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Friday, December 09, 2011

Friggin Fridge ©

Why does everything happen when the last thing you want is more fucken bullshit smacking you in the face?
I mean pull out a set of 44 DDs and whip my face black and blue but don’t kill my fridge just before Christmas.


But wait

What’s that?

The sister in law has a relatively new side-by-side fridge with an ice and water dispenser she bought two years ago that doesn’t fit in her house with its custom kitchen.
How much?
$300 ……….SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok loosing 300 this time of year isn’t good but the fridge is a good deal and I do need one now.
So I run down and measure the fridge to see iof it will fit in my kitchen and as luck would have it no, it didn’t.
Half an inch to tall but that was ok; I was going to tear down the cupboards.
All I needed to do is make them an inch higher for the fridge to slide under.
SOLD, mine.

Hmmmm, this is weird.

“How the fuck did you get the fridge into the basement”?
“Really, through that door over there”?
“I see……….what the hell have you been feeding the fridge because its bigger than the hallway and the door now”?

“Listen, I measured the fucken thing three times and with the damn doors off to and it’s still to wide for the hallway”?
“Listen SIL, I believe you that they brought it through there”.
“What I am saying is that it fucken grew in the last six months because its to big to go down that hallway now”.
“How the hell do I know how that is possible”.
“It either fucken grew or the house is shrinking around it because it’s not going down that hallway”.
“What do you mean my brother gutted the basement and rebuild it”?

You know…………. FUCK!!!!!!!!
“Who the fuck build walls without fucken measuring and creating a plan?
Oh yeah, my brother.
“I wanted to make the garage bigger”?
“DUHHHHH do you think it was that size for a reason like maybe so that you can get shit in and out of the basement”?
Guess what, that fridge just became pat of he house.

Oh well, I guess Santa will just have to stuff a new one down the chimney.
Hmmm, I better hurry and build a chimney before Christmas.

Have a nice weekend



Kathryn Magendie said...

Singing you a soothing stressfree lullaby . . . :-D :-D teehee

itisi said...

My mother always says, "It could be worse." So here is an example:
My daughter and son-in-law have four kids and we were invited over for Thanksgiving. The night before Thanksgiving, her dishwasher breaks down. You may be thinking, "so what, she has four kids to do them." Have you ever tried to get four kids to do the dishes in a timely manner while the rest of you are trying to cook?

Then last week her washer broke down.

But I am not thinking like my mother. I am thinking like myself.
"Hell yeah, it could be worse, but it COULD be better!!"

You have some lousy luck, Walker.
But I know you won't let that get you down. It never has before!

And just think, if you get a new fridge, it will be all clean and pretty for the holidays!!

gab said...

I feel your pain.....mine is at the point of no return and I'm sure right about Christmas Dinner it's gonna crash! Our living room furniture is on its last legs (Mr Gab has repaired my recliner about 15 times I don't think he will be able to fix it again) it wont close and with my back I have a really hard time getting outta of the darn thing. Our dryer which we just bought this year has already broken down 4 times this yr but luckly it was still under warrenty! So there is 3 things Im hoping we are finished for the year at least!

BlazngScarlet said...

It's always something isn't it?!
So is your brother.

Anonymous said...

Hey:) I really like your background and the colours in your blog:) Have a nice day:)-Maiken

Peter said...

Hope you got your new fridge by now.

Smokey's Daughter said...

Dude I feel your pain. My less than 5 year old $1,000 fridge kicked the bucket months ago. As luck would have it I had a 30 year old fridge sitting in my basement unplugged for over 10 years. But you know what? It still worked!!
Proof that they don't make em like they used to!!
So for the past 6 months I have been going up and down the dang basement steps every single time I need something from that tiny old fridge....I am getting too old for this stuff my friend.
Sending you chilly thoughts and your brother a smack in the head!!
Cheers! Cindy

Dotm said...

You do have some bad luck. Ice maker works great, but the water part had stopped working on my fridge over a month ago. Day before Christmas had to tell a great granddaughter the water she loves to pour no longer works. When went to show her, was I surprised when water was shooting all over my floor. Darn thing suddenly started working once I said it didn`t work. Made a liar out of me. Then the Keurog coffee maker stopped filling the cup with water, only little over half a cup. This went on for weeks, and suddenly 2 days ago it has started working ok and totally filling the cups with coffee or hot water for tea. Think my home has gone weird on me. Hope things start working better for you. Happy New year Peter.