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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Culture Shock ©

People never learn.
I mean they understand but they refuse to learn.
For instance they forget that the world is different depending on where you come from and think that what was is ok here is ok there and when they find out otherwise they freak out.
Usually when it’s to late and they are in jail and crying foul.
They didn’t know it was different here.
Well what can I say; ignorance of the law is not a defense unless you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger and plain fucken ignorant.

I guess he figured it was ok since his wife comes from a family whose men all fucked around.
Arnold, Arnold, fuck around not knock up.
Stupid……….what am I saying?
It’s Arnold.
He’s so stupid there are only two things he can be, a bad actor and a bad politician.

Everyone around the world quickly condemned his actions and rallied behind his wife including Martin Sheen who was heard telling her that she was a goddess and passed her his phone number but this post isn’t about Arnold.
This is about how we confuse our way of life with some of the places we visit or see on television.

I’ve done some traveling around the world and have learned that marijuana is illegal almost everywhere but readily available.
It’s still illegal and I would be taking a risk if I bought some.
If I did and got caught I can’t say I didn’t know because I did but it doesn’t matter because it’s illegal there anyway.

Like in France who just passed a law saying that it’s illegal for Muslim women to wear a burka.
That’s a sheet over your head with a hole to see through.
Scratch dressing up as a ghost for Halloween in France.

Personally I don’t agree with that law and think it’s discriminatory but then again they are French and in France they decide.
I don’t see what the problem is when they are walking around among the general public but if they are stopped and ordered to show identification they must show the face to match the picture on the ID.

You know if they wear a surgical mask and scarf around their head they were achieve the same result as a burka and it would be legal until the French ban all hats, masks and scarves.
You know, the French would, they’re weird.
Look at that big-shot banker who got arrested in the States on suspicion of rape.
They showed pictures of him handcuffed and being led away.
In France criminals aren’t handcuffed if they have a good job and can afford a large bribe.
People in France are appalled that he was handcuffed in public and led away.

See this is another clash of culture.
In the States if you run out of the bathroom naked then drag the maid to the floor and try to fuck her that’s considered attempted rape not foreplay.
You see in France rape is called a one-night stand.
See the problem here is he thought he was in France but that’s not a real excuse.
Welcome to the other side of abnormal buddy.
Just be happy you are in a country that practices due process and not chopping your pecker off.

Have a nice day



BlazngScarlet said...

Personally, I find it absolutely laughable that the majority of French people believe that he was the target of a political plot!

Opaque said...

Agree with your observations Walker! How have you been?!

Boxer said...

I actually liked seeing that douche handcuffed.

Peter said...

Trouble with Arnie is when he said I'll be baaack.... he meant it!