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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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I am going to be a bit of a hypocrite in this post.
When I was younger.
25 years younger to be exact I was living a different life.
Lots of sex, drugs and the mayhem that went with it.
I drove fast cars, luxury cars; 17 cars to be exact.
I played hard, drank hard, drove drunk.
Things were different back then.
There weren’t that many cars on the streets and we we knew how to hold our liquor.
Actually we were never sober so drunk was normal.
I am not by any means saying what I did was right.
In fact I know and knew back then it was wrong but times were a little different back then.

As the population grew we all became aware that certain things needed to stop.
With me it was waking up one New Years Day and looking out the window to see if my car was out there because I couldn’t remember driving home.
Yup, it was and that was scary.
Ever since I don’t drive drunk or stoned.
And you know, it’s not because drunk people can’t drive it’s because the idiots can’t and find themselves in the path of a drunk driver.

Society has deemed this kind of behavior dangerous and has passed strict laws here on drunk driving with stiff fines and suspensions that could last ten, twenty years if not forever and I totally understand.

When I was in my twenties I got pulled over by a drunk cop and he asked me if I had been drinking.
No word of a lie.
He dragged me out of the car and walk the line and touch my nose.
He was so fucken drunk I failed and then took me in to blow in the breathalyzer which I passed.

Over the years things have changed for the best.
Ok the government has gone a little overboard with the fines I think.
12,000 is a little fucken steep if you ask me.
Just think.
You have one beer and thirty minutes later you leave for home and you get pulled over.
Are you drunk?
Probably not but you are over and that twelve grand you’re out and a year suspension

Personally, I think if you give someone that big of a fine making it almost impossible to pay it would only lead the person to break other laws like driving without a license.
That’s just me thinking aloud.

We have some really strict driving laws here that are vehemently enforced, especially for young and new drivers.
It takes almost five years now to get your full license as opposed to when I went.
I walked in, took the test and walked out with my license.
We took tests for friends and got them licenses and some had never driven a car.
Today, HA, you need 47 pieces of identification to get an application.

Like I said times are different today especially with the population density being what it is.
We have to be more mindful of the idiot drivers and not dink then drive and to teach our kids and others to respect that.
I think for the most part parents do a pretty good job of it but there are a few that make me shake my head.

I have told my kids I want to know everything they do.
I don’t care what they do as long as they are careful for themselves and others.
They want to drink and smoke pot, fine.
Anything else….. well, then Walker is going to be really mad and trust me when my brain clicks and goes into that mode the room gets fucken cold and they know it’s bad.
They know my rules and they know that I respect their freedoms even into the gray but past that.
We don’t want to go there.
They want to go out and drink and smoke pot, have a good time.
Well I’ll drive.
I drove D1 to a rock bar once and left her with her friends but stayed to watch the band and I think I had more fun that they did.
All that sweaty boob flesh bouncing around the dance floor was more than enough to get the juices flowing especially with the loud music pounding out of the speakers.

I had one beer in 2 hours and then drove D1 home.
Easy as pie.
Had another beer at home.
Even if I didn’t drive.
It’s ten buck to cab it.
$3.50 on the bus but if you have three friends chip in and cab it.
It’s all simple.
To simple it seems for some.

The other night the sister in laws nineteen year old daughter plowed through at bus shelter.
It’s a good thing it was 1 am because there was shit left of it after she was done.
There was fuck all left of her car too.
My brother who got there first said she was pissed.
Three shots and a beer in one hour then got behind the wheel.
He grabbed her out of the car and put her in his then called the cops.
I don’t know how he managed it but they blamed it on black ice.
Black ice my ass and even if there was, she barreled through the bus shelter she didn’t slide into it.

Today I find out they are trying to find ways to get money from the insurance company to get her a new car.
This kid drives drunk all the time but then again her mother is no better.
I would be kicking her ass all over the fucken place, it’s not child abuse any more, it’s one adult beating the shit out of another adult’s brain.
Probably rotting crap left over from the abdicable cord.

When do people wake up, when it’s to fucken late?
Ok the kid is a shit-head so don’t give her tools she can kill someone else’s kid with.
I think the problem here is that she never had to earn something.
She was given everything she wanted including the car.
Maybe if she had to find a fucken job then save up the money to buy a car she would be old enough or mature enough to have one.
What am I talking about?
Her mother’s in her forties and does the same shit.

I’m telling you, I have driven drunk so many times I can’t remember how many times or doing it but back then there wasn’t a car in sight at 2 am not like now and yes, I was wrong even if it wasn’t as dangerous as it is today.
I just hope one day it’s not worse.

Have a nice day



Joanna Cake said...

Im with you Walker, our kids need to save up for stuff and learn the value of money and possessions... and life!

Ozkatt said...

You hit the nail on the head, Walker. Too many people refuse to take responsibility and have no respect and that goes for the parents, too. No wonder it seems as if the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Agh! Don't get me started!

BTW, I have a new blog seeing as mg computer had a brain haemorrhage or something the other week.