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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Piss Me Off Why Don't You ©

With family business now taken care of for the moment I can think a little clearer and maybe write a decent post.
I would like to thank everyone for their comments on the passing of my aunt.

While I was dealing with family things I wasn’t totally out of the loop.
I passed by many blogs and read lots of what is happening in your lives.
To be honest I really didn’t know what to say, so I just read.
When I was away from the computer I watched the news and I must say, I am not impressed with a lot of the things that I saw and am disappointed even more than I used to be in mankind.

We have let greed and large corporations dictate how we live and how we will die.
While we drain our wallets of our hard earned money or money we receive from unemployment or welfare because jobs have been lost due to these same companies who have moved to places where they pay less for labor and supplies to create what they paid us to make.
Not only do they take your jobs and income away they want you to buy their shit that they made somewhere else.
Free trade?
No, slave labor and extortion.

On the Gulf of Mexico there is a humongous inkblot spreading on our report card on how well we take care of mother earth.
We, the humans, caretakers of this planet have taken a long dagger and stabbed her in the chest and now she is bleeding her black blood all over the place and choking the life out of her ecosystem in the area.
A cancer we have unleashed upon ourselves because of our desire for more energy to feed the gluttonous monster we have created because we are lazy and in a rush.

I watch people talking on the news and what are they worried about?
The tourism industry, huh….
Are you out of your fucken mind?
Screw the tourist business, your fucken kids are going to be eating, drinking and breathing that Black Death.
Who gives a fuck if Ping Pong, Charley Canuck or Rufus Gangbanger won’t show up to golf because there is oil drowning the gators in the water traps.

Stop fucken whining and get out there and do something about this because you are worried about what you see, think about what you don’t see until a couple of years down the road when you wake up pissing black gold.
If your name isn’t Jed then you're in fucken trouble because that isn’t black gold.
You’re just pissing out your rotting spleen.

The true impact of this won’t show its ugly face until years down the road and BP has moved to another location to stab the earth again and again and again and we, we are going to be preoccupied with something new in the news.
Maybe a coup secretly financed by BP to move the spotlight over to somewhere where we won’t notice what they are doing.
WE have the resources and technology to move away from the need of oil but we don’t.
We don’t because our economies are tied to oil and gold.
Both govern how we live because of how industry works.
Industry needs oil and they pay for it in gold.

There are millions of hectares of barren land all over the world that could be used to build windmills on.
But they don’t because they say it costs too much.
There are almost a billion people throughout the world who are either unemployed or working for next to nothing who could use the work and cash?
Hire them to work and tax them for their work then use that money on building better cleaner energy resources instead of fucken bigger guns.

Here, let me help you beat Al-Qaeda; stop using their oil.
Stop dealing with countries that are associated with terrorist directly or indirectly and cut off countries that do business with those countries.

Stop using oil products all together and leave it where it is, in the grave it seeped down to after a couple of millions years of decomposed matter.
I’m surprised they haven’t figured out a way to take our dead bodies to put them in a grape press to squeeze a gallon or two out of our dead butts.

If we didn’t have a need for oil they wouldn’t be drilling in the oceans and this isn’t the first or last spill and one day they won’t be able to fix it and we’ll be fucked.
Big business has invested so much money in the fossil fuel industry that they can’t afford to move on until the rape the earth of her last drops of blood first.

I believe the earth is a living breathing entity a lot like our bodies.
When we are sick or catch a virus we get run down and can’t function.
Sometimes people die.
This is what is happening to the earth and we are that virus.
What’s the cure?
Well, there are two cures.
One, we stop and try to fix what we have done or two, the earth will let us die and start all over again.
I wonder which one we will choose?

My next beef are people who have gotten to big for their britches and need to be slapped down if not completely fucked up the ass.
Can someone tell me why they haven’t killed and skinned the leader of North Korea?
I though the United States and China already worked out the deal.

The U.S. has one of those fake war games around South Korea then pretend to be provoked by the North Koreans so they could invade and take over uniting North and South.
There wouldn’t be much resistance since most of them are starving to death and would faint getting out of bed.
China would be too busy to help the North Koreans because with the U.S. fleet not around they invaded Taiwan and are all at the karaoke bars celebrating their victory and getting jiggity with the chickies, “wink”.

