blue moon (2)

Friday, July 27, 2012

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Tv sucks
I am tired of reruns of shows that were never good to start with
I have seen every damn home improvement and wedding dress show there is out there.
Really, I am pretty sure not only can I help your bride choose a fucken dress I can build you a house to live in too.

You would think with all the advances in technology we can get some really cool programming and what do we get.
The Kardashians, Mob wives.
Mob wives?
Who’s producing the show, the FBI?

Lately the commercials are more entertaining than the shows 
How scary is that?

Oh, Oh have you noticed you can say “screwed’ on live TV but they bleep out “Fucked”.
Oh, and you can say crap but not “Shit”.
Are you kidding me?

The Olympics are starting tomorrow.
Have you noticed how the Olympics are the only thing that hasn’t evolved like everything else.
Papyrus became paper and paper because a laptop.
Horses turned into planes, trains and automobiles.
The Olympics never evolved like that.

I mean if it was to evolve properly under the same criteria then they would have to use weapons they have today because the Olympics were based on the art of war.
So the shot put would have to be replaced with a hand grenade.
The javelin with a rocket launcher.
See how far you can chuck one of those and stay behind the line.
The marathon would have to be run with a 40 pound back pack and the discus would have to be a land mine.
We can get rid of Boxing, Judo, karate and Greco/roman wrestling and just have MMA, maybe Dana White can help out there.
No more need for hurdles when you can use coiled out razor wire

I miss the old Olympics from the 70s and 80s when everyone took steroids.
Somewhere Ben Johnson is saying “Me too”.
I remember the Russian weightlifting team back then.
They had one guy that looked like Paul Bunion’s blue ox, “Babe”
What do you say to a guy who picks up 500 pounds over his head.
“Coo chi coo chi coo chi”?

I wonder what’s on the radio?
I remember people talking about gathering around the radio on Saturday nights when they were small to listen before there was TV.
They  used to have those murder mystery serials on and people would try to figure out who done it.
I would be trying to envision how big the lead actresses tits were.

T.V. sucks

Have a nice day



BlazngScarlet said...

Her tits were as big you wanted them to be! ;D

I'm looking forward to the Olympics.
I've always watched them and loved them.
Opening ceremonies tonight!

gale bristlin said...

Olympics Im sorry to say isnt high on my list of watch things. Oh I may tune in here and there but its not as exciting as I once thought it was. Tv shows drive me nuts reality this reality that BULL SH*T they are more made up that real life. I get the biggest laugh out of bridzilla OMG what bitches. I never had a wedding dress I never had a wedding and I never even got a wedding cake so F Off you bitches. AND MY RING WASNT A HUGH ASS DIAMOND IT WAS A SMALL PLAIN GOLD BAND. I didnt get a diamond till we had been married 30 + yrs. Drama give me a break they dont know what drama is. They should come see me and I'll give them a reality show. No one would be able to watch it but it would be real no one would say "you gotta make a scene NOW" and then they start screaming at the top of their squeeky voices. Yeah I guess Im a little bitter Im not one of those NY housewives!