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Saturday, August 02, 2014

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I’ll just pretend I haven’t been gone for I don’t know how long.
I have so much to blog about I have stopped blogging.

The world is gone to hell and back.
They are talking about marriage licenses that will have to be renewed every five years thus avoiding divorces, you just don't renew.
I wonder if you would have to go for an emissions test every two years as well.
Better stop eating tex-mex food if you do.

The United States still has a Black president.
To be honest with you I thought he would have been shot by Dick Cheney in a golfing accident by now.

I like Obama.
You know who else I like, John McCain
I bet if Party lines were abolished the world would be a lot better place.
Just like I believe if we nuked the Middle East all our problems would be over and just think how many condos they could build there in 500 years when its safe from radiation.

Germany won the world cup and Brazil is still suffering from poverty.

They are planning on sending astronauts to Mars.
Apparently they will have to sleep for three years.
Now, not to sound prejudice or racist in any way but just going by the stereotypical representation portrayed by Hollywood over the last hundred years, isn't this just another job suited for illegal Mexicans?
I’m just saying.

There is a major Ebola outbreak in Africa, U.N. workers have evacuated the area but say even though the best authority to the disease died from it we are told there is nothing to worry about.
In other news, displaced U.N. workers have volunteered for the mission to Mars

Toyota stock holders celebrated another GM recall.

Putin denies giving ground to air missiles to Ukrainian separatists and its true.
He gave them to the Russian soldiers before they became Ukrainian separatists

Jay Leno is gone, Letterman is still here and Conan has made Purgatory his home.

This is just a bit what has been going on in the world which in some way still effects you and me.
T’ill next time, whenever the fuck that will be, chow and good health, wealth to everyone.

Have a nice weekend



Shana M said...

Interesting thoughts!! Thanks for sharing!

itisi said...

I thought 'Walker News" would be news about what's going on in walkerworld.
This was news by Walker. lol
Interesting, the marriage license renewal fee. I think that would work for me! !You know what I mean! :)

GAB said...

Well lets see out of all that my first opinion is if they made it a law or mandatory to to renew your marriage lisence every 5 years I'd be in trouble cause I'd say F*Off! I've been married 40 yrs already aand if thats not enough to prove that we are in love well then screw you! NOW if its for all those same sex folks I say they dont need to announce it just do it. I dont wanna hear whats going on in their bedroom hell I dont wanna know whats going on in my own! But if they want them to renew their marriage licenses every 5 years well good luck to them all. I'm wondering what it will help improve? Lower divorce rates? I think its so funny that these fools live together for 5 or more years then say lets get married after all we have 3 kids lets make it legal and they get married and 2 months later they are in divorce court! WHY FOR GOD'S SAKE? They lived together all that time and they didn't know then that one was cheating? I heard one woman say it was the papers fault. Her friend said what paper? The newspaper? and her friend goes no the license that made it legal its that papers fault that we are now getting a divorce! WTF? I knew Mr Gab all of 5 months before we married and here we are 40 years later still married and still very much in love. Yes we have fights and yes we have said the D word but we are still here cause we fight we talk it out and work on it! COMMUNICATION! thats the biggest part in marriage that people just dont seem to get that and SHARING THE WORK LOADS! Do you know how bad I feel because Mr Gab has to do all the normal stuff I should be doing right now? Really bad! But we have worked this out and we struggle and we make it work. Sorry about the soap box here! and gee guess what I forgot the rest of your post! LOL Some other time maybe