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Sunday, June 13, 2010

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It’s been said that I am a patient man.
It’s also been said I like to get what I want and would stop at practically nothing to achieve that goal.
I mean I wouldn’t hurt anyone, seriously but usually I would try to find away around any impedance.

A little planning along with some creative thought and you could achieve any goal you set out reach or not even
You could just plough straight ahead big as day and do what you got to do shoving anyone in you way aside and come back later to patch things up if it’s worth it.
If not, fuckem.


The old days were fun.

I live in a government town where at least sixty percent of the people are either working directly or in directly for the government.
So politics is usually a subject at some point of the day.
I hate politics and try to avoid it because I am very opinionated and man can I unleash a barrage when I get pissed off.

I am what you call a baseball liberal.
I believe that the government should work to meet our needs with the tax money it collects.
Take the rest and build reserves for emergencies.

Personally I think spending a lot of money on a military is a waste.
I think you should make one bomb big enough to split the world in two and tell the world you want us, then we will all loose because I am going to pop the weasel make us all equally dead.
Go Jimmy Jones on the big walnut.

Living in a multi cultural country, politics takes on a different perspective.
You could be sitting at the pub or in your kitchen with your parents arguing politic on the Middle East or Europe.
Down in the states or here at home.
It doesn’t matter.
Old minds, young minds, experience verses new ideas battling each other.
Usually there is no winning even after they come in from rolling around in the parking lot, BUT they did get their point out.

Government sucks the big kolbasa.
I have butted heads with the system so many times both of us are walking around dizzy but after a period of time.
A long time I get what I want.

One time they owed me money.
Lots of it but they wouldn’t cough up and litigation would take years.
I told them they would regret it.
They laughed.
A week later the cops were at my door to question me about some missing tires.
Forty-four to be exact but I told them I have no idea why someone would take the tires of eleven government vehicles.
35 by the end of the month.
They searched my house.
Duh, what would I be doing with 140 tires.
I ride a bicycle.
They couldn’t figure out what happened to all the wheels.
Maybe the Michelin man ate them how the hell would I know.

I got my money two months later and coincidently the tire disappearances stopped just about the same time, as did cinder block abductions at area construction sites.
In fact to smooth things over with the government I took the public works director fishing at buddies cottage and he was impressed with buddies ingenuity on how he built his dock using recycles materials.
Uh huh………..

“Sigh” the good old days.

Every time I need to deal with the government I start off going through the same channels we all do that have been set up by them to expedite our needs.
Expedite my ass.

You start off in reception by taking a number and waiting until it’s called.
When you are called the receptionist sends you to another section where you have to take a number and wait again.
After a lengthy period of time you get to the counter where the lady gives you a stack of papers to bring home to fill before you can go any farther.

The next day you go back and start at reception again by taking a number then being sent to the other section to take a number there.
After an hour you are back at the counter watching a pencil pusher looking over the forms then she sends you behind the screen and yet another fucken number machine.
I sit next to a bunch of other people who look like they are ready to join me in a rebellion.

I don’t care what country you live in. it’s the same everywhere.
I sent in my papers for my waiver to the United States on the first of December.
I wait and wait and wait…………three months later I send an email to the address they gave me asking the status of my application and within two days later I get a response.
“We will notify you through the mail on the status of your application”.
So ummm why did you tell me to email you after three months?

Ok, you know, beggars can’t be choosers so I’ll wait.
Five months go by and now I have to do some creative thinking and planning because who knows how many people have to check my application before I get an answer.
So I called in my friends and told them I need to get into the states and after two cases of beer and a bottle of scotch we had a plan.

Julio would fly down to Tijuana and hook up with a couple of migrant workers down there and prepare for my arrival.

We sent Julio because he is the only Greek that looks Mexican.
Actually his real name is Mixalis but we call him Julio for short.

The plan was he would get a place to stay and make contact with migrant workers that were preparing to sneak across the border and I would go with them.
See, security is too tough on the Canadian border making if virtually impossible to get past the jelly belly blond guarding it, not like on the Mexican border where they can’t catch a Mexican jumping bean on the run with a neon sign around his neck.

