blue moon (2)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Paint Fumes ©

Oh my aching back.
I am still working on the porch but because they took so long getting their shit together, my parents and the contractor, I am the one fucked.
I have to drag all the wood to the basement then paint it two coats of primer then two coast of finish because its to damn cold outside for pain to bloody dry.

It’s not like I have a lot of room to work with and dealing with hundreds of boards of various sizes in a cramped space is a fucken production or disaster depending on where you are standing.

All I seem to be doing is moving them around most of the time from unpainted pile to painted in primer or finish.
It so tight I am banging into everything and getting paint all over the freakin place.
Everything down there is covered in paint.
Floor, walls, tools, me, Frick.

So, I was thinking……are you scared yet.
No, I was thinking how to deal with Skye’s request to post the last part of The Red Clay story.
Actually Skye, there are three last posts finishing it.

I was thinking to post the whole thing in one post but that’s almost 100,000 words and it might bog down everyone’s computer.
I could post the last three posts but anyone who hadn’t read the first batch would have no idea what the fuck was going on.
I could also post it again from the beginning and just cleaned it up a bit in 21 straight posts over 21 days.
Or I could just email the three posts to Skye and leave it at that.
Decisions, decisions, decisions

So I have decided to ask my readers instead.
Which one?

Have a nice day



Anonymous said...

Couldn't you just link to the previous posts that had the other excerpts for those that are interested?

Sorry to hear about your painting woes, but it could've been worse. They could've wait until there was a lot of snow on the ground. So, look on the bright side :)

BlazngScarlet said...

I say post it from the beginning ...
21 posts over 21 days.

Poor Frick.

Peter said...

Yeah go from the start... Cos I didn't read it first time around... Dunno why????

Michael Manning said...

I will never rebuild another house again and understand your pain all too well, Walker.

Heff said...

Painting is a bitch no matter HOW you slice it.

...and that song you've got playing makes me wanna watch Salma Hayek dance with a large snake on her !

Tamara said...

I say re-post..or better yet email me all of it
Bring it on daddy-o!
I'm a big girl,I can handle it.BTW,I have been held hostage by Facebook & my Farm on FB...but I sure have been missing reading about ur daily "totally interesting" life!!
Great Big Hugggggs!!!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh! I've been missing out -- so I don't know which to choose - I'm not a good chooser - augh augh! I can't take the pressure AUUUGHHH (laughing)

as to your comment on my blog--I DID crawl around on the floor *laughing*