blue moon (2)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Who Are We? ©

Who am I?
I don’t know.
Does anyone really know we are?
Who are you?
Do you really know?

We live by a set of views.
Not rules.
We call them rules but in reality it’s what we want to see or at least the majority of the population.

I see myself like this…
You see me as that…
My mother sees me in dress pants 7 days a week, which is never going to happen.

If people went to your place of work and asked those there who you were, would what their description of you match the ones given by your best friends and those of your immediate family or would they all be different?
If they’re all different, who the fuck are we?

If we follow trends, not only in fashion but in thought as they come up does that not also effect who we are?
We blend social values along with religion and conscious into one big shake then drunk it all down to drown in.
It’s no wonder most of us walk around in a daze.

I like to think I am who I am for the most part.
I have been called a rebel by some but I don’t see that.
If I don’t agree with something I don’t think I am a rebel.
I just don’t agree.
I don’t want to bring the house down but don’t push it either.

I’m watching TV the other day and there is this show where two people, a man and a woman take a person, usually a woman, then tell her she has no taste and doesn’t know how to dress herself.
After being humiliated on TV they toss her clothes out and teach her how she should dress then make her buy clothes they think she would be suited to wear.
I’m not saying she didn’t look nice in the new clothes because she did but is it who she is or is this the way she should look as perceived by the times.

By the time I was sixteen I knew who I was and what I liked.
Yeah I did the peacock thing in the 70s but that was on the weekends only, the rest of the time I was who I was.
It’s who I was comfortable being with not what I should be like.

Today my mother looked at me and said, you’re getting older you should dress differently.
What’s wrong with how I dress?
This is who I am.
She says I look like a gangster.
This is my comfort zone.
Black leather jacket, jean jacket, jeans and my black Nikes.
At home it’s my joggies and hoodie
If I want to wear socks with my sandals I will.
My closet is full of dress clothes and all sorts of facade coverings we have been made to think is required dress.

I ask her how should I dress?
She says like my father.
I look over and he’s stretched out on his lazy boy wearing beige wool pants pulled all the way up to his armpits with a light blue shirt that was tucked up to his chest.
Looks like an old Steve Urkel.
I don’t think so.

In many ways I am lucky to have some of the friends I have.
It’s an eclectic bunch.
Some of them wear suits.
One dresses like a wizard.
Most look like bikers.
I don’t think it’s the generation I come from because I see pockets of young people today being who they want to be instead of conforming to the majority.

It’s been said that if you go with the flow life is much easier but going with the flow is being in the same rut as everyone else.
I think a person’s individuality defines who he or she is.

If you sit back and think of it, the people you remember most were the ones who didn’t conform to the whole.
I’m not saying you have to act and dress like a clown so you will be remembered, most likely as the nut the cops drag off to the loony bin

When you walk down the sidewalk you always walk on the right.
You ever see all those people walking into lampposts or parking meters and you think to yourself, “Must be a drunk or stoned”.
Nope, left handed people trying to go with the flow.

Most people at work dress like everyone else.
In many cases its part of the job.
It’s not a choice.
You’re just being assimilated into someone else’s perception of how they want you to be.

I go into a bar and I see people still in their work clothes.
Still wearing the uniform of who they are not and will go home after to undress and go to bed only to dress the same way in the morning.

Who are we if we never get to be who we are?
I’m not going to dress like my father.
It might work for him but not me.
If I look like a gangster then that’s someone else’s perception.
I dress according to what pleases me.

So who are you?
Does anyone really know?

Have a nice weekend



Opaque said...

I am what I make of myself in this world...

Peter said...

I was hoping that you could tell me Walker, coz I'm fucked if I know who I am.

poet said...

interesting post, walker my friend. got me thinking....i guess that was the idea, right? i am who i am, not how i dress. i am sleepy pants, t shirts and hoodies, all the time. when i get back to my fox-y-self, i may return to nice fitting jeans, t shirts that tuck in and white sneaks. but now, i hide in my clothes, and they are comfy.

make today GREAT and hugs to ya!

itisi said...

The very first time you asked who I was, I believe I said,
"It is i",
and today the answer would be the same if you asked me.
Itisi :)

gab said...

Well all I can say is maybe a dozen or so would match somewhat of who I am(or who they think I am) and be right. But for the most part I am a blue jeans tshirt tennis shoes(no socks) person. I can be loud and swear like a sailor or quiet ans somewhat shy. It all depends on who Im with. when I started 7th grade they had a dress code..girl wore dresses/skirts boys wore slacks/pants NO JEANS. well let me tell you the first week I spent the better part of it in the princables office because I was wearing jeans and refused to go home and change. I told them I either got to wear jeans or I was never coming back to school. They called my parents to which my father said to them what the hell does it matter what she is wearing as long as shes there to learn? then he added does what she was influance her learning? the second week of the school year they were announcing that girls could wear jeans as long as they werent ripped. gotta love my dad!

gab said...

Oh thats wear in my dad's added comment lol sorry fingers were not keeping up

Just telling it like it is said...

Well I been seen as T & A and I would be okay with that if I weren't at work...what am i talking about I don't mind at all...they are soft...