blue moon (2)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I Have ©

I have lots to say
Yet nothing to offer

I have been pushed physically and mentally
Beyond what I had left, yet, I still find a little for me

I have been enlightened but not surprised
Surprised but not enlightened

I have been confused, baffled, set aback
I still am

I have been wrong and glad for it
For the times I was right and sad because of it

I have been crushed but never destroyed
Just transformed to something new

I have fucked for a thousand and one straight days
Yet only remember the first and the last

I have won and lost
It’s all the same the next day

I have lived and died a thousand ways
And will a thousand more

I am tired
With no time to lay down

I have refused to stop
I won’t fade away

I have much to do
Even more to look forward too

I have everything I need
Even more, that I only wanted

I have
I have…

I have one life to live
And always find a way

I’m just tired with all that I have

Have a nice day



itisi said...

Sounds like you are having a difficult time right now. Take care of you. ((HUGS))

Peter said...

I Have read what you have said
I have enjoyed the reading

As I find that I always do
I have only my thanks for that to offer.

Boxer said...