith in GOD”.
KNEEEEEEEEL down and let’s thank our Lord Jesus for his sacrifice,”.
BEG for his forgiveness, so he my look down upon us with favorable eyes, for we are SINNERS
LORD……..blah blah blah

I think you got the picture.
These people mesmerize the crowd and have them singing the praises of god and Jesus, or what they want you to believe were the words of Jesus.
Then they come with the asking of money, millions of it and all in the name of GOD and JESUS.
Most of the people who give them money are poor, trying to survive, and televangelists are millionairs who live in mansions.
Even their dog houses have air conditioning
I think Jesus would not be too impressed with televangelists.
Remember Oral Roberts?
I need a shit load of money or God will take me.
That’s like saying if you don’t help me get 5 million dollars God will kill me.
Sounds more like a mafia hit, maybe that’s where “God Father” comes from.
Can you see Jesus, the simple carpenter who moved so many people with his gentle words going on TV and start bellowing like those big bags of wind?
I think not.

Or how about those huge churches that cost millions.
The man was used to saying his words in meadows and small courtyards to small gatherings not big cathedrals.
His words were personally spoken to individuals as he scanned the crowd looking right at them.
He gave food to the starving and the poor not TAKE from the poor.
Jesus shunned money.
He tossed it aside and wanted his word to be spoken freely without a cost to the listener.
The church was not meant to be a building but a sanctuary built in the heart and GOD could be worshiped anywhere.
He would be surprised when he walked in a church and had to pay for a candle and if he didn’t have the money and just picked one up that would be shop lifting I guess.

Then someone would tell him about the crusades and THAT alone would get him all full of piss and vinegar.
Imagine killing people in the name of God and for a piece of land and it has been going on for a couple of thousand years.
The wars that were fought and still are in the name of Jesus, the people killed in the name of Jesus.
All these people were killed in the name of a man who would give his life to save the very people, who were being killed in his name and did; how ironic is that.
I wouldn’t be surprised in he called for another flood and forgot to get an arc.
I think he would be ashamed and insulted.
I think when his tears would start they would never stop.
Thus flooding the world and washing the fucked up mess WE created.

Now that is what I think of that.
But as we get to the other question I see something else.

How would Jesus be received if he came back?

I think the average people would flock to him like sheep.
The church goers would be singing and celebrating the return of Jesus.
The world would stand still and listen to what he had to say.
They would be left with a feeling of hope and freedom.
They would seek his guidance and adopt his views of love and peace for all man.
He would go to the Vatican and open all the coffers and feed the world, Christian and Muslim alike.
He would fill his churches with the homeless and burn the pews for heat. People would be happy and the sun will shine on the Earth as it never did before.
That’s sounds perfect doesn’t it.
But in reality, he would meet the same fate as he did before.
People have a hunger for one thing and one thing only.
Do you know what that is?
It’s not money.
It’s not the love of God.
The people in power would NOT let him live.
They would loose everything they have.
People would not listen to them and would do what Jesus said.
That is real POWER and the people in charge would not let anybody have that much power if they did not control him.
The question is, who would get to him and kill him first?
Big business, they could more than afford it.
How about the televangelists?
Hell all they have to do it give a sermon to say God will kill him if they don’t kill Jesus and send him home to his daddy.
Some dumb fool would go out and do it for Jesus’ sake.
Naw, I think the Vatican would first try to discredit him and prove him a fraud and then if that wouldn’t work they would have him killed and blame someone else, probably start a Holy war and the bloody crusades again.
Let’s face it.
The Vatican has more to loose than anyone else.
They would have to hand over the keys to the religion as would all the other denominations of Christianity.
Don’t need the pope any more we have the real thing now.
Their teachings would be lost because Jesus would give the word from his own lips and the bible would be scrapped because the new one would have the word of god as spoken from the lips of Jesus.
They’d kill him just to keep the power.

Now sit back and think of this.
Have you ever seen a poor priest or televangelist?
Our priest gets120 grand a year and a free home, and tax free of course.
Look at all the gold and silver gilding in the churches.
Every picture and movie portraying Jesus that we see he looks like a beggar, rather than a tycoon.

As I have said in the past I do believe in Jesus, the MAN, and if he was to come back among us and claim his kingdom.
I have just a small piece of advice for him.
Get a Jesusmobile because I wouldn’t trust anyone.

All these were my thoughts and opinions.


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