Tuesday night we were all set to go.
We went into our parents old truncks looking for clothes to look as inconspicuous as possible.

A couple of the crew were going down with me to make sure I didn't get into trouble and Julio came back because last time we left him alone in a foreign country for a couple of weeks he married five chicks from neighboring villages.
Good thing they made jails out of mud there because he would still be locked up and his name would be Hula Julio.

Julio had left two days earlier and had reported that the weather was great, the tequila expensive but the hookers were cheap.
Two out of three’s not bad I guess.
I could hire a hooker to carry the backpack under the fence and pawn her off to the border guards if we got caught.
They’d fuck anything out there in the desert.

Before though I ran around watering my plants and feeding the colony of geckos that moved in with me.
Make sure there is no mail in the box.
Hmmm, what’s this?
An envelope from homeland security, I got my waiver WOOOO HOOOO
Fuck, it’s only good for a year.
Oh well, I knew it would be a cash grab and would cost me another $545 again in a year.
You would think that they checked me out and found out that I wasn’t a threat but that’s fine.
Something is better than nothing.

Now whom should I go visit first, after Inia of course.

What, oh yeah Julio.
Oh well, he could always get married to one of those cheap hookers.....or all of them.

Have a nice day



Puss-in-Boots said...

Okay, after all that planning to sneak across the border, your waiver comes through...isn't that always the way?

Don't get me started on the government or their respective departments. Been there, done that...and my brother's having fights with them now. Actually, I like what you did...I must tell him about that.

Apart from all that, I hope you and your family are well.

Kay said...

Watch out USA... he's coming over! haha... and WHO let you in??? Love the plan though, probably much easier than dealing with the Gov

Monogram Queen said...

Yes 'the plan' is probably the better alternative sad to say.
I am very disillusioned with our government also. Something went very wrong somewhere a long time ago.
Enjoy your visit with Inia!

Luka said...

Don't let the bastards grind you down!

Peter said...

Its best to be a very strong swimmer to crash our borders here in Australia, hope its worth all the effort when you visit the USA.

Boxer said...

Weeeeeeeee. Walker is free to roam the country.

I'm glad. I'm not glad about what you had to go through (and why) but I'm still glad. For Inia too.

Just telling it like it is said...

You should probably visit texas first to a certain darn girl!

itisi said...

You are finally coming to The States!
Uh-oh, I just thought of something.

Pertaining to your last post, are you coming over to brain-storm with Jesse Ventura and Colin Powell? :)

Are ya coming over to fix that damn oil spill in the Gulf? :)

You know my door is always open! You're more than welcome to stop by here if ya want!

BlazngScarlet said...

The States will never quite be the same.


Congrats on "getting in".
Now let's see if they let you out (or if Inia will!)

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: Yes it is.
It always happens in the last minute.
But i am happy about getting the waiver, i wish it was for longer as it is I will probably have to reply soon.

Walker said...

Kay: To many rules stifle growth.
I understand security but there are limits to i think.

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: Fear makes people do many things and governments use our fears to lock us up with our blessing.
Problem is we give up more and more of our freedom when we do that.
My worry is one day we will wake up and have no freedoms left

Walker said...

Luka : Only Inia grinds me down :)

Walker said...

Peter : It's more than worth it.
One i get to go see Inia when i please and visit many of my friends but also I take back a little more of my freedom as a human on this planet

Walker said...

Boxer: I am happy i finally got this.
Its been a headache on many levels

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: Texas sounds dangerous.
All those wild women running around loose.

Walker said...

itisi: If they would let me fix the oil spill i would.
Problem with all these smart people is that they are TOO smart.
They need some simple fix from one of us who have to deal with shit popping up all the time.
All the have to do is make the hole bigger and hammer a big metal cork down its throat.

You know i will be visiting you

Walker said...

BlazngScarlet: I am happy and i am sure they will let me out, Imia with me