blue moon (2)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

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Ti’s the season to be jolly fa la la la laaaaaaaaa la la laaa laaa “choke” “cough couch cough”
I really got to find a way to quit smoking.

Sooooo I am down in the frozen American tundra, New York and I am sitting here doing my thing at Inia’s place when the phone rings.
Everyone is out doing things and I am home along with the critters and the TV to keep me company until everyone gets back home

I answer the phone and it’s some dickhead selling cruises.
What the fuck, I am thinking these bastards must have a gps tracking device somewhere on me to be able to find me even when I am in another country.

“Good day sir, I have an offer today you can’t refuse”
Wanna bet”.
“We have discounts on cruises to Caribbean for you and your family”
“It’s ok man I don’t live here”.
“Ah, well can I speak to someone ho lives there”.
“No one is here at the moment”?
“I see, well can you tell them I will call back later”?
“I don’t think I can, I’m only here doing some last minute Christmas shopping and got do get out before they get back home but I can leave a note on the T.V………. hmmm that’s a nice LED television, I’ll leave it on the fridge”.
“Merry Christmas, bye”.

4 hours later

“Ah Inia, if the police show up ummm I am not here”.

Have a nice day



Anonymous said...

So, you harass sales people in America too, eh?

Seems you may get home sooner than you were planning.

Peter said...

Pity you didn't have a truck with you, a television set and replacement fridge in one load.

gab said...

Well you never said you were the perfect house guest!