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Thursday, May 20, 2010

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HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!

You know
When I was a kid and into my teens I ran with the neighborhood kids and yeah we got into some trouble.
A baseball breaking a window or a hockey puck through a windshield, maybe get caught in Mrs. Ianni’s yard scoffing down some of her ripe peaches from the tree.
Shit like that.

We used to run scams to make some money or sell some pot or hash then hang out at the park getting stoned and cracking ourselves up until midnight before heading off to bed.
As a rule we didn’t encourage personal crimes, break ins and shit like that.
It would be like robbing from your best friend’s house or your own.

We didn’t run around with cans of paint spraying the sides of people homes or commercial buildings.
Why don’t they just start a painting business and make some fucken money at it?
Most of the shit is great work.

We didn’t harass people for money as they walked by or accost the elderly as they walked out of the bank.
And you know what else we didn’t do, we didn’t smash people’s cars in the middle of night for no good reason other than, lets smash cars for fun because I have no life and want to ruin someone else’s.

I got woken up this morning at 7am by D2 am telling me there is a cop at the door to tell me someone had smashed my car.
Seems some bored asshole with a size 12 shoe decided to have a dance on my car in the wee hours of the morning.
Mine must have been the last in a long string of short musicals because he took out 9 other windshields before he got to my car where he danced not only on the front window caving it in but also did a tango on the back as well.

I was PISSED!!!!!!

I walked across the street to the cruiser where a cop took my drivers license and ownership for the car.
There were a couple of city staff workers there, they had found my car bashed in and called the police.

I was pacing up and down the parking lot mumbling ways and things I was going to do to the cocksucker if I caught him.
As I walked I could hear the city worker at the cruiser telling the cop that I loosed mad.
The cop looked at his screen and told him that the guy should be worried.
I almost chuckled but I was still to fucken mad because I had only collision on this car and it was going to cost me and I knew it was going to be ugly.
The front lens was nine hundred dollars.
The Monte Carlo has everything built into the windshield and it’s a large glass.

I stood outside at the parking lot looking at the car for thirty minutes.
The back window was completely shattered and in the back seat and the front being the front was caved in because of the plastic film the put between the glass to prevent it from shattering all over the driver.

They didn’t take anything.
Just smashed it for the hell of it then gone in a flash.
That’s the part the pisses me off the most.
Now if they had stolen the radio I wouldn’t have felt that bad because to me that a legitimate job because there is profit.
Yeah I know, some of you are thinking that it’s not all about money his reward was the thrill but I don’t buy that because he can’t pay the rent with that.

Leaving the car in the parking lot I walked to the house and called my insurance company, I knew the answer before I called but I did anyway.
They said I wasn’t covered.
Thank you, goodbye
I just took that coverage off 3 weeks ago because it’s a 1995 and saved me 300 a year.

Fine I said, still fuming but forcing myself to the next step.
I called the scrap yard, 150 each but I have to get them installed.
With tax it comes out to $339.
Installation was 80 each for $160 plus taxes so $180 for a grand total of $519.
Apple said they would do it for $660 and fix the drivers window that was yanked and broken.

After a short family meeting the car is at Apple until Tuesday where I ran into a couple of people who had their cars smashed to.
One lady was from NY State on holiday.

Fucken assholes I tell you.
If I have my way I would take the fucker and strap him to the front of my car then send him over a cliff just to see if the car lands asshole up or down.

Lately everything seems to be going in the wrong direction or maybe I am just focusing more on the negative side of my life.
I don’t know.

Some times I feel like I am at war all the time and the more I win, the more I loose.
The more I loose the more I want to fight.
I have thought about throwing in the towel a few times and saying just “Fuck it”.

The life that I have chosen to live is not easy and never has been.
It’s the same life most of you live.
Working and living within the boundaries of society under their system and rule of law.
It wasn’t always like this for me.
As someone who survived on breaking the law most of his life, an outlaw if you may let me use the term I find this more difficult and it is and always will be because following structure is always hard be it for our kids or ourselves.

All of you, us, we who struggle to get what we have and achieve what simple goals we’ve reached for, deserve a little respect.
I don’t bother anyone or ever have.
If I need something I do my best to get what I need on my own without any help unless there is no other choice and I mean I ran out of rope a long time ago.

Having my car smashed for no reason is like spitting in my face.
I know the outlaw still lives inside me but so does respect.
Senseless crime is insulting.
He better hope the cops get him because singing the cock sucker blues will be less painful than riding my bumper to hell……..maybe.

Have a nice day



Anonymous said...

That sucks big time, Walker, and that kinda thing always happens when you can least afford it.

I never did understand how people could do that kinda thing and not have a guilty conscience. Hell, I soaped a car once, and I felt guilty for days.

I hope they find the buggers and make them or their parents pay restitution to all of you whose cars they messed up.

Monogram Queen said...

First off - never give up.

Second - I hope you find them first too and put the fear of God in them before they have to make financial restitution.

Susan said...

How infuriating. These guys need rounding up. Like you say, its bad enough that they break your windows. But to do it just for the hell of it, not even to steal something!!! Do they even have brains at all?
Hope your weekend gets better. I am thinking of your family as they sit with your Aunt.

Sweet Angel said...

Wow that sucks...I had bought a little car years ago, had it 3 months when some drunken asshole came around the corner and smashed it at 4 am.

The cops had him and let him go...ironically two months later, his picture was in the newspaper, he was wanted on drug charges.

Peter said...

Bastards are everywhere these days!!!

BlazngScarlet said...

He better hope the cops find him before you do.

I'm sorry that even more shit is being thrown into the chaos.
But that's the way life is eh?

Thinking of you .... always.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I could feel myself getting angry reading about that senseless vandalism. The moron who did it obviously doesn't own a car and if he did, would probably be a hoon with no insurance and no respect for other road users.

There's just too much of that sort of thing nowadays. Peter had it when he said "there are bastards everywhere". There sure are...

I hope you can get the damage fixed without too much damage to your bank account and...I hope the cops don't get that wanker...I hope you do!

Just telling it like it is said...

speaking of spray can paint I had a cine into the er huffing paint with gold alll over his face....ummm I kinda of know that your do i know all the gold on your face dude....
nipple flash

Michael Manning said...

I am reading Duane "Dog" Chapman's newest book (read his first) and I suggest you have a look. You sound like you've changed for the better. No use getting killed trying to hunt down these dirt bags. This sounds like a random thing. Band together with the other victims and work with the police to track down the perps and then they can be prosecuted. No good will come to these people. Just take care of yourself and continue to work smarter--as you have. ;)

Joanna Cake said...

I've had such mindless vandalism a couple of times. The first when a guy with some kind of power hammer went along the line of cars smashing the passenger window on each one - like you stealing nothing :(

The second was someone with keys running all along the passenger side and, when I got it resprayed, doing it AGAIN a week later :(

Some people are just idiots who should be left in a windowless room with you for an hour :)

Boxer said...

I'm still raging nearly two years after someone broke into my car to steal.... my smelly boxing shoes. Random acts of vandalism/crime makes no sense. What hole did they crawel out of? I'm so, so, very sorry this happened. :-(