blue moon (2)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Architect ©

Nine years since that day.
I was waking up in bed and turned on the TV as I always did.
I flipped to the news and as I did, this plane flew through a building.
I thought it was a movie but at the bottom of the screen it said, LIVE.
2974 souls perished that day marking the start of Armageddon.

Somehow we got off track.
We let revenge blind us so that we are easily led in directions we would never have gone in during peaceful times and rational minds.
But enraged we stumble blindly forth.

That one act on September 11th 2001 was just a spark lit by a man, mad or not who wanted to lure a super power into a fight then making him a bully to rally support.
But even they were nothing more than tools to lure the anger beast as the aggressor for the world to see.

Since 911 hundreds of thousands of people have died.
Millions of soldiers have crossed battlefields.
Trillions of dollars wasted.

Since 911, things have gotten worse in the west and we have done it to ourselves because of paranoia.
We change the rules to suit our needs.
They want to build a Mosque two blocks from where the twin towers were.
How do I feel about that?
I am not an American but if it were in Canada that it had happened and I was faced with that concept, I’d hate it.
I’d hate it because of my anger for those that had done it and my prejudice towards the fact that they were Muslims.
But that’s nature, we want to lash out at what we associate something with another.

The constitution says they have the right to do it and everyone should embrace that right and stand by them, I would but I would hope they stood back and took a good look at how the rest of the public felt and reconsider.
For all of this shit to slow down and maybe stop, is for people to make compromises.

There was one architect for 911 yet we have torn apart half the world because of one man.
A recent report states that there are no more than 50 Al-Qaeda members in Afghanistan.
That’s it, just fifty.
There are fifteen thousand Taliban but they are indigenous to the area.
These people are like our Eskimos.
Our soldiers are getting killed by a bunch of mountain Eskimos while trying to evict these people from a place no one wants but them.
All they want is us out.
We want the Architect.
Make a fucken deal and let’s go fucken home motherfuckers.
Hello, can anyone out there hear.
What’s wrong the dead don’t scream loud enough for you?

Go to ground zero and be quiet.
You’ll hear them all
2974 souls screaming their last wish
I wonder what it was?

The longer this goes on the worse it’s going to get.
Every day this shit drags on some horny fucker puts on an act for the poor to create a following in the name of ALLAH.
Aka, God.
The same god the Jews and Christians believe in.
Crazy fucks, all of them.
That’s why Buddhist monks wear bright orange robes so as not to be mistaken by the crazies with the guns and bombs.

Religion has become a perverse curse.
Christians, the Catholics and Orthodox churches make up the majority but there are dozens more who follow the bible through their own interpretation.
Some only the old testament.

It’s the same with the Muslims and Jews.
There are off shoots of the same from the Koran or the Tanakh but call themselves as the rest.
So when a Christian threatens to burn the Koran it’s perceived as all Christians are burning Korans so all Christians throughout the world must die.
Maybe the [problem here lies in the bibles of these three religions.
Maybe it’s because of the beginning where they all use the old testimant and are stuck on the fucken eye for an eye part.
I’m just guessing here as I have never really read the Bible, Koran or Tanakh but a couple of nuns have told me the bible was a little saucy and so were they.

These religions got to get their shit together.
Some nut in the name of their religion does something and the whole gets blamed for it.
There has to be a governing body for each religion.
One banner not dozens.
There is only ONE bible, get it right or your nothing but a farce.
The same with the Jews and Muslims.
One religion each and become whole instead of fractured.
How can you as religions even call yourself that if you can’t even fix your own house?
Spirituality is about soothing the inner soul not blackening it with hate.

One man did this and he is still out there.
Alive, maybe, maybe not but his beliefs are because we help fan the fires that keep him alive.
The world is quickly racing towards a cliff and if it doesn’t slow down now it might now be able to later.
Some would welcome an apocalypse in the belief that they would survive to lead the rest out of the ashes.

It’s what we did after 911.
We rose out of the ashes screaming for blood and led the hunt for the architect and his minions without regard to how people would think of us as we impost our might on them.
But it doesn’t matter how strong we are, how many tanks we have or that they can barely hurt us when they attack.
We kill them and they come back to kill us with their primitive toys.
You can break the body but not the soul of these people and I understand why.
I would do the same for my home.

Did we rise out of the ashes to lead our people to war or to make sure it never happens again?
Do we want an end to this?
Maybe compromises need to be made.
Maybe a multi religious centre that would allow those of these three faiths to go and pray to their one god and maybe learn something more about each other first hand instead of what they hear from obscure radical megalomaniac clerics from all religions.

We need to find the right path but we can’t do it alone.
In order for humanity to exist the architects of this kind of shit must answer for it for the whole of mankind to live on.
We need to take away their number one resource, people, poor people.
We need to help them feed themselves and not with guns but technology to grow things and not to exploit them for their resources.
Everyone we give guns to ends up shooting at us.
Let’s give them the means to grow food and maybe they will help feed us instead.

2974 souls watch from the heavens
Their tears warm our souls but can’t put out the fire
Only we can do that.
These are my opinions, crazy as they are.

I wish it were a movie…



Opaque said...

You know what... I thought that it was a movie myself... wish it was...

Megan said...

Never trust a man who reads only one book.

itisi said...

You are such a profound thinker, Walker.
"Spirituality is about soothing the inner soul not blackening it with hate."
"We need to help them feed themselves and not with guns but technology to grow things and not to exploit them for their resources."
"Do we rise out of the ashes to lead our people to war or to make sure it never happens again?"

I say we rise out of the ashes to make sure it never happens again!
And yes, we do need to compromise.
In order for us to live in peace, we all need to compromise.
This is a good piece of writing you have here, it made me really think!

Peter said...

Very well written Walker.