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Monday, April 18, 2005

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I said goodbye to a friend today. She had come to stay at my place for 3 weeks.
I hope she had a good time. She went and met with old friends and her parents. She traveled around the province to do this. She smoked more pot than anyone I know, so much that my house needs more than just a good airing out.
Before her arrival I was distressed because not only is she a friend but an EX lover. Before you all say why I didn’t tell her not to come, she had upped the date by 2 months and caught me off guard and I believed our friendship was stronger than the sex we had.
She has been married for 10 ½ years and her husband has not touched her in 10 years. She had been a lover of mine before that. She would come to Canada for a visit stay here to get laid and to do her visits. It was fine by me back then because I was single and horny and we both needed our fix.
All this changed when I fell in love with Sara. This was after her last visit here that I met Sara and it was 16 months ago. If anything I am loyal to the one I am with and don’t bend from my beliefs. I’m kinda stubborn that way.
I told her that I had someone and was even thinking of moving to New Zealand to be with her. She said I understand.
The first night here was tough she tested me to the limit. Questioning my convictions, but there was nothing doing. She final got so stoned, couple that with the long flight and she went bed to her bedroom not mine.
The next day I had a long talk with her when we went out to lunch and I brought up Sara’s name on a regular basis reminding her there was someone.
I spent a lot of time on the headset talking with the GF while she was here. Mind you she was glued to the game show channel smoking pot like a demon.
She finally accepted the fact that nothing was going to happen which let us enjoy each other company, we went for dinner and out for drinks. We went shopping and even to a sex store where she got some skimpy clothes that may tempt the hubby. She even got a 10 inch vibrator. I told her if the outfit didn’t work to grease the vibrator, shove it up his ass and get a divorce.
My other concern was Sara, she said she was alright with it and she trusted me. I know she trusted me and I know she loves me, but I know how I would have felt if the shoe was on the other foot. It’s hard being in a long distance relationship.
It’s hard when you want to be with that person and you can’t but it’s harder when there is someone else where you want to be.
I told my friend this was going to be the last time she stays with me, besides I would probably be in New Zealand before she comes back.
Today was the hardest day. I took her to the train station to take a bus to the airport, and yes this is right so don’t ask.
We had lunch, and at the bus afterward she hugged me and kissed me and told me she loved me. I knew what she meant, I told her I loved her to and she knew what I meant. She told me that Sara was a lucky lady, but I told her I was the lucky man. She wished us both luck, got on the bus and drove off.
I know it’s not my fault how other people feel about me and this isn’t the first time it’s happened in my relationship with Sara. I just want everyone to know it still makes me feel like a prick even though it’s not my fault.
We have the right to love who we want and I love a woman who loves me.

I will always love my friend.


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