blue moon (2)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Silence ©

Thump thump thump
Whacking my head against the keyboard doesn’t help I still don’t know what to write or have the will to write.
I want to, but I can’t.
I need loud music.
I used to have lots of it until my speakers went tits up like a Halle Berry movie.
It’s been suggested I use earphones and I have but they’re just not loud enough.
I’m old school, child of the 70s and 80s when the music was so loud the decibels blew you so hard you came right there in the middle of the dance floor along with all the others in one orgasmic soup of sound waves.
Now, I go to a club and the music isn’t loud enough to pop an escaping fart from a fiber rich old man.

This is how loud I play my music when I am alone in the house.
A couple of summers ago my mother phoned to tell me to put the music down because it was attracting a crowd.
I had no idea what the hell she was talking about so I walked out the front door and there were about 30 people from the skateboard arena across the street dancing in front of my house.
Some chick asked me if I could leave the front door open so they could hear it a little better.

Loud, that’s how I like it.
I want not to only hear the music but feel the sound waves crashing against my body.
Of course it helps to have a couple of brews and a lungful of wacky tobbacci fermenting your smoked and pickled brain.

Then I could just lay back and let the music wash in and out of my body and soul as I swim through the oceans of my mind until I found a wave to ride back down to earth to tell you about.

My old speakers, I would crank the mothers up so loud, the dust and crumbs on the desk would gather in groups for a wild orgy as they vibrated around in circles out of control like square dancers on crack.
Now I couldn’t get belly button lint to twitch.
The only sound coming out of them at the moment is that same crackling sound my body makes when I get up from the couch.
It’s not the soothing sounds that inspire me to want to write a post.
The only thoughts that sound gives me are the memories of the annoying fuckers who used to scratch the blackboard with their fingernails at school.
Way back when they didn’t have metal detectors at each entrance.

So without music I can’t think straight to write or smoke pot and drink beer.
The music helps me focus.
Without the music if I get stoned the only thing I want is sex and lots of it, which is a problem when your ol lady is not around.
Yeah, yeah I can go jerk off but you can only do that so many times before even you start getting appalled with your own lack of self control.
“For god sake man, give it a fucken rest, use the other hand”.

So you can see how bad it is for me when my speakers go and croak but it won’t be for long.
I went to Future Shop the other day to have a look at some and the first ones I came across were amazing.
For 500 bucks they better be but for that price they will have to be amazing in someone else’s house.
The ones next to them were a little cheaper but still too much for me to spend on computer speakers.
I mean, I can buy a new computer for what these speakers bloody cost.

I am actually torn between two sets of speakers.
One looks cool

The other looks loud

One looks sterile the other kinda grungy if you want to call them that.
I think loud may end up beating cool but who knows, I may get them both HA HA HA!!!!!!
I will decide that at the end of the month.
Until then, I guess its going to have to be my singing and Frick's meowing.
He’s a little muffled lately.
Must be a fur ball

Have a nice weekend



Shana said...

I think you need those speakers very badly!

gab said...

I think you need the bottom ones only they look like they can do the job no problem. the other ones looks like they'd break if you did loud

Just telling it like it is said...

I'd go for the cool!

Peter said...

Loud is what you need so you can go back to regular posts.