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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Color Of Freedom ©

I sit here this night wanting to write something funny or at least try to but I find my mind wandering to world events and loose the humor in life that I have strived to find each and every day.

I wanted to tell you about a couple of women I met who wanted to have their picture taken in front of a candy store or about a cashier who’s nipples perked up when she heard me growl at Inia as she passed close to me.
There is a lot I have to write about but the words fade from my fingertips as I watch the world in chaos.

Between the troubles Australia has had to the Middle East and the topping of this bloody sundae is the earthquake that just struck New Zealand.
Where do I find the words to bring a smile on your faces when all I see is a river of tears drowning the earth?
All I have is questions without any smart-ass puns.

I can understand Mother Nature’s fury and accept it with the sorrow it brings to our souls but when I watch the happenings going on in the Middle East I am saddened because it’s the work of man.
I watch and hear the pleading voices beneath the rubble as rescuers drag a trapped earthquake victim from beneath a collapsed building to the cheers of those around.
I watch as a man pleads for his life before being shot dead but a hired gunman.
I hear the silent ones screaming for justice as they lay motionless in the middle of the street.
I see the look in the eyes of a man as he finds out he will never see a loved one again.

I’m confused.
We have a body comprised of most of the countries in the world who have sworn to protect the weak as we, as a species search for peace and freedom for all on this planet, yet we watch those who hear us die helplessly in the street.

I don’t think we should be interfering in the politics of a free nation or imposing our beliefs on them but when the majority of the population is mercilessly being slaughtered should we be standing on the sidelines watching?
In most of the Middle Eastern countries there is a political structure even if it isn’t a democratic one so when something like what happened in Egypt happens, the country still has the framework to move forward and evolve but not in a country such as Libya.

In Egypt peaceful protests won the people their freedom but in Libya peaceful protests has only brought thousands of dead protesters as we all watch it going down on TV.
I watched at men with anti aircraft guns ripped through a crowd of people holding placards asking for their freedom.

Libya is ruled by a tyrannical chieftain who in the past has threatened all our lives and yet for all that he has done to us we have punished him by rewarded him for it.
A quarter of the population of this country rules the remainder with an iron fist and endless supply of bullets.
Today the vast majority of the people of Libya armed with only the dream of freedom as their sword, their flesh and blood as their shield charge the mechanical monsters of death bought and paid for with our money in a quest for freedom only to be slaughtered like sheep on the streets.

I listened to a woman locked in her house asking if we see what’s happening and if we do, why we are not helping.
Good question.

I hate the Middle East.
Yeah I know hate is a strong word but I do.
I don’t hate the people I hate the mentality.
Fucken mule headed bastards.
In the past I have said we should just nuke the motherfuckers.
All of them.
Wipe them off the face of the fucken earth and be done with their god bull fucken shit.
Them and their fucken religious rhetoric.

Now it’s to fucken late to blow the fuckers up.
Now the bastards have fucken faces and they look like ours.
Ordinary people trying to escape the grip of oppression and the lies that have been fed to them for the last century.
Most gained their freedom from colonialism only to fall prey to a gang of well armed hooligans like Khadafi, or Ghadafi or however that spawn of Satan spells it.
The man is so fucked in the head he doesn’t know which end to piss from.

He has gone out and hired mercenaries to come into the country to put down the uprising because this own armed forces refuse to fire on the people.
If fact he has executed many of them for not obeying his orders.
This is not the actions of a leader.
These are the acts of a terrorist.
So I ask myself what is the rest of the world doing?

We’re watching and hurling words of disapproval.
Isn’t this what the United Nations was formed for?
Aren’t they supposed to be looking at this and planning some sort of intervention or at least send forces in to protect those who have liberated themselves from this man’s grip?
This is the war against terrorism.
This is where the final battle will be fought.
The question is, will be wade in to help put an end to decades of fear at the hands of this murderous lot of people?

For years we have sacrificed the lives of our troops trying to stop terrorism and we are now presented with the chance to do just that.
We can finally get rid of the major supporters of terror and probably save future lives by rallying around these people.
The majority of the people before its to late and the only thing left will be the graves of the dead.

I think it’s time we pulled out of where we shouldn’t be and concentrated on what the right thing to do is.
How long should he have to sit here watching people who could be us in different time lay down and die for nothing but a dream with no hope without us.
When do we stop watching the bully and step in to throw the bastard out?

The future can only exist if we are all on the same page.
Fractured we can only be a mirror image of what we despise.
I salute the brave people who have reached for their freedom with only the hand of peace as their weapon.
I weep for their sacrifice when they are struck down by our greed.

Have a nice day



Peter said...

the problem with the "nuke 'em" remedy is that it wipes out the good with the bad, it seems we need a real life "Arny or Rambo" to go in and selectively clean the joint up.

~Green Eyes~ said...

Ya know if the rest of the countries of the UN would step up to the plate maybe we would win this war on terror, it seems they always look to the US and Canada to step in. We are called upon to give aid and sacrifice troops, but I can't recall one other country offering aid when the attacks on 911 happened.

Maybe I am wrong, but I sure don't remember if someone did.

Ozkatt said...

I have the feeling the UN is a toothless tiger...too weak and useless to do anything much while Libya is held to ransom by that murderous thug who calls himself their leader. The self-styled Colonel Gadaffi should be "taken out" as the saying goes. I'm pretty sure that could be achieved with the minimal of fuss by a no nonsense commando.

I don't normally advocate violence but it in this case, it would be well deserved.

BlazngScarlet said...

Libya is causing all the rest of the Middle East to start standing up as well.
It's about damn time.
Maybe now we can bring our men and women home.

PBS said...

Hard to tell where this all will end, serious stuff for sure.