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Friday, March 21, 2014

We Survived, How Will Our Kids Survive Without All Of This ©

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GAB said...

Ooooo I remember doing so much of that and so much more...getting my ass spanked oh yeah there was no calling social services and saying I was being abused. Even when I was abused (sexually by my dad) I didn't get to tell anyone! It was my over active imagination! Kids today dont know what an imagination is. I said that one day to one of my grand kids I said use your imagination and they looked at me and said Huh? That is so sad. I also told them if you read a book you can go to far away places. They wanted to know how they didnt have money! Terrible when you have to explain! as for no kid left behind that one hurt my second oldest grandson beyond belief. They kept passing him even though he wasnt ready to be and he is suppose to be a 9th grader and he cant read past 3rd grade. because of this he gets angry and refuses to go to school and when he does go to school he gets into trouble! I no longer know what to do to help him.