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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Speed Limit Is 55 ©

Today I turn 55. Sounds more like a speed limit and in some way it is.
It’s usually the speed I have to run to the washroom more often now than I used too when I was younger. It’s funny, when I was younger I would just piss behind a tree but as I got older I would rather fight to get to the washroom before I piss my pants.
I guess it’s a matter of pride.

 Fifty-five, sounds like a big number, but is it?
It’s but a spec of a second in time when we compare it to the universe who in it’s self is a spec in time its own reality.
In these 55 years I have witnessed a lot of shit.
Smoked a lot of it too.

I embraced rock and roll as my mantra, not because of it’s loud anger or its audacious expression of life from its most primal level of being but because it said it plain and simply in a language I understood.
Even when the lines were blurred the lyrics made sense to those of us who lived those words.

As those words gripped your soul with reality it was the thunder behind them that pulsed the blood through your veins.
Disco came and we all took a whirl but it only gave us the thunder to keep us moving.
Rap, I have always bad mouthed rap and I will admit I have been unfair, not that I like it now but I might of taken it more seriously if they'd pulled their pants up from the start.
I had to cut rappers some slack one day when I heard some rap on the radio.
It’s not so much that I agreed with it but at least I could understand what he was talking about, unlike Bob Dylan singing.

Rock n roll, from the cave men to the Rolling Stones, “who are almost just as old”, have beaten the drums that tell us about living. Its been said rock n roll crawled out of rhythm and blues who in itself comes out of blues gospel and country music.
At least that’s what the experts say but when I look at their research they fail to point out that all of these genres that are supposedly all linked together have one thing in common.
That's the common person, you and I.

So all that said, on my 55th birthday I share with you one of my favorites.


 Have a nice day



GAB said...

Happy Birthday late! Happy 55! I remember when I turned the speed limit too. It was fun saying I was the speed limit till one of my grand kids said you don't look 65. LOL
I said not the freeway speed limit silly the highway speed limit. He said oh then paused and said you don't look 35 either. OMG that kid! I explained no that's side street limits except in some posted areas where its only 30. And he goes well your not 30 either are you? I almost shouted no stupid 55! But I held it together and said calmly not honey 55 is what I am. now Im closing in on that 60 speed limit. I would much rather go back to 55. but alas maybe not, each year as I get older now I keep thinking back to when I was 21 or 18 even what I would be like if I made it to this age. lets just say if I only knew then what I know now I may have changed some shit

Skye said...

You sure there weren't a couple pictures of you thrown into that video? Sure looked like it to me, birthday boy. Happy belated birthday! One thing I noticed after I hit 50 was that I couldn't stay up with the big boys like I used to. And actually, I don't know how I managed to stay up talking the nights away with you just a couple years ago...haha.

Hope life is treating you well!

Dotm said...

Happy Birthday Walker. Late I know, but hoping it was a wonderful Birthday. Hoping when you reach my age you are still posting and enjoying life to the fullest. Hope this finds you and your loved ones in good health.