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Monday, June 28, 2010

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Yes, yes I admit it.
I’m guilty
I have been watching soccer.
There’s nothing else on.
So I lay on the couch and watched 3 hours of a bunch of guys passing the ball back and forth for a chance to get down the field and score a goal.

I’m not a big fan even though I played the sport for more than fifteen years up to the time I figured out chasing skirts was more fun that chasing balls.
I know the rules and the game from the field and the couch.
When I played we never took dives but then again, I went to school with 1800 other hoodlums and if you stayed on the ground that long the only thing you would get are players from both teams kicking you in the head for delaying the game.

Even though I normally don’t watch the game on TV, there wasn’t anything else on so, I watched soccer.
To make it interesting I looked up who was in this year’s world cup and made my choice on whom to root for.

I choose, The Underdog, my favorite team.

Frankly I am sick and tired of watching the same teams win over and over again.
France, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Italy and England, the powerhouses of soccer.
Then there are a bunch of medium classed teams from other countries but those six dominate.
So, I wasn’t going to root for them.
Fuckem, I wanted drama and action for a change and I wasn’t disappointed when France lost the first game then went down in flames for the rest of the round until the only thing left was excuses.
Bah Baee!!!!

Italy, the reigning world champions, more excuses.
I don’t think any of them will be going back home any time soon for fear of their lives.

Now the underdogs, my team.
New Zealand, the All Whites, I watched them play Italy to a tie and I swear, their fucken coach was so fucken happy I swear he was ready to wrap a sheep pelt around his back and offer the team a free ride all the way home.
You would think he won the whole fucken tournament and why shouldn’t he think that, he tied the world fucken champions.
I loved it.
I was cracking up watching how happy they all were.
I wonder what would have happened if they had actually won.

This was New Zealand’s second world cup and even though they didn’t make it to the next round, they never lost a game and that says volumes.
Tiny little place compared to some of these other countries but they put up one hell of a fucken fight and the got this goalie.
Mark Paston, the guy rocked between the poles.

Australia to, they had a great tournament falling just short of getting through to the next round.
They had a tough group to play in as well.
Socceroos, I love it
These countries are new to this and to get this far and do this well among the caiber of teams says a lot.

Like the U.S. Team, they had a great tournament too.
I watched their games.
They played hard and tough to get to the next round only to loose in a hard fought battle to Ghana.
Great game and kudos to Ghana, both teams left their all on the field.
Not that it matters to the U.S. Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati.
According to him he says the team didn’t meet his expectations and the coach’s job is probably on the line.
That makes me laugh.
Fucken paper pushers.
I think the United States did great for getting to the next round.
This gives them something to shoot for.
What does this guy think, that the other team will just let them win or that every other team out there sucks at the game.
Most of these teams have been doing this for thousands of years in one form or another but we out here in the west just started getting a little serious about it.
We’ll get there as we get more kids into the sport.

Just because most of us are decedents from those countries doesn’t mean we adopted your whimpy games.

We like rough and tumble sports like GRID IRON Football and Hockey or Lacrosse.
Rugby or Australian rules football, that’s shit hardcore.
None of this tootie fruity fakey shit I see on the soccer field.
I swear the way some of those players prance around they should be wearing tutus
You come play and go down playing our sports, chances are they are picking out your fucken coffin.

England, when did it all go wrong?
Was it during the hooligan years or was it when your players wallets got fatter along with their egos.
A Canadian station here had a reporter over in England ”Embedded” with English Fans in England at some outdoor gathering to watch the game.
People were wearing their team’s colors, their country’s colors proudly around their bodies or on their heads.
Drinking down beer and cheering for England until the game started then they were just drinking and swearing.
You could see the let down in the people there.

Every sport needs passion for it to be successful.
I saw none in England.
Or in Italy and France.

They all have the talent but they lack in the passion to make it great like many of the South American teams do.
They love to play the game.
They live for the game.
When little baby boys are born in Brazil their fathers give them a soccer ball and they have been screwing the little air valves ever since.
They live and breathe soccer.
To them it’s not a job, it’s a pleasure, it’s life, not a paycheck.
That’s what makes them so good, skill and passion.
I have seen this first hand in the back alleys, in the mountains and deserts.
There was no TV back there.
As kids all they had was a soccer ball for entertainment

European players have become spoiled little brats that are selling out their teams and country.
Instead of playing like they love the game they play like they own the game.
Maybe they should get Salsa classes for their players or maybe the people in charge of putting the teams together should be looking for fresh passionate players to put on their field and not just players with reputations.

I guess we will see how it goes.
I hope Ghana could continue along with Chile but, there is Brazil, Germany and Argentina still in this so it’s going to be tough.
My prediction is Brazil and Germany in the end.
I hope I’m wrong.

Have a nice day



Peter said...

Teams (all of them) 1 Ref's NIL. there have been MANY abysmal decisions during this tournament that frankly have spoiled it all for me.

OK that's my rant over with... there have also been some exhilarating passages of play to enjoy.

Joanna Cake said...

Like Peter said, without technology to aid them, the refs are getting it all wrong.

But the teams still dont have the right to abuse them. I wrote about it over at mine recently. Our spoiled babies didnt deserve to win but it is the coach who will pay the price - especially as he's not English!

I was sad to see Chile go out last night but I fear that your Germany v Brasil prediction for the final is probably correct.

Heff said...

Pretty lengthy post for someone NOT a fan !!!

Dotm said...

Must admit that I am not a soccer fan, but then I was never a motorcross fan either. Had a couple granddaughters who played soccer in High School and they loved it. Never had it around here when I was growing up. My favorites back then was playing baseball and basketball.

Lately, while sitting at the computer I find myself watching the motorcross riders as they fly over those high bumps and spin around the many corners trying to cut in front of who ever is ahead of them. Maybe we have been alone in our homes for too long. Ha Ha. I did love riding motorcycles when I was younger, might have sometimes driven too fast, but never with their dangerous speeds. They sure soar high in the air as they fly over those bumps.

itisi said...

I have never watched soccer on t.v.
There's just something about men wearing kneesocks! LOL!!

BlazngScarlet said...

I just can't get into watching men chasing after another mans balls.

Liane said...

Once again, as you never fail to do so, you've made me giggle here and there... I am a soccer fan.. Germany is whom i am rooting for, of course. Although, the US did put up a good fight. Well played, was a shame to see them go. They'd play much better if they'd stay on top of the game and not seem to have fallen asleep, ha!

I grew up with soccer as a serious sport. My uncle was a professional player, so was my first boyfriend. soccer is a game taught already in elementary school.. I have to say, I believe that the German's still have the passion for the game, although, at times, it seems the big players sell out.. but come on, seldom that someone in that pay-bracket does not...

Germany is playing Argentina this Saturday... gonna be a tougher game, but we've beaten them before... I wonder, how far Ghana will make it... i believe you're right with your prediction.. Germany vs Brazil in the final... and i believe the German's will take it home ;-) GO GERMANY.. lol

BikerCandy said...

I like a little soccer myself. I have to admit though I haven't seen much of the games this time. I agree with everything you've said though. I wish ALL sports would get back to what they are supposed to be about, passion and love of the game. That's what makes a sport so fun to watch. It just seems more and more these days that all sports are just a medium to extract money from an unsuspecting population. I yearn for the long ago days, when sports were about fun and watching people do something they truly loved.