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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Catching Up Or Hell ©

I can’t believe people still come by here.
Actually, I cannot believe there are still as many bloggers as there are left.
Now, I haven’t defected to the dark side (Facebook)
Yes I have an account or three ….. what, someone has to keep an eye on those             fucken Russians.
No, I’m just tired.
The Grimm Reaper with his giant weed whacker has lay claim to 19 family members in the last two years and that takes a toll on one’s soul.

My mother lost both brothers leaving her the last one still kicking from her side of the family.
Aside from that, both my parents are still working hard around the house even though they are in their 90s which also means more work for me.
My father gardens and my mother bakes all the time so I spend a lot of time running back and forth from the various businesses to keep them running their endeavours.

They still drive me nuts.
For instance, the other day I stopped by my parents place in the morning and my father shoved this huge 5 pound container of “Coffeemate” I had just picked up for him towards me and said this is no good.
The previous evening my parents had a guest over so my father put on the coffee pot to make everyone a coffee.
When he had the coffee in the mugs he added a spoon of coffee mate in each and began to stir but instead of desolving it thickened up until it all looked like porridge.
I opened the container and looked at it and it looked ok but there was something familiar about it so I tasted it and looked at my father and asked him “what did you do with that 10 pound bag of pancake mix I bought you”?
I could see the dawning of realization filling his eyes.
Hmm he had used the old coffeemate container to store the pancake mix in and hadn’t marked it so when he added it to the coffee he was making coffee flavoured pancakes instead of cups of coffee.

I have somehow also inherited a bunch of other people that need to be taken here or there that have no one along with one of my best friends who was on his deathbed with no hope, suffering from kidney failure, heart and colon problems. They said he a day or two left.
I walked in and explained to him he owed me money and wasn’t allowed to check out until he paid me.
Some of the hospital staff thought it was funny and others thought it was insensitive but since that speech I gave him he has rebounded and his prognosis is long but hopefully.
Hey, 20 bucks is 20 bucks.

My kids are doing good.
One just got a great job with a future and the other is going to college to become a chef.
Me, I’m not aging gracefully but I refuse to stop being who I am and living my way.
I lost my favourite cat Salem do to a freak accident.
He ate a plant my mother asked me to hold inside for her over the winter and no sooner that I brought the stupid thing in he ran to it and chew some of the leaves and dropped dead from poisoning.
I will leave it at that because it got really ugly after that because I went to the place they sold these plants and ripped them a new one for selling dangerous plants without warning people of the dangers to pets and small children.

This years BBQ went on without a hitch.
Tons of food and booze with plenty of laughs.
We did take note of the ones not with us any more.
The priest did try to swipe my hat but he’s going to need a lot more help than his faith to get away with my lid while it’s still on my head.
So as you can see, little has changed in Walkers life.

How is this for catching up Sally?

Have a nice day



Sally said...

Oh my! I'm glad you posted. And so sorry for sadness with losing so many, Walker.

Then you, as only you can, had me laughing out loud! Your dad and the pancake mix! Lawsy mercy.

But, you know I'm so glad you still have your folks to drive you crazy. In their 90's amazing, and I hope they're in good health.

You remember Dot? She's on FB and still going strong. I can only hope to do as well (of course I've never built things like she still does).

There are so few still blogging, but that's ok; whatever floats their boat, right?

Take care, and thanks for the update!

Lora_3 said...

Hello Walker, Nice to see your still being you!

Be safe...

Dotm said...

Hi Walker, Like Sally, I found myself laughing over the pancake/ coffee mix. Thanks, I needed that. Losing loved ones sure is hard. Was thinking of you a while ago and wondering how you and your family were doing. Happy knowing everyone is doing well. Praying your parents have many more wonderful years together. They are soo very lucky to have raised such a loving son who spends time visiting and helping them. You should be very proud of being such caring person who helps anyone who needs your help. Liked your words to your friend, glad he is doing better. Sorry hearing about Salem, soo very sad. They are what gets us up in the mornings and keeps us company, there for us whenever we need someone. My Pug Roo does that for me. Take care, loved hearing from you.

GAB said...

I laughed till I cried over the pancake /coffee mate ordeal. Sorry about all that you have lost in your family. That is always the hardest thing for all of us. Sounds like everything else is going good your way. Oh poor kitty...Why is it that no one knows about the plants? I mean you go to the nursery to buy these plants and they should have a warning tag on the pot telling you keep away from pets and or children or both right? As of this minute I only know that poinsettia's are bad for kitties. And because I have one kitty in my house I no longer have plants(scared to death he will eat them just like yours did and fall over dead) And last Getting older sucks big time just ask me I know I'm falling apart every damn time I turn around and they throw more pills at me to keep me afloat. Hope you keep dropping in and leaving us a update every now and again cause we all are still here.

Sam said...

I still stop in (lurk) from time-to-time. You’re the only blogger I used to follow that I saved to my favorites. So glad to hear your parents are still there to drive you crazy. That generation seem built of different stuff, and they don’t let the aches and pains hold them back. Keep on keepin’ on, Walker. Our middle of the night conversations seem a lifetime ago. They were good times back then. Skye (aka Sam, apparently)

Walker said...

Sally : My father is 80% deaf and blind but he insists he is not.
My mother has osteoporosis, very high blood pressure and suffering from depression but insists it's my father's fault.
It's something to see, my father swinging a knife portioning out a whole lamb and my mother squeezing her way past him.
I have to do a digit count every day to make sure there are not body parts missing.

Walker said...

Lora_3 : I tried being someone else once and almost forgot who i was

Walker said...

Dotm : My parents are tough and resilient, me not so much.
It has been a brutal couple of years and as I write this on the heels . of 2 funerals, one on Wednesday and another on Thursday I have one more today, an aunt and a baptism on Saturday, a small ray of sunshine.

Walker said...

GAB: Oddly enough, most plants are dangerous to pets.
I was surprised to learn this and now the only 2 plants i have i the house are African violets and spider plants

Walker said...

Peeping Sam : It has been a long while but when i think about . it it's still fresh in my mind and i still have that postcard you sent me as a reminder.
My number has not changed since then.....i think
My parents survived German occupation, civil war in the old country, cancer and my antics, old age is just nuisance to them.