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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Taking Out The Garbage ©

So, how's your week been?
Big week eh?
Bin Laden, dead.


I for one would have preferred a slight different outcome like, alive to face the families of his victims before standing trial for his crimes then punished in accordance to his sentence but he chose to go down as he had stated, fighting to the end.
You got to give him some credit for that, the man did what he said he would do and never EVER denied it.
That's very important because it negates the need for a trial.
I mean he commits mass murder then goes on file admitting it to the world and that it was only the beginning and backs that up with more murderous attacks.
He wasn't shy so if there was a terrorist act that they suspected his doing and he called to say it wasn't him, i"d believe him because he was real nut, a MEGALOMANIAC nut.
We've had a few bananas through history like Papa Doc Duvalier, Baby Doc, Idi Amin, Mussolini, Franco, the guy in Libya, Ghaddafi khadafi or however they spell it and others like them who inflict their brutality on their own people as opposed to the nuts who try and destroy the whole world for their own selfish reasons like Hitler, Mao, Rome (Pick a salad any salad) and others over the centuries.
We will always have nuts and bananas fucking the sheep until we become wolves to hunt them down to satisfy our sense of security and our right for justise for a crime.
Crime and Justice is a marriage forged in hell and Bin Laden walked down that aisle with a dark shadow as his bride while under a veil of religion to hide the truths he didn't want anyone to know about.

He may have been a murdering mother fucker but he kept to his beliefs and in the end wasn't found hiding in the bottom of some hole in the middle of a desert like a scared rodent but safe in the bosom of one of our ALLIES for five years while our soldiers were being killed looking for him.
This guy is responsible for the killing of thousands of Pakistani soldiers and moves within a fart's reach of their capital and no one noticed.
Uh huh
I know I smell something, sniff sniff.
I don't think when the Americans gave them 9 billion dollars to look the other way when they crossed into Pakistan to strike at terrorists they meant foer them to stop looking under their noses too.
Un fucken believable.

Personally I am happy he has been taken out of commission and take my hat off to the bravery of the units sent to secure their target which they did within the parameters set by their superiors but i won't believe he is dead.

I don't care what they say, buried at sea my ass.
I want to see the body because if you can't produce the corpse then it tells me you are hiding something and frankly i don't trust the government, any government.
It wouldn't be the first time they lied to us and or the last.
They say they don't want his grave to become a shrine.
Like this won't make him bigger than he was.

I say he's alive and held captive someplace secure to interrogate and will never see freedom again.
I can no more prove that, than they can now prove he is dead since they destroyed the evidence at sea.
Producing DNA without a corpse isn't proof either, it doesn't tell you if the person was dead or alive when it was taken and pictures can be doctored.

I am mad that we will never have complete closure as we did with Sadam when we saw him tried then executed by his own people, his victims.
I am saddened that the families of his victims won't have the opportunity to face this bastard.
I am happy, dead or alive, he will not be able to see the light of day again to cause more pain and grief but it's not the end and it will never be until the world finds a united way to live together.

Have a nice day



phoenix said...

Hey Walker... I totally agree with you. They should have brought back the proof. It is far from over as there will always be someone to take his place, unfortunately. Just came by to see if anyone was still out here in the b'sphere.

gab said...

For the first time ever I agree with you and Phoenix! My biggest thing is because he doesnt show the pictures could that mean he's alive and Obama is just saying that he's dead so that he has a better chance of re-election?! I really dont trust anyone any more

BlazngScarlet said...

He's not dead, and if he IS dead, he died years ago.
Either way, this is a propaganda ploy, and it reeks like a sack full of baby diapers.

Peter said...

If he is still alive and a captive I hope someone is giving him HEAPS everyday!!!!