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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Brain Dead ©

My brain is asleep.
It seems I can’t focus enough to really write a post so I will probably wing a couple and see if I can make myself so sick on this crap I will inspire myself to write semi decent crap instead.

Let’s see.
Have you been watching the news lately and the new troubles happening in the Middle East?
I am beginning to think that’s that place over there where all the senile old people go to live?

I don’t swim much into politics because we all have our distinct opinions and usually heated arguments erupt so I keep it to myself.
My personal views are all over the fucken place thanks to the social hypocrisy we all live in.

I’m an incumbent politician’s nightmare because I’m neither a conservative or a liberal.
I believe in legalizing pot and passing a law in where you have to give you partner three orgasms a day or you’re exiled to the Middle East.

Politicians drive me crazy.
I’m a survivalist; I do what I can to survive and to keep those around me safe.
That’s what I am loyal too and I am not alone but these politicians are using me, us for target practice.
Look at the world out there.
People are hungry, sick, homeless, tired of war, tired of being afraid all the time, just plain fucken tired.
Does that sound familiar.
Aren’t you tired?

Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen are in turmoil.
People want free election.
They want to survive.
Greece is expelling illegals because they can’t support them.
The country they came from can’t either, they’re struggling to feed their own as is Greece.

There is a tsunami of humans fleeing their native countries for ours because they see a better life but like any herd that runs across the prairie, they’re going to stomp and destroy what they come seeking just by their shear numbers.
Tell me I’m wrong.

Once our countries were young and empty.
People were paid to move here so we can expand and hold our borders as a country.
It’s the same with most western countries but there are limits to how much the bottle can hold before the lid pops off.

Western leaders are worried that Muslims may take power in these countries in the Middle East.
Do politicians watch the news?
I know they are in it enough but do they watch the news when they are not, the news?
You can see people running through the streets in pitched battles with riots cops and soldiers screaming that they want free elections.
Isn’t that what we all want, free elections?

Does it matter if the majority votes for a Muslim based government?
For the last 30 years Egypt has basically been a dictatorship and no one said nothing.
Wasn’t Hitler and Mussolini dictators?
Don’t we despise tyrants or these don’t count because they are our dictators like Pinochet was down in Chile.

We spend too much time in other people’s business and not spending enough time on ours.
We compromise ourselves into giving money to bullies and when the shit hits the fan we find ourselves floundering in the water whilst trying to figure out what the fuck to do next.
This is the shit our politicians get us into.
I think if we looked at the world through our beliefs and rules we would be able to make decisions much better but we have people in power that rather be puppet masters.
Why are we making friends with people whose way of life insults ours?
I mean some small things can be overseen and religion is a personal choice but we believe in freedom and having rights to believe in whatever you want as long as you don’t try to impose you will on others.
Isn’t this what is happening right now in the Middle East?
Has been happening for years.

With the Internet spreading all over the world and giving everyone the ability to look into the way others around the world live has woken some people up.
They begin to taste something in their mouth and have this feeling growing in their chest.
These people have been isolated from the rest of the world until recently and only knew what they were told about the world but with the Internet, all that has changed.
Most of these people are poor, sick and hungry.
They watch their leaders living well and they see others around the world eating well and have access to medicine and they want that too.
It’s what those before us struggled for.
They want this.
We all do.

Many of our roots go back to countries that were like this.
The Irish, Italians, Polish, Germans, Lebanese, Greeks, Chinese...the list goes on , immigrants that left to get away from that shit.
Our politicians come from similar ancestries but they have forgotten this.

I watched the news and saw people asking for fair democratic elections.
Damn right.
The want the dictator OUT.
Fucken “A”.
CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!!!!!!!

What do we do to help them?


This is their time.
Their coming of age and its been thousands of fucken years in the coming.
These are our people, people who can be traced back to the beginning living in what may at one time been humanity’s birthplace.
Where it all started tens of thousands of years ago and they still live and think that same fucken way.
It’s their time to evolve.

Now the hunger pains in the pit of their stomachs is making them open their eyes to the rest of the world and how we live and they want it.
They want to decide how they want to live not have one person tell them all how to live.

Our leaders are scared to say to much as not to offend other dictators they are supporting.
Fuck em too.
We should be picking our friends based on how we live and doing business with people who think like we do for the most part.
We give money to these people and all they do is use it to tighten the noose around the necks of their people.
Would we impose this on ourselves?

I say its time we stepped back and let them untie the rope that binds them and know they earned it on their own without outside interference.
When all the smoke clears we can decide if they are the right people to be friends with.

And while they are dealing with their government I think we should have a little talk with ours.
There are thousands of our people stuck in Egypt trying to get out.
The Canadian government has chartered a couple of planes and is sending them to Egypt to get all the Canadian who can afford to pay for a ticket.

Come again?
What did you say, if they can pay?
You got to be fucken kidding me?
I want to smack the prime minister so hard his head will spin like Linda Blair on crack.
How much money does the government waste on shit.
This is a crises not a free bone, get our people out of there and pay for the fucken thing.
It’s my fucken money.

Then I hear that the Americans have chartered a couple of planes and borrowed one from the Canadians because money was scarce among the people stranded at the airport and had a spare.
Unlike the Canadian government the American government showed true patriotism and are bringing home all the Americans there.
They said they’d bill them later.
Fuck you too.
You give Egypt two billion dollars for free but won’t swallow the 2.5 million dollars it will cost to bring home the people who helped give you that 2.5 billion you so generously gave away.

Fucken politicians.

Lawyers, politician…… it’s the fucken suits isn’t it.
They get power crazy when in a suit.
If all soldiers wore pink I bet there would be no wars.

The only help we should be giving people is humanitarian help, showing them ways to employ and feed their people instead of throwing money at them.

The Middle East is changing and we have to step back and let them deal it out amongst themselves or we may find ourselves in the middle of a world war.
They all posses the means to totally annihilate themselves forever if they so choose, if they are that stupid.

We learned the hard way, so do they have to now.
We have been used for to long to settle their shit and paid for it in the blood of our kids.
They may put no value on their lives but we do.
Live or die, it’s their choice to make not ours
That’s why we have borders with our own rules.

Fucken politicians

Have a nice day

Someone pass me the remote…



BlazngScarlet said...

"I believe in legalizing pot and passing a law in where you have to give you partner three orgasms a day or you’re exiled to the Middle East."
You should run for Prime Minister!
Oh, and if you should win, i'll move there!

Peter said...

"I believe in legalizing pot and passing a law in where you have to give you partner three orgasms a day or you’re exiled to the Middle East." looks like that quote will follow you to the grave Walker.... which is exactly where I'd be if I tried to make good on it.
Great post BTW.

gab said...


you have hit it right on Walker. Ive been saying this for a long time...these people move here because of our freedom...but why dont they get together in their country and figure a way to make their counrty like ours FREE?
and why in heavens name do we spend so much money for other countries? I see all those ads for save the children in this place or that well what about save our own children? Does no see the starving children here in America? does no one see the homeless children in America? I'm truely afraid for our grandkids future. Not only theirs but their children.
God promised he wouldnt flood the world again but he didnt say he wouldnt burn, blowup or destroy it in another way.(wars)
Im afraid really and truely afraid.

Boxer said...

please, please, please legalize pot, balance the budget and stop arresting people for using what is the same as alcohol.

The Middle East is a powder keg and no one knows what's going to happen.

BlazngScarlet said...

I agree with Boxer.

Now, where are YOU???????
It's been awhile since you last posted mister!