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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Enough Is Never Enough ©

I think it only right to follow up my last post.
Am I surprised that Trump won?
No, no I am not.
It doesn’t mean it was my choice and if I was an American with a vote he wouldn’t have gotten it.
I would have reluctantly given it to Hillary but would have rather voted for Bernie or even Rubio, but here is the thing.
The Donald, racist, rapist, misogynist, Nazi or any other label that has been hurled at him that he might be, won; and he won by the rules.
Yes she had more votes but that is your system and it’s the same one that elected Obama so suck it up buttercup.
You’re fucked like I had to live with Prime Minister Steven Fucken Harper for 11 years up here until we got rid of him.

The people are pissed Trump found an opening so he took it by appealing to rural communities who HAVE been ignored.
He bull shitted his way into their desires and told them he would take away their pain if they bought into his rhetoric.
Oh, I am only calling Trump a liar for the things I saw him say and deny with my own eyes not from what I have heard others say.

How will Trump rule?
I see the country in turmoil.
I see race wars.
I see social equality wars.
I see blue collar workers battling white collar workers.
The poor…..hmmmmm
Well you see, that’s a hard one because I figure by the time this is all over there will only be 2 classes.
The poor and the rich.
The middle class will be replaced by the police who will keep the rich safe from the poor.
Yes I have an overactive imagination and no I don’t believe this is going to happen in one election cycle but it can be the start of the avalanche unless …..
Unless the republican party can reign him in and of they can’t I wouldn’t be surprised if a coalition of Dems and Reps join to Impeach him…but then he would rally his supporters with his lying rhetoric and hit the streets.

You’re all fucked down there
What can I say

Welcome to Canada
Soon to be the land of the Lost American

Have a nice day



Dotm said...

Some people think I am crazy when I say it scares me having him for President. Even more knowing some of these are women, guess they don`t believe things being said about him and at the same time they believe anything bad said about Clinton and Obama. Personally, I think Obama would have accomplished lots more if he wasn`t fighting a Republican Congress who wanted nothing more than to keep him from getting much passed- hoping it will help get a republican voted in next time. Wish both parties were demolished and we were left with just people running against each other with no party names, then maybe they would closer watch to see what each candidate stood for.
Praying he surprises everyone and doesn`t do the stupid things he talked about before. Glad to hear your parents are doing good. You have talked about them so often over the years I feel like I almost know them and so wish them the best always. What your Dad said reminded me of something Walt used to say-He was going to go to a round Church where there were no corners for the devil to catch him in. :) Hoping we both have a decent winter. Take care.

Walker said...

Dotm : The fear comes from what he has said and you are not alone as you can see with protesters on the street.
I guess time will tell what kind of a leader he will be.

GAB said...

I know the outlook isnt good for us. It would not have been good if she had been elected either. BUT here is the thing that really floors me. You have all these people out there rioting right? and what are they doing? Burning braking stuff that DOES NOT Belong to them. And so now the government has to rebuild and repair with WHAT MONEY? Our money and gee what could they have done better with that money? LOTS. But nope we now have to rebuild and repair shit these damn fools who are protesting are breaking and burning, because they dont like our newly elect President. My neighbor (who by the way moved almost right after talking with me as if afraid) said Trump will likely be shot 6 months into being our president. Why I said? He said remember JFK? I said yes. He said he dared to think differently and he was killed because of it. I said well that doesnt mean same thing will happen he said to me it wouldnt surprise him at all. I really dont know how this will turn out but I am afraid

Walker said...

GAB This is the sad part, they are all dealing out fear from the start.
They all used fear throughout the election on both sides.
Now after the election fear is so entrenched in peoples minds it is growing out of control.
It doesn't help that the extreme factions on both sides are stirring up more dust but that's what they want.
If you let the fear mongers rule the day then the United States is in trouble but I believe at some stage Trump will realize that it's not all cut and dry and fall back to what those who have been there longer to help him govern

Just telling it like it is said...

Its totally true! but enough about politics have you missed me is what I want to know?

Sally said...

Hey it's been a long time! Glad to hear your parents are doing good. Just wanted to tell you merry Christmas!

Dotm said...

Hi Walker, Just checking to see how you and your family are doing. Been a long time since I have visited my blog. Noticed same for you. Hope things are going ok with you. As you have probably noticed, our Congress and the president is still a big mess. No one knows how to work together any more.
What have you been doing lately? Hope having some fun times. Take care my friend. Best to you always.

GAB said...

Hope all is well in your end of the world it's been a while since we heard an update.

GAB said...

Well it's that time of the year again. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Now I'm here wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Hoping all is well with you and your family.

Tamara said...

wow!!! u still have ur blog here!! Awesome!! update plzz..haven't heard from u in so long..I used 2 read u daily!! Bk 2 blogging...sober..imagine that...almost 9 yrs..PTL

Sally said...

Goodness gracious, Walker. I hope you're doing well, and miss you!


Sally said...

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog..I would still like to know how you're doing. Xoxo