blue moon (2)

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Still Kicking ©

Where do the years go?
It’s funny, only yesterday I was 16 and thinking how long it will be before I hit 40 and now I am 56.
We spent so much time chasing the seconds, the years slip away.
Every year I reflect on the year gone by before I stow it away
I assess what I started with and what I have left from the year before then weigh it against what is new.
What does it all add up to in the end?
The answer is simple.
You survived another year.

Have a nice day



itisi said...

The real question is now that you are a year older, are you any smarter?lol

Your computer says I am in Beijing, China. I was wondering where I was and why everything looked so different!

Walker said...

itisi: We are always smarter but as the years go buy we tend to forget to do the smart thing and screw up.
China eh, well considering almost everything we buy today is made in china you might as well be in China

GAB said...

I used to do the same thing way back in the day. Now I'm like gee where the hell did the time go? I remember back when I was a kid I wanted to be 18 so bad so I could be a grown up. Then it was I wanted to be 21 so I could do the things only 21 year olds could do. Now that I'm 60 I wish I was 21. Well maybe not 21 maybe only 30 something. And It says Im in Paso Robles. Where the hell is that? LOL I think that is a very long ways away from Mpls Minnesota!!!

Walker said...

GAB: I don't know about going back to being that young but i would trade it in for quieter knee joints HA HA HA !!!!!!
It says i am in Toronto, close.

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