Israel, I am very disappointed and in international waters too.
For decades I supported the right for Israel to defend themselves, for their right to exist in their country on their terms.
Even when they murdered a Canadian businessman for building weapons for Iraq I said the guy got what he had coming to him but this latest incident.
That was disgraceful and without honor.

I think Israel has grown and become what they fought against to become a country.
They have allowed their enemies to make them paranoid terrorists no better than Al-Qaeda or those pirates off the coast of Somalia.
To attack ships carrying aid for starving people with flying gun ships and machine guns in international waters, that’s an act of piracy and terrorism perpetrated by traitors to humanity.

Stomping women’s heads into the deck of a ship then to kill nine innocent people who were defending themselves, that’s murder, premeditated murder at the hands of trained soulless killers.
To the United States government, Mr. Obama, screw you too.
You think that Israel should be the ones to investigate this incident, you got to be fucken kidding me right?
Why don’t you let every murderer in your country investigate the murder he/she is accused of, that would be fair right?
At least according to your suggestion to the United Nations.
How many do you think with be found guilty eh, and while we are at it why don’t you make Charles fucken Manson Attorney General too.
Charles and the Mrs. could start a foundation to help bury the dieing people in Gaza.
Free body bags for all.

This should be investigated by the United Nations and if Israel doesn’t like it then toss them out on their fucken butts and let them fend for themselves in the future.

If they wanted to inspect the cargo then they should have escorted the ships to a dock and done a thorough inspection but that’s not what they wanted to do.
They don’t want these people to have food or medical supplies.
They have Gaza under siege and are turning the place into a concentration camp, the Israeli version of Auschwitz.
The only good Palestinian I guess is a dead Palestinian to them.
At least they don’t have to build ovens, it’s so hot out there they will just let the sun bleach their bones where they fall death.
How long would it take on an emaciated baby to turn to dust?
A month.
In a couple of years they could turn the place into a retirement community for pirates and politicians.

You would think that people would learn from history but the only thing people have learned is how to kill in different ways.
When we see a friend hurting someone on purpose we should stop them not enable them or toss them a weapon to do more damage.

Twenty years ago I walked around a corner and stumbled upon my brother and three other men.
One was holding one man and my brother was working him over.
The forth man was giving my brother orders.
I freaked out and forced the one holding the guy who was being beaten to release him and held a knife to the fat fucker giving orders and told my brother if he had the balls to fight the guy one on one to go at it.
My brother did short work of the guy but he did it fair.

I wanted to gut that fat bastard right then and there but I didn’t a six-month later he was in jail along with two other idiots he paid to have some mechanic killed.
This was my world and wasn’t letting my brother get mixed up in this garbage lifestyle or letting him ruin his life for some gutless piece of fat shit who can’t take care of his own business.

Israel is becoming that bully and disregarding international law but wants us to respect their rights.
Well, I am sorry, you got to give it to get it and right now, I’m not in the respecting you mood.
Saying that they had weapons then showing the world a slingshot that you had to defend against with 100 million dollars worth of tech, you must either think we are stupid of found out there was someone called David on one of the ships that might have used it to shoot down your helicopters with.
I’m sorry but we are not friends any more.

It’s time the people of this fucked up planet stopped and had a good look at what’s happening and do something about it.
We have the power through our votes to do this by putting the right people in the right job and to get rid of them when they are not.
For the longest time we have been voting along party lines like if politics was some kind of sport.
Liberals vs. Conservatives.
It’s not a fucken hockey game.
It’s our lives and the lives of our kids and their future we are gambling with.
Party faithful my ass.
The only thing we should be faithful to, are our families and their survival and so far we are failing them.

This planet is our home and we are shitting all over it and not scooping up the mess.
It’s time we all find a way to take out the garbage for the sake of our kid’s future.
Not ours, we are already fucked but it’s not too late for them if we do something now or we may as well take out the gun and shoot them in the head now to spare them the suffering as a result of our garbage, our way of life.

These are my opinions

Have a nice day



Tamara said...

Yup...u said a mouthful.We are spending tons of money elsewhere when our own back porch needs a desperate cleaning!!
Yea,I wonder what things are gona be like for our little ones when they are grown,the way things are looking now.
It's sad....things weren't perfect when we were kids...but they damn sure weren't like THIS!
Wuv ya boo!!

Tamara said...

BTW....honesty is the best policy,right? I hate that song in the background!!lol each his/her own right?

Monogram Queen said...

I can't say anything more than "Amen Brother". A sad, sad state of affairs indeed.

itisi said...

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!
You go, Walker!
I think you and Jesse Ventura and Colin Powell could all get together and get us all on the right track before we all destroy our world.
It is a sad legacy to leave for our children, the way things are going right now.
And I think BP should be shut down
EVERY SINGLE COMPANY that drills for oil should have an emergency back up plan in place and ready to put into action BEFORE they drill.
This is a disaster that will effect the waters of the entire world forever.
It just makes me absolutely sick!!

BlazngScarlet said...

Don't hold back Walker, tell me how you really feel.
In fact, while you're on such a spectacular rant, what ARE your thoughts on US Homeland Security?!

Walker said...

Tamara: If we keep on this track there won't be much left in a couple of hundred years.
At some point we will be dieing at a young age again and that might be a good thing when compared to rotting away if we live longer.

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: It's sad when we put money ahead of health.
We should be striving for free health care for the world as a whole and scientists looking for cures not new weapons to develop

Walker said...

itisi: Here is the catch.
Most of the richest people and most powerful people in the world have large amounts of stock in B.P.
As Ben Stein said on CNN, we can't, we won't hurt our own investments.
BP is safe because of this.

Walker said...

BlazngScarlet: I am all in favor of Homeland security.
When will they replace the Gestapo fascist pigs they have at the borders with people who care about who they allow in the country and not who they can alienate themselves from.

Security is important but when you allow extremists to take control of a situation all you get is fascism or communism perpetrating fear among the masses to hold onto control.

Peter said...

I love it when you start blazing with both barrels at the shit that is happening all over the world... OUR WORLD!!!!!
Keep on reminding us of the issues that are wrecking things now.

Megan said...

I read the whole thing.

Just telling it like it is said...

I know it makes me so sad...damn oil! I don't know how they are going to fix this bebochery but we will be feeling this for many many moons to come!

Boxer said...

Mother Nature will heal, but it will take a long time. Much longer than any of us will be around. There was a great prayer on a blog I read this week:

......."I am speaking of Mother Earth, her body, her species and her glorious (bow your head on bended knee) perfect, all supreme, most elegant system that time after time is shoveled to the back of the line, stumbling, battered, magnificent to the last, here we see honor and the definition of sainthood extraordinaire on its back still giving through its dying breath."


Kathryn Magendie said...

The thing with tourism (I live in a little mountain tourist town in the Smoky MOuntains, and I lived in South Louisiana many years) is that the folks depend on them to come and that brings money to little towns and its people. If you are a fisherman or shrimper and you can't fish or shrimp -then what happens to your income? It's shitty as hell.
But, yes, the environmental impact has my stomach tied up in ten-galleven million knots....*sigh*

(as to your comment on my blog - di dyou REALLY find a $100 bill in a book! Wasn't one of my books was it -*laugh* prolly not)

Walker said...

Peter: Silence only encourages these people to continue to strew up the world even more

Walker said...

Megan: I did to :D

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is : I don;t know if they can. They are still trying to no avail. By the time they figure it out all the oil with be drained into the oceans killing everything

Walker said...

Boxer: Will she. Like every living organism she is frail.
We don;t know how much trauma this planet could take and recovers and or what such disaster will do to living creatures on the planet.
Have we gone past the point of no return or can it be saved and at what cost.
Will we have to cull the herd to save the few and who will decide who the few will be?

ugly questions

Walker said...

Kathryn Magendie: I understand all that but at the moment what is more important i think is the welfare of the people and their family.
Tourism and fishing be damned.

The battle is raging out there and is slowly creeping toward and up the coast line.
This disaster and others like it affect more than the lively hood of people.
It affects their help.
All the money you make can;t replace your health.

We have to deal with this and make sure this doesn't happen again.
THe oce3ans are harder to clean the earth.
\We can't scoop up the water but the ground we can and deal with the mess much more efficiently without currents spreading it all around.

After we make everything safe then we can enjoy tourism, fishing.
Enjoy living without the threats greedy corporation dump upon us to deal with

Just telling it like it is said...

I know my heart is heavy..I have a 15 yr.old that needs his planet earth to me somewhat healthy!!
Nipple flashed you for your pain and suffering!