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Saturday, July 21, 2012

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Have you been watching the news.
I have been watching about the shootings in Colorado where the gunman walked into a dark theater dressed like a black storm trooper and opened up on the unsuspecting crowd.
I have been in some scary situations but I can’t say I could imagine the horror these people went through.

I spent the night listening to witnesses, family of victims and politicians trying to be as human as their party lines would allow them too.
I watched the same story from three different countries as to try to get the widest perspective on the situation as possible so that I could try to find reason in it for me to comprehend.

This is not only in the States, recently there have been two major shootings in Toronto that left people dead and injured.
The one in Colorado calls himself the Joker while the nut here legally changed his name to some video character’s name just before he went on his murder/cannibalistic spree.

The guy in Norway killed 77 people and left over 300 injured.

What the fuck is going on?

Last night on Piers Morgan, he and a couple of other gun control activists beat up on a NRA supporter.
Personally I think Piers Morgan as an observer forgot what his job is and let his emotions take over which I can understand given the circumstances.

They say Guns don’t kill people
People kill people.

True enough but if you can’t control the people because frankly there is no way to know when someone is going to go on a shooting spree then you got to control the weapon.
It’s the easiest solution.

I understand in the U.S. constitution it says they have the right to bear arms and I don’t see nothing wrong with that.
Having a gun in your home for protection is not a all bad thing if you are a responsible citizen but what the hell does anyone need a 50 caliber machine gun for?
They selling automatic assault weapon to average people.
How bad are the gofers?
Yeah, yeah they do a background check but most of these nuts who snap are sweet lovable people according to their family friends before they go Rambo on society.

I don’t think gun control is the only solution.
We have stricter gun laws in Canada and as you can see we still have shootings.
If  a criminal wants a gun he will find a way to get one and there are plenty of people willing to smuggle them in for a profit.

I watched politicians avoid the questions on gun control because the NRA is so big they can topple campaigns but both leaders can take time off in respect to those in Colorado.
Kiss my ass.
If you can’t form an honest opinion they are you really that honest?
What happened to “Let’s ask the people what they want”?

That’s the problem with us.
We’re scared to admit to the truth and try to do something about it.
The NRA should be working with the gun control lobby to find ways on continuing their love of guns but with some restrictions.
Why do you need a 100 round clip?
If you can’t shoot straight then get a shotgun.
If you still can’t hit it then take up knitting because you suck.

The NRA is not the problem but they could help be a solution.
We don’t have an NRA here or in Norway and look what happened there.
Nuts will always find weapons to do their thing, we just need to make it harder because the only thing we have been offering so far, is victims.

There are over 200 million privately owned guns in the United States.
That’s enough to scare any country away from attacking them and I am sure some are drooling for some of that.

I can’t say I am anti gun because I love to shoot and own a couple, legally.
I have owned a Russian Simnov that took ten round clips ( didn’t need a 100 round clip ) which I loved and hated to sell.
My friends and I would go up to a piece of land and used to target practice with what ever everyone brought up with them.

I don’t see the need for automatic weapons or weapons powerful enough to bring down an aircraft unless dinosaurs make a comeback then sign me up for the biggest one you got.

Another thing, why do they sell body armor to anyone.
I mean if you are in a job that requires it then sure.
I ‘d hate being a cop, you show up to some guy’s house and he steps out in full body armor totting a AK47 and you got your Glock and a bullet proof vest you got from Wal Mart on sale.

By the time SWAT gets there, everyone is dead and the suspect’s out of bullets and waiting on the porch complaining that he got a heat rash from the expensive body armor.

There has to be a solution to all of this.
Taking the guns is not the solution just as putting more out there isn’t either.
Is this our crazy.
Over in the middle east its religion and here its fictional characters.
Have we forgotten how to be ourselves so we adopt anti personas to be someone?

I feel sorry for the victims and their families.
I can’t say I can understand what makes a person lash out at strangers they never met before.

I know justice will prevail but will we learn from it or will we just apply more security measures and pray it doesn’t happen again and when it does….
Who kids will be the victims?
One of the victims was 6.

Will we all have to wear Kevlar to survive going to the corner store?
Does freedom come with a holster?

So may questions and not even the dead have the answers.

Who does?

Have a nice safe weekend


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gale bristlin said...

A lot of my family lives in colo and Im glad they are ok. But CRAP WTH is going on for real? Here is something that bothered me yesterday on FaceBook....Someone wrote that the person who played Batman in the movie(the actor) should go visit the kids who were hurt and let them know that Batman is a gentle person not some monster.......MY OPINION .....You send in Batman to those children who were in that movie theater when the shooting began I believe will tramatize them all the more. They dont want to see "Batman" come in their room to remind them what just happened to them in their young lives. Good grief what are they thinking? And I still think there needs to some how be better control over who owns guns. And how is it he "ordered" this stuff to be delivered to his apartment and no one even put 2 and 2 together? it make me sick to see what is happening to our world, and that my grandchildren have to grow up being so afraid of simple things like going to a mall or a movie.