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Friday, March 14, 2014

Calling Ground Control ©

Fuck the Bermuda triangle, stay away from the South China Sea.
Fight MH370 leaves Malaysia for Beijing then poof, gone.
Six days and not a spec of debris.
Forty ships and forty planes from an international force are searching the area for any possible sign for the missing plane with its over 200 passengers.
Families of said passengers desperately waiting for some word about their loved ones fate.
Six days now and nothing.

Are they looking in the right place?
They have brought in satellites to help in the search but the only thing they found with them were two sperm whales getting in on.
Billions of dollars in technology and the best they can do is whale sex.
Is there a you tube post I can watch?
Maybe it’s on facebook.

Now they are saying for four hours after the plane disappeared from radar it’s Rolls Royse engines were still communicating with the mother plant.
Huh, I don’t know what’s stranger, the fact that the engines knew the plane was still flying around for four hours after it disappeared and the airport didn’t or that the engines can communicate with the plant they were made in via satellite and I can’t get a cell tower for a signal on my phone.

I have been listening to the different possibilities but have yet to hear one mention Aliens or some kind of time dimensional shift sending those poor bastards to a different realm of time or space.
Yeah, yeah it sounds nuts until you wake up one day and you’re being probed by some ugly fuck and it isn’t Saturday morning.
Then we have to beg Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom to save us.

You know, I don’t feel bad any more about loosing my cell phone in the house, these fucks lost a giant airplane worth millions.
You would think for all that money someone would have thought to put in find plane features like we have for the phone.

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itisi said...

Hehe! I thought of aliens, also. Obviously the plane didn't go down in the ocean. It does leave one wondering where a large plane with 200 people can be. I mean, it's not like the pilot can land it in the north forty and hide it in the barn!

GAB said...

LOL Right why don't they have a find it feature like our damn phone you know clap clap and your plane starts to glow or some shit! I know Im being stupid but gee so are they how in the hell do you loose a plane? Mr Gab said look in Russia. They are trying to start something with us so look there they probably have the plane stashed there some where and we are all looking out in the sea for it. All I can say is Prayers to those poor families waiting to hear, Lord knows I'd hate to be on their end waiting to hear what happened to my loved one.