blue moon (2)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where Am I ©

Where oh where can Walker be
Where oh where has he been
He hasn’t posted in such a long time
Or gone anywhere to be seen

Has he gone and got arrested
Maybe knocked out while getting breasted
Or just past out drunk and stoned
In the ditch behind his home

Has he gone on vacation?
Run away to a far of land
To a monastery of temptation
Because he’s tired of using his hand

Did he go home with ET?
On a bicycle with a basket
With his erect finger to the wind
As the vanguard to the future

Or maybe just maybe
He’s stuck on the toilet with no paper
Just a magazine with only glossy pages
And staples in the middle

Be back soon



Anonymous said...

Did you pose for that picture? Because who else would've posed like that?

Hope whatever is keeping you busy is a good thing, or if it's not, that it'll soon pass. See you soon.

Nan said...

Have fun Where ever you are.

itisi said...

I was gonna say "Me thinks you are at the funny farm" but then maybe you are just headed to the funny farm! Or perhaps you were a naughty boy and Inia put you on a slow boat to China! :)

But given the choices from the post-I pick the monastery of temptation cuz you're tired of using your hand! LOL

Sweet Angel said...

Well wherever you are I hope you are at least having fun.

Boxer said...

I meant to stop by on 4/20 to say High!

itisi said...

