blue moon (2)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nuts, But Not Mine ©

Well Itisi some real news from the home front.
Here I am again.
The year is almost over and I find myself single again.
Am I bitter?
Yes, but not because we broke up but because of the way it was done.
For starters I was I was betrayed.
She signed up on a dating site while still going out with me.
She didn’t have the stones to come to me first and tell me she wanted out but kept me on the ropes sitting at home thinking there was a woman in my life when if fact there wasn’t
I knew there was something wrong a few weeks earlier and I went prowling around and I found her.
I didn’t confront her I just sat back and waited to see what she would do but like I said she didn’t have the stones to say anything to me.
I had to phone her and make her give me an answer but she still denied she wasn’t looking for someone else.

If there is a nightmare situation when it comes to long distance relationships this would be one of them
I think to myself where did I go wrong.
When she went for surgery I was there taking care of her and driving her father around to appointments
When her son fucked up on a trip to Florida while she was with me in Canada I consoled her and had to swallow my principles to the point I almost puked but because I loved her… then I offered to shield the boy even take him here to Canada to avoid any trouble.
Does any of that count?
Are all women like this?
I hope not.

You would think as a fucken courtesy she would have at least broken up with me like a real woman instead of slithering around in the grass like she did.
Am I bitter yes but not for her leaving but for bringing her into my family.
At me for thinking she was a better person that she actually was, is.
Looking at her history I should have seen it much earlier but love blinds us to the point we even forget our moral obligations.
It’s a sad day but not in my life.
I can actually take a breath of freedom and pity the next bastard.


itisi said...

Holy shit, Walker!
Holy. shit.
First off, I will edit my comment a GREAT DEAL, out of respect for you only.
I am so glad you found her out. She does not deserve you. I told her you were special and to take good care of you. She said she would. She lied.

Second of all, this will explain the dreams I have been having with you in them and you are trying to tell me something but I don't know what. By the end of the dream, I know something isn't right with you. I have had this dream so many times lately.

Third of all, you still have me. We have been friends forever. Nothing will change that. So if you need someone to commiserate with, give me a holler.

Fourth: I really thought she would have more guts than that and tell you up front that she wanted out. What a wuss.

Take care of you, Walker.
You really are special. :)

Walker said...

The last time i talked to her i asked her if she was seeing other guys and she said no but while we were talking i had her page up with her dressed up like a hooker, choker and all and she had been on "MeetMe" for weeks before I confronted her about us.
She basically lied to my face and i have to ask myself how long has she been doing this

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Walker for what has happened to you but from what i have read on your blog I am sure you will bounce back.
It's a shame there are women like your EX in the world but for every one like her there are 100 women who would love to have what you got to give.


GAB said...

OMG sweetie I'm so so sorry. NO NOT ALL WOMAN ARE LIKE THAT! But there are some whom have been hurt so badly that they do the dumb shit first (or they like to think they are) then lie through their teeth! I wish nothing but happiness for you. I'm sorta back blogging but under a new name I'm now DeerGrAnnie. Love ya! Happy Holidays.

Walker said...

Nancy: Thanks you for the comment. I don't need 100 but one i can rely on would be nice .:)

Walker said...

GAB>: Thanks gab, I am sure i will get through this and find someone who wants to be with me instead of thinking they do then wasting almost 6 years of my life

all jazzed up said...

Hi Walker, just read your blog. Cheating is universal I guess. I hope things are better for you now. Lots of love from across the globe, J.

Skye Trueheart said...

Walker, sorry to hear you're going through this and sorry for not being around to talk with you throughout the night like before. Long distance relationships are challenging, but it sounded like you guys had found a way to get it to work. Shame it wasn't as it least not on her end. Like Itisi said, you're special, and I know you'll find the right one eventually. Don't give up. (((hugs)))

Walker said...

all jazzed up: Cheating is a universal problem but finding someone who loves you unconditionally is not as easy even when they do make you promises they are just words in the wind for them to hear and you to believe

Walker said...

Skye Trueheart: I thought i had found the love of my life, she just found a sucker to tell her he loved her to feed her ego i guess.
I mean what i say some just say what they want you to hear

Y&es i remember those long nights talking.
I hope this are going well for you

GAB said...

Merry Christmas!

Lora_3 said...

Hi old friend! Sorry to read the above story. But you are well Loved. I miss you. I remember you, I hope you remember me.

Be safe...

Walker said...

Lora_3: Of course I remember you, how can I forget any of my blogging friends.
You were the only one who ever used my gmail account. Drove me nuts trying to remember the password for it

Megan Cahalan said...

Hey Walker. Man, that's heavy news to come back to when I haven't read your blog (or any blogs really) in forever!

Bummed for you. I guess I won't say Happy New Year yet...

Walker said...

Megan Cahalan: Yeah, that's what she gave me for Christmas, at least it didnt come from a big box store.
Happy New Year to you and this is a new year after all

Peter said...

Hi Walker, yep its a voice from the past... sorry to read of your bad luck with the love department.. I should have still been watching your back. Hang in there buddy it will all work out if we just give it time. My blog site has been hi-jacked I had a technician fix my computer but others remain affected hoping Blogger might be able to help. Hope to catch up again soon. Peter

Walker said...

Peter : It's nice to see you here.
I was blindsided Peter so i don't think you would have see it coming either.
Love is blind especially when it come from the lips of someone you trust.

Vickie said...

It has been forever dear friend. So sorry the way things worked out for you. One day someone will come along and recognize what a true gem you are. Have missed chatting with you these last few years.
Take care and remember you have many friends who love you;

Walker said...

Vickie: It's been to long and you have been missed.
Yeah I seem to suck at picking them.
Drop me an email so we can catch up :)