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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain Drops Keep Falling ©

Where have you been, meaning me?
Not here that’s for sure or at home.
I just spent some time down in the States.
I was there when the old Binster was taken out and witnessed the joy and confusion of it all but in the end we are all happily dysfunctional with it.
Does this mean I can bring my toothbrush on a plane now?

You know they make you take your shoes and socks of now before you get on a plane right?
I hate that and now just to get a little payback if I know I am going through U.S. customs I take a new pair of socks and bury them in Frick’s litter box a week before and the day you are to take off dig them out and put the on over your socks then out on a freezer bag, large one for me, over the sock and put your shoe on.
The freezer bags so you don’t stink up your shoes but with mine it might be an improvement.

So when they ask you to remove your shoes and put them in the tray just stand back and watch.
Everyone in line ahead of you including customs people will gag and run for the doors as they slowly make their way up on the treadmill.
This is when you sneak back the 250 ml tube of toothpaste they took out of your bag back in it.

Have you been watching the flooding in the news down along the Mississippi?
I’m watching CNN and the weatherman there says rise more than another four inches.
Who the fucks worrying, these people stopped worrying when it passed six feet high.
What’s another four inches when the big cock shoved up your ass in already dangling out of your mouth and pissing on your feet?

ZILLIONS of dollars are spent on the war machines of many countries when the money could be spent on other things like maybe engineering ways to prevent this kind of catastrophe.
Like in Australia.
While half the country is burning the other half is drowning.
I know I am a simpleton on these matters but wouldn’t a huge sewer, a canal maybe created to send all this water where it could be used instead of left to destroy where its not needed.

We read in the history books about people 4000 fucken years ago creating these engineering marvels that still exist for us to gawk at while scratching our head in wonder on how they did this without the monster trucks we have now at our disposal.

We can dig up huge pits to mine out minerals but we can’t create a safe environment for people to live in?
You can’t control the rain but you can create ways to move it along faster before it becomes a problem.
It costs money.
Yes it does but it will create jobs so you save from paying out on welfare or unemployment insurance and generate tax income from these workers while solving major problems.
It’s all a win, win situation, but that’s work.
Maybe to much work for our politicians and the fact that it’s much easier to pay the welfare and suck the life out of the rest who by the way are getting smaller compared to the one’s needing.
Imagine, people we consider primitive were more imaginative and constructive.
I guess that would make us destructive.
They saw a problem and dealt with it.
We blow it up then drown the evidence.

Over in Manitoba there is flooding or will be.
Seems the levies are holding but there is a problem, the people down river aren’t as safe so the plan is to open the levy on one side to they can flood the people who were safe because there is less of them.
You see, the people who are safe are only 110 houses and farms but in town there are 360 homes so it better to sacrifice the few for the many even if they were safe and help pay for the levy that was built to save them from this very catastrophe.
Now you know why the government imposes gun control in this country because you can’t overthrow them with a slingshot and a beaver tail.

Some solutions are way to easy and costly.
When will they start thinking ahead to prevent this from happening so we don’t have to ruin other people’s lives to patch shit up?
Great, I see I line of water running out of the kitchen along the hallway floor water hates me.
Where’s the duct tape?

Have a nice day


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Peter said...

Your solution for Australia would work Walker but no government will commit the money needed for fear they won't get re-elected.