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Thursday, April 15, 2010

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I like to think of myself as a student of life who tries to learn and understand as much as I possibly can.
I believe most of the problems plaguing us, is due to our ignorance to various customs, cultures or maybe our struggle with our instincts.

99.9 percent of us live a manufactured existence instead of a natural existence.
Both unique in their way with their own benefits and downfalls awaiting you after you choose how you want to live.
Most of us choose the manufactured existence because it offers the most for the least of work.
Not as healthy as the natural route but we live longer when we embalm our bodies with the chemicals listed on most packages we buy to eat.

Man from the beginning has been at constant odds with Mother Nature.
We abuse what is given to us and restrict our instincts with laws to conform to the manufactured existence.
You can’t really blame them for trying to change us because it’s the only way you can function inside the machine.
I would be one of the first to say that rules are good, not all rules but most rules.
Most are put in place to prevent trouble and to insure safety for the weak where as in the wilderness it’s survival of the fittest.

In the manufactured existence, knowledge is pass on through lessons taught to you from a young age.
In a natural existence you learn through a combination of a primal desire and trial and error.
In the wilderness you feel what you need to do and you learn by reaching out to do it.
Those around you see what you are doing and mimic the act or maybe make it better through trial and error.

In a manufactured existence you are told why and how to do something.
We are told when and where it’s allowed.
I can see where this would have its benefits.
I don’t want to walk down the street and see hookers bent over a park bent getting their asses fuck off for $1.95.
But then again in the wilderness you wouldn’t pay you would just take what you want which would open a whole new big can of worms if that were allowed in the manufactured world.

I have a theory about what is wrong with many people and that’s, that we are in constant battle with our bodies because we force or are forced to suppress instincts that are in our genes.
I know there are probably a lot of shrinks out there that say “bah” to that and man is no more than a dog who can be domesticated and molded from birth like a blank canvas.
That maybe a little true but one’s instincts are still there and conflict will eventually occur and the dog may bite you.
Eventually a wall crumbles and when it does, some people crack and end up on prescribed drugs to keep them sane or locked up to keep us safe.
So they say anyway.

In the big scheme of things we are all animals born to this earth with our own genetic habits built in.
Habits that we have been trying to suppress and make extinct over the last ten, twenty thousand years.
But is that right?
Should we be allowed to go against nature and rewrite our thinking to go against what our DNA has been programmed to do.

We pollute are biology from birth with drugs under the pretense that it’s better for us but as the decades pass new diseases have cropped up to get around the safeguards the machine provided.
Why and where did they come from?
Is it Mother Nature’s way of controlling the population growth of our species to what it can feasibly support?

I know we need regulation for the safety of the whole but how far should we go?
Should we be allowed to totally wipe out the hard drive we were born with and replace it with a manufactured one?
Do we have to ignore what we are born with to make things right?
Where or what will this all lead too?

Will we surrender total control of who we are without even a whimper?
What if one day they decide who we should be matched with as prospective mates according to the government best calculations of what they wish to breed with you, if they allow you to breed?
Will we be allowed to fuck or will that be to unsanitary?
There goes pussy chewing for me.

Rules are needed to keep the peace and to keep people safe from deviants.
Like in nature, deviants were cast out or destroyed by the rest.
So in that respect we are the same but in the wilderness, life is allowed to take its course without interference for the most part so that the young could learn what life is all about.
With the machine doing everything, existence becomes ignorant and self-defeating.

I was reading the newspaper the other day and came across a new trend sweeping the airwaves, or is that microwaves?
Whatever, someone is getting fried somewhere.
I was reading about this new trend called sexting.
Sexting is people sending sexually explicit texts from phone to phone some with pictures and videos attached.

Because of the instant technology and availability of a cell phones this has become very popular.
This is different from sending nude pictures through the mail or a web cam how?
It’s just a different medium for communicate with.

It seems teens have been taking advantage of this by sending each other explicit pictures through the cell phones of various body parts or texting sexually explicit sex texts to each other over the phones.
The government is not happy about this and is going to be cracking down and arresting people, kids to be exact and if convicted their names will be added to the national sex offender’s list.
Get the fuck out of here.
Have you noticed the government makes anything they can’t tax illegal?

I think I was six the first time I had a girl show me her pussy.
Yeah, yeah I had to show he mine to and yes she did win the pissing contest but it wasn’t my fault.
I couldn’t get the little fucker to point back down and most of the pee was on me.

My first kiss was when I was eight.
I got run over ten minutes later and spent a year in traction.
That was one hell of a kiss.
I was 13 when I first had sex and by the time I was sixteen was having sex roughly on a regular daily basis.
Big deal.

When we are kids our curiosity is what helps us learn about feelings and emotions.
It’s at this age we explore to find out who we are and how everything works.
It’s not an adult exploiting children for their own benefits but kids being kids and trying to be grown up.
Kids doing what their instincts tell them to do at that age is to help prepare them for adulthood.
Sometimes they get caught and are taught what’s right or wrong and how we are supposed to act when these emotions come over us.
It’s here we should be stepping in to help educate them not lock them up.
Out there in the jungle it would be normal but in the machine they make the rules.
It’s all a process of learning.

Within the manufactured way of living there is little room to explore and only what is presented to you in books and pamphlets.
Now, if curiosity gets the better of an 8 year old and Betty wants to see Ralph’s inch worm she could end up ruining her life because some bureaucrat who is probably jealous they didn’t get to see Ralph’s inch worm when they were at that age will have her arrested and marked for life as a child molester.

How far should we be allowing society to interfere with our natural growth?
There must be laws but what if those laws are ridiculous?
A combination of the two to me would sound perfect to bridge both sides together as one instead of trying to change what is in our nature.
Crime would go down.

Common sense would be required if that’s at all possible in government to find a healthy solution to some of our problems not ruining lives before they have a chance to begin.
Many of the mental illnesses in my opinion stem from a lot of the laws used to suppress our instincts and emotions.
When someone cracks up we say they’re crazy.
Are they or is it society that drives us crazy by cocooning us in how they think we should live.
What does it say about a society that pardons a convicted pedophile but plans on making our children sex offenders for playing show and tell?

These have been my personal opinions.

Have a nice day



itisi said...

I agree with the part about the government getting involved in our private lives. There is too much of that. I also agree that common sense has gone down the drain.
Yes, kids are curious and explore body parts, their own, as well as others.
Kids have always done this, it is part of our nature to do this.

It all depends on whose body parts are being sent out. Their own?
The cheerleader next door? The lady down the street?
And how old are these kids?
If you were sleeping naked and your kid snapped a picture of you naked and sent it to their friends, would that be okay?
(It would be okay with me if they sent it me! I'm just sayin'!)
What I am saying is, they need to know where to draw the line and parents need to take charge of their children. Communicate with them. Know what they are doing.
Teach them right from wrong.
Curiousity is a good thing in many cases. Sharing knowledege, sexual or otherwise, is a good thing, especially for kids.
The government doesn't need to tell us how to raise our children.
These kids aren't sex offenders by any means.
The government goes to extremes in cases like this.
Some rules just suck, like the one where the boy in kindergarden kisses the girl in his class and he is sent to the office.

Boxer said...

I believe all we need to live happily on this planet is imprinted into our DNA. We used to have the ability to grow our own food, take care of ourselves and now few of us even think of that as an option. The less I have, the happier I am. Why? Because it's more natural.

As for government... good Lordy, get out of my life. Get out of my bank account.

Good post. :-)

Lora_3 said...

True child molesters go free.

Be safe...

Peter said...

Another thought provoking post Walker, well done.

Just telling it like it is said...

did someone talk about sexed...count me in

Nan said...

I agree with what you say. The Gov't needs to back off and we all need to take control of our lives again. Everyone lives but few people really live life the way it should be lived or how we feel it should be. We supress a lot. Me, I like to live on the edge and I'm no angel.