blue moon (2)

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Say It's Not Over Yet ©

Summer is running down, except for the heat that is.
That is still scorching hot and the humidity practically unbearable.
The summer festivals have come to an end and the music is slowly fading away until the next season beseeches us.

Inia packed up the kids along with Peach and Govert, two leopard geckos I got for her youngest son and Harvey, a bearded dragon I gave to her eldest.
I used to think lizards were dumb reptiles but since I ended up having a few around I have changed my mind.

The eight I still own, Moritia (Gargoyle gecko), Bambi, Blondie, Angelina (Leopard geckos), Brad “From Rocky Horror Picture show” (Leopard gecko), Larry, Moe and Curly (Bibron Geckos) aka Gecko Nation as the kids have coined it have been more than entertaining in their escapades of escaping their enclosures.
Oh and if I turn the lights on they run to the glass doors ready to gobble up the new inmates after I dust and toss them in.
Doesn’t pay to be a cricket some days but every two months I pay for a thousand of them.
Go figure, I spent most of my life trying to keep bugs out of the house and now I go out and pay to bring them home.

The entertainment comes as dinner approaches.
They know when I am getting ready to feed them trigging the wild beast in each one of them.
Most of the day they are civil with each other and tend to pile up on each other to sleep but when it’s dinnertime, that’s another matter.

Bambi is usually dragging Blondie by the tail away from the door so she could get to the door first which only let’s serves to Angelina advantage.
Brads usually hiding in the cave or begging to be sprung and away from the crazy bitches he lives with.

Its not uncommon to look at the tank as I am lowering a worn in to see a gecko flying through the air to grab the worm first only to be hung up there on the end of the long feeding tongs and if she hanging there to long another will jump up and grab her by the tail and hang there trying to shake her off the worm.
Two less to feed and to entertain me every night now but I know there are loved where they are now and making a couple of kids along with their friends happy.

The end of summer also has D1`s moving away.
She is moving to Toronto with her boyfriend where he is attending university for his PHD.
Nice kid, looks like Bruce Lee after a few beers.
A few more and he might look like Jackie Chan but I don’t drink much these days.

His father said he might as well keep going to school until he is done with it all now and he is right.
Going back later in life to finish something is wasted time.
Might as well finish it now but they don’t want to be apart for five years traveling back and forth when they can find the time so they decided to make this move.

How does that make me feel?
We hadn’t spoken or seen each other for roughly seventeen years because of her mother.
Many of you have read that story here a number of years ago but for those of you who haven’t, she basically ran away with the kids and I didn’t see them for a long time.
Not until a year and a half ago and now she was moving away.
So to see her go so soon isn’t something I really looked forward to.
My family criticized me for not ordering her not to go.

Not likely.
For one she would probably tell me to fuck off and it’s really not my place to do that.
My parents did shit like that to me.
I gave up a job 32 years ago that would have had me retiring in four years with a nice pension to help them and in the end my reward didn’t amount to what might have been but it was my choice even if there was a lot of head games involving guilt involved.
I won’t be that way.
She needs to find herself on her own and if she needs advice with something or my opinion about something she can call me.
So can he for that matter.

What I did was try and explain to her how things were like out there.
As parents we worry as it is but seeing as who and what I was, I have seen a lot worse than most people will ever see or should.
The world is full of sheep and packs of wolves ready to feast.

I know D2 wasn’t too happy to see her go seeing as they have never really been apart until now.
It’s not like she was moving across town but hundreds of miles away so she just can’t just run to her room any more and sit there together watching TV or chatting like they used too.
I guess that could be said for D1 as well.
D1 basically raised D2.
Always looking out for her when her mother was there or not.

Their mother, my EX, well I don’t know where the woman’s head is any more.
She is loopy and getting g worse by the day.
D1 went to see her and when she got there one of her mother’s boyfriends was sitting at the computer and when she asked her mother to step outside so they could talk for a bit because she was leaving town in the morning her mother said she was to tired.

She might not see her daughter for a long while and she couldn’t find the time to spend an hour with her.
The kid made the effort to go to her place
The next day she emailed D2 to tell her she was going out to stay with another boyfriend for a couple of weeks.
It’s nice to see that she still has her priorities straight.

Sunday rolled in and D1 was here waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up with his parents.
We were all lying around when he showed up to get her.
They whole family were outside to see her off.
My six-year-old niece took her leaving hard and cried most of the previous day when she was told D1 was leaving.

My parents were out there before I was to meet his parents.
All the neighbours were out there as well before I stepped out there just in time to see Inia`s youngest head butt D1s boyfriend in the nuts.
I walked down to the curb where my parents was talking to his parents not understanding a flipin word they were saying to them.
My parents just nod like those bubblehead dogs glue to the dash of some peoples cars and say yes to everything.

His parents seem like nice people as D1 has always stated.
Strict like my parents she said but not like me.
Yeah right, just piss me off and we’ll see who’s strict.
The whole time D1 and D2 avoided saying goodbye to each other but stayed 30 feet apart waving at each other.
Not even when my brother grabbed D2 and whirled her at the car D1 just got in the car instead of embracing her sister.

They both later stated they couldn’t say goodbye to each other and didn’t want to burst out in tears.
I guess they get that from my side of the family.
We are hard headed and introverts.

When they were gone I sat on the porch with my parents.
My mother cried telling me I shouldn’t have let her go.
I didn’t let her go; she chose a path to follow.

My father looked at me and asked, “What was his father’s name”?
“Mr Wang”

“What kind of a name is that”?

“A Chinese name”.

“Sounds funny”.

“Sounds funny”?
“What are you talking about”?
“Our name means ‘ Gimpy Gus’ ”

“Well what’s his name, “Mr Wang” mean”?

“Big cock”.


“It means ‘Big Cock’ ”

“Is that true”?

“Yeah Mom it is”.

“THAT’S CRAZY”!!!!!!

“That’s not crazy, what is crazy is if D1 marries him and keeps her name to she’ll be Mrs Gimpy Gus’ Big Cock”.

Have a nice day



Just telling it like it is said...

I'm thinking if Mr Wang is coming to dinner than I am getting lucky

Anonymous said...

How long would one of your gecko brood live if they got out? Wouldn't Frick be hunting them down? Or has he slowed down these days?

It's never easy to let them go (the kids, not the geckos), but they have the right, just like we did, to make their way in the world. Sure, she may not make all the right decisions, but neither did we. She's better off, though, that she finally had you in her life. I'm sure she picked up some of your wisdom, even if she may not want to admit it.

Peter said...

Good luck with the family.. And the gecko's.

Shana said...

Isn't keeping one's own name mean that one doesn't have any other name but one's own?

I am sure she will do great in Toronto !!!

Boxer said...

I can think of worse things to be called. ;-)