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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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I hate hospitals.
I hate going for any reason and this week that’s where I have been to two to four times a day either ferrying people back and forth or going to visit my aunt.
I don’t get into my aunt’s condition other than to say she is still with us but not for long.
She was practically history 7 days ago.
This is how close it was, they were coffin shopping, relatives were on baking marathons preparing for after the funeral reception.
We have our version of a wake, forty days later.
I guess we want to make sure they are really dead.

The priest was called in and she received communion and was given last rights.
The doctors cut off her medication to the spinal they had her on.
For three days she was going into waves of seizures attacks my cousins were sprawled across their mother holding her down on the third day when she stopped.
It was over.
They both burst out in tears.
Their mother was gone.

“I’m hungry”.

They both almost shit their pants.
The seizures stopped and she was hungry after three days of nightmarish episodes of thrashing round like someone was trying to crawl out of her body as my mother called in.
My mother refused to go back to see her after what she saw of the first day.
She spent the next three days baking biscuits.

It seems that the medications they were giving her didn’t go well with the new one they were pumping into her back and she went toxic and the doctors missed it.
If they hadn’t shut down her medication supply that night so she could die, she would have died.
Go figure.
This has only bought her a couple of weeks that’s all and she has accepted this and wants to go home and not some care facility.
It’s what they all want.

This is a hard time for all of us because we are such a close family and to see part of it being crushed is a hard pill to swallow.

Now, let me try and change the pace here a bit.
Fucken stairway to heaven just started on the damn PSP.

The hospital was a zoo around my aunt’s room.
Hundreds of people were going over to see her so they moved her to a private room and limited visitors to two at a time.

Most of these people are my uncles and aunts from the old country and they too are up there in years.

One uncle, my mother’s youngest brother showed up with his son at the hospital to see my aunt and was told that he would have to wait his turn because there were so many people.
Now this same uncles was there the day before and according to my cousin he told our uncle that his mother was sleeping and not to wake her up then went to get something to drink but half way there he decided to have a smoke to so went back to the room to get his smokes and when he walk in our uncle had him mother by the chin and turning her head this way and that.
My freaked out and told him he was told not to wake her.
My uncle said he was waking her, he was just looking to see how she was.
My cousin lost it and threw him out of the room.
This is what our family is like.
The old ones still think they are in the old country bum fucking sheep.

This day he had to wait and probably for a long time so he wandered around the area keeping himself occupied.
My uncle is eighty, nice guy and all.
Didn’t speak to me for six months because I told him Jesus was a Jew.
Called me a blasphemer and didn’t come back to my mother’s house for six months.

As he walked by a room he saw some guy trying to reach for something but couldn’t because he was tied up in bed so my uncle being the kind soul that he is walked right in to give the patient a hand.

My uncle happy as a pig in shit was waving and smiling at the guy as he walked into his room; the guy was freaking out waving his hands at him.
My uncle was happy to see his arrival sparked so much enthusiasm from the man as he started to untangle the guy’s cables next to the bed.
The patients was screaming through his oxygen mask at my uncle and my uncle smiled back telling him, “yes. yes nice to meet you too”, “I’m Greek”.

Noooooooo, really.

As he was untangling the cords for the now frantic man he heard banging from behind him and when he turned his son was on the other side of a large window with my cousin screaming something at him but he couldn’t hear.
His hearing is bad but he refuses to admit it and doesn’t get a hearing aid so he is basically deaf and when you want to talk to him you got to yell.

He wave back at his son and my cousin then turned around to get back to his good deed when the door burst open and a pissed off nurse stormed in wearing one of those contamination suits.
My uncle doesn’t read like the rest of them so when he looked through the window he saw a guy in need and opened the door with the sign on it that said.
In big letters.

Then, OH, this was the beginning.
They wouldn’t let him leave.

“Why, me no sick, I go home now”.

“That man have disease”?
“OH…ok I go home now”.

“Me disease”.
“No me”.

“Me sick now”?

“Because of that man…………………fucken bastard”.

I think he gets out today

Have a nice day



Monogram Queen said...

Hello stranger! I am so sorry to hear this about your aunt. It is so hard to lose someone. So hard.
Prayers and love to you and your fam.
I think I love your Uncle! LOL

Liane said...

Look what the cat dragged in.. it's moi ;-)

so sorry about your aunt :-(

you know.. only you can turn such a sad thing into a funny thing.. only you... so after feeling all down about your aunt, i find myself laughing again about your uncle... quite the family you got there.. not a dull moment, is there?

but again.. my thoughts are with you.. virtual hug from me to you..

Peter said...

What to say???? glad your Aunt got past the seizures, sorry to hear that she is still terminal, amazed at yet another story about your family... they are a handful aren't they.

Anonymous said...

Hi Walker
Being a nurse I really enjoyed your post. I've seen it happen so many times before, your Aunt needed a meal to go on I guess. And the Greek Uncle cracked me up!!!!! You sure have a way with words. Sorry your vacation was delayed, I was looking forward to that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Walker
Being a nurse I really enjoyed your post. I've seen it happen so many times before, your Aunt needed a meal to go on I guess. And the Greek Uncle cracked me up!!!!! You sure have a way with words. Sorry your vacation was delayed, I was looking forward to that.

Nan said...

So sorry to hear of your aunt. Times like these are always hard.
Thinking of you.

AnaVar said...

Here is just one humble pray from a stranger. Hope it will reach your house. I like your blog! I check it once in a while and always find interesting reading. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. Ana V.

Tamara said...

I'm so sorry W.,
My prayers are also w/ you & your family.

BlazngScarlet said...

Still thinking of you ....

Michael Manning said...

Walker: I have you relisted, but since I was forced to switch from Blogger FTP publishing, I've lost the link to about 80% of my other buds. I think yours is fixed now though.