blue moon (2)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Huh ©

I am sitting on the couch watching the Olympics when the phone starting singing.
It used to ring but these new phones sing now.
There’s progress for you.

The guy on the other end of the phone says his name is Dave MacAlister.
Dave MacAlister?
Must be from the Clan MacAlister from Scotland but there is a problem.
He has a Hindu accent.

Really, you think I am that stupid?
You think I can’t tell the different between a Scottish accent and a Indian accent.
Unless some of the clan got a little frisky back in the day when India was a British colony and came home with a little David Dilip MacAlister in tow.

How's the haggis I asked?
He said he wasn’t married.
I asked him where he was from and he said  Dublin Scotland.
These people make me nuts

Gunga Din's revenge

Have a nice day



gale bristlin said...

I would have went into the whole oh hey Dave how ya doing? how your leg did it ever heal right or did they have to rebreak it? Oh and how did the bout with food posioning turn out did you have to have part of your stomach removed or? and just keep talking with out taking a breath. either they get bored and hang up on me or sooner or later I run out of air and they answer in which case I hang up. But never fear I have yet to run out of air! They are the first to hang up.

Jona said...

We get these callers too, but I like to play along for a few mins before I ask them, how stupid do you think I am? ;)

Tamara said...

So was he a telemarketer?
And hey,you should have thrown in another accent on him.."No comprende bendayo".