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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Trump Card ©

No ItisI not Facebook CNN.

I have been watching the politics down in the States for the last few months; let’s face it there is shit on anywhere else.
Trumpomania, I must admit I like his style I just think he’s an idiot where it comes to policy and being a people person.
He says he is a Republican but I suspect he is more fascist/communist/opportunist than capitalist.
If elected Trump would be the end of all we know.
How did Donald “Small Hands” Trump manage to be so popular among so many republicans?
Well, that’s a long story but I am surly positive it started with a lie tens of thousands of years ago.
It started with a person wanting to be elected boss and made more promises than he could keep therefore being forced to condemn those he basically lied to.

Since that first lie back in the stone age politicians have piled so many lies on top of each other the poor populace is all fucked up in the brain and tries to see the light despite the confusion not realizing the ground is rushing up to their face.
This is what Trumpomania is.

The people in the States have been lied to by so many politicians that they are running to the moron for help.
Trump’s rise to political power can be compared to the start of Hitler’s early beginnings.
Just look at what he said at the debate the other day.
“If I am President the military will do what I tell them to do and that’s final”.
Those are the words of a dictator, not a president.
There is only one main problem in the United States.
They are not “United” any more.
They are just plain “states” now.
They may have been the U.S.A. !!!!!
Now just, plain jane americans.

This isn’t Trumps fault.
No it’s the fault of the Cruzs, Clintons, Bushs, Obamas …. that came before them.
Politicians did this.
Lies upon lies to get elected.
Politicians have been fucking with peoples needs for so long that the people have resorted to flock in the wrong direction as did the German people did back in the 30s.
Government is suppose to be for the people by the people not for some of the people by the rich to control.

I listen to these candidates speak of strategy.
Who is going for the evangelical vote
Who is going after the African American vote.
Who is going for the Latino vote.
The gay vote.
The gun vote

But you know, I have yet to see or hear one of them say I want to appeal for the American vote.

Black lives matter, all lives matter, get over it.

They say religion should have no part in politics but it does.
Big business should have no part in politics but Super packs drive the parties and candidates.
Lobby groups fund their man to vote their way not yours.

In my opinion, none of the politicians down there represent the American people.
They may represent some of them, maybe, but not all of them and that’s a fact.
I like Bernie Sanders but his ideas are to late.
You would need to start from scratch and that isn’t possible.
Is took 240 years to get here and it will probably take twice that long to fix it if that is possible.

Hillary Clinton, I don’t trust her but am willing to bet she has bigger hands than Trump. “wink”.

Rubio, why, for more of the same bullshit.
Cruz, ah yes, he could be the first Canadian President and we didn’t have to fire a shot.
Maybe we can change all the stars to little maple leafs on the flag.
Trump…….how suicidal are you.

A divided people can not make a country.
They can only fan the flames of discontent.

I think it’s time the people of what was a great nation stepped outside of their homes and hand in hand tell their politicians what they want and to make it happen.
Don’t fool yourself, they can.
Billions are being spent on these caucuses.
Billions that could be spent helping people now.
The people is what made your country great and the politicians are the ones who fucked it up.

The solutions to most of your problems are at hand but your politicians are to busy playing chess with the rest of the world to take a few steps back to solidify what they are loosing a grip on.
It’s people.

On a closing note, as a Canadian and neighbor to the United States, I do care what happens south of the border for many reasons but mostly for my American friends.

Have a nice day



molly said...

Sounds about right, a Canadian talking sense about American politics, since many of my brethren seem to have lost theirs! Hi from an old blogging friend. Nice to see you're still at it!

itisi said...

I agree with most of your post.
I think Trump is crass and acts like a spoiled child.
I can't imagine him butting heads with
dignitaries of other countries, just because his mouth works faster than his brain.
He needs to get some people skills.
Just the fact that how big or small he is came out in the debate (or anyone for that matter) just shows how bad things are here. What the hell does that have to do with public politics?!!
Personally I wouldn't bed him if he were he were the last man on earth.

Hillary is nothing but a sneaky, underhanded, two-faced liar. I have no doubt she sleeps around and someday that will be all over the news.
While I think Canada is a good neighbor, I wouldn't want maple leaves on our flag.
There is a bumper sticker I saw that sums it up pretty good.
It says: "I love my country but fear my government."

Walker said...

molly: I am and I am not still at it. I use it as my soap box once in a while.
Politicians should be help accountable more than they are.
I think we have forgotten that they are supposed to be working for us yet they make more money than we get

Walker said...

itisi: I can see him firing the Queen of England HA HA HA!!!!
I don’t expect many Americans to agree with a lot of what I said but you have to also take into account as Canadians we have been watching you for a long time.
We are big Fans of the United States, I know I am ….. except when we play each other hockey then fuck that.
Most of our television viewing is American based.
I watch CNN as much as I watch CTV news.
I grew up watching PBS TV and we have donated money to them up there in Watertown.
The last 20 years due to various terrorist acts, 9-11 specifically have changed the States in some ways for the better and in others not so much.

Trump and Cruz are using fear to get you vote.
I feel the same as you towards Hillary.
Which evil do you choose?
There is no one else.
Maybe we should just build a wall around North America and fuck the rest.

GAB said...

Yup when we left the Queen and split to be a free nation and fight our own fight we screwed up big time.
As for me if it comes down to Trump or Hillary in the finally two choices I'm voting Trump. Now before you get mad for saying that let me explain.
I truly don't think he has a chance in hell of winning. Why not you say? Well look at it this way. We've elected our first "Black" president to change American history so as I see it everyone will vote for Hillary to make her the first woman President and change history once again. And saying that I fear for our country if she is elected. (hell I think I fear for our country if either one is) The guy I had wanted was out almost right away so well that was that and Sanders has little to no chance even though I would much rather see him as president than either of the other two. We might have a chance at still being a country if he's elected. But like so many others before me have said if Trumps elected I'm moving to Canada. Got room for hubby and me at your place Walker?

Walker said...

GAB : Why would I get mad at you for "Voting"
I would be mad at you for NOT voting.
Who we vote for is always a personal opinion. I have voted for assholes and will again because there is a bigger asshole on the other side.
I always have room if you don;t ming 4 cats a dog a snake, a dragon and a huge spider

GAB said...

As long as you have room for us and 1 more cat Walker I can live with 4 cats and a dog its the snake a dragon and a huge spider that I might have issues with LOL