blue moon (2)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Enough Already ©

It’s been over a fucken year and this stupid election is still going on.
You people down south are nuts.
I mean, how much is this costing?
Trillions of dollars will be spent by the end of this and what will it accomplish, sweet nothings.
How many of you can’t afford health care?

Clinton’s going to win.
Trump is an idiot and is handing it over to her every time he opens his mouth.
The man has destroyed his own party.
I can’t find the words to describe the man.
Is he a commie, a fascist, racist, a psycho zealot with a dildo still stuck up his ass?
What is even more mind boggling is that the hard core republicans are not getting serious and going to war to save their party.
Instead they are either bailing ship or abstaining from it all.
Get the fuck out of here.
Where the hell is the pride of ones party?
The party is a family and if a member of your family goes astray in a extreme way; do you let it destroy your family or do you fight to save it?

If you are a republican and don’t like Trump, don’t vote for Clinton because you hate Trump. Vote for her if you believe in her platform if not vote Libertarian or Green.
In fact I don’t know why the disgruntled republican elite haven’t gathered an army of political power to back one of these other candidates that have some of their interests in mind.

Trump thinks that Canada was allowed to leave the United States…..
Actually he would be in favor of forcing us back.
I don’t know what to say.
I thought Sarah Palen was bad but Donald…

I guess if we wrote the short history version because Canada was part of the British Empire, the U.S.A. left Canada.
In fact in later years, 1812 to be exact we had another war where we burned down the White House.
Which you later burnt down ours in York, so we all broke even on that one.
This is grade 4 history for us in Canada Donald, did you get past kindergarten or are you still failing it?

I have said I like Trumps style of being blunt but I personally can’t agree with his views as a person living on this planet.

To the American people and to anybody in any country in the world, always vote and always vote with your conscience not you heart.

Politics makes me dizzy.
Society makes me crazy.
The world is going to hell
I can smell it in the air
See it in the news
If you don’t know what I am talking about then I can’t tell you

Me, I am waiting for that meteor with our name on it so I can climb the mountain with a bottle of scotch, a nice fat doobie and hope I get lucky and it lands at my feet.
Now that, would be a blast

Have a nice day



GAB said...

Your so right Trump is really a piece of work. I can not believe he is saying the crap he is saying. How dare he put down woman yet expect them to vote for him?
All this money they are spending why dont they take that money and use it for oh I dont know the crap of a mess we are in? Save our country maybe? I see nothing good coming in the next 4 years no matter who wins. I wanna vote for the Indian (Willians and Ree)Maybe giving the job to him would be an even better idea (cant hurt)
I am sick of this whole crap and want it all to go away. Here in our town they took away our choice of have whom we want to pick up our garbage (too many trucks running up and down the roads) Even when they gave us a chance to come and talk to them at a counsel meeting they had already made up their minds and were not gonna change it. It did us no good to try and fight it. who has a choice in anything any more? Not us.

Dotm said...

I feel as Gab does, we have no choices anymore. Maybe I am just getting old, but I feel our country was better off years ago. Didn`t trust either candidate, but worried even more about having Trump win. Popular actual people voting- Clinton won, but electoral voters chose Trump. Now wondering how many of the electoral`s were Republican and just choosing him because he was one. Hard believing anyone could think his ideas would help our country get any better. Sanders might not have been as world educated as Clinton or as Business savvy as Trump, but he had to be better than what we now have. God Bless our country, we sure need him now.
Walker, Pray everything is going well in your life.