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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Canada Day 2010 ©

July 1

Canada Day

Today we all stand proud together.
Not that we usually don’t but today being Canada’s birthday we all stand proud together at the same time as one.

Today, here in the Nation’s Capital throngs of Canadians, young and old are marching up towards the hill.
Parliament Hill.

In other cities and towns across this great nation other Canadians are migrating to points of celebration in their respected regions until all Canadians are standing together in a sea of red and white.

Beers in hand, decked out in our colors we wait to yell out to the world that even in these times of fear and hardship, we are still Proud Canadians and we stand side by side.
We have our differences and fight for them passionately but we know our strengths and we fight for those even harder.

We stand in front of the symbols of our freedom, monuments, the buildings democracy helped build or just at home standing by our TVs united in our joy or grief.
Together we fill the streets when our champions bring home the gold.
Together we kneel and shed tears for those who will never stand to celebrate with us any more.
Those we keep deep in our hearts and salute the flag they fought under for our freedom and those oppressed by villainous regimes far from home.

Today we celebrate Canada, the nation and the people, my brothers and sisters who call ourselves Canadians.

Have a great day




Just telling it like it is said...

and let me guess there will be a lot of drinking today right! Happy Canada day!!

BlazngScarlet said...

Happy Canada Day, eh!


Megan said...

Are you recovered yet? :)

Have a wonderful weekend, Walker.

Peter said...

Happy Canada Day.

BikerCandy said...

Happy Canada Day...albeit a bit belated. Hope you had tons of fun and at least a funny story or two to share with the rest of us.

awareness said...

Hey Walker....Hope you're enjoying the post Canada Day heatwave! I celebrated July 1 differently.... away from the crowds in the middle of the woods searching for a waterfalls. When my friend and i found it, I felt like the luckiest Canadian around...... blessed by the beauty of this amazing country's landscape.
We are so blessed to be living here.

Happy Summer!

Dotm said...

I am a little late wishing you a Happy Canada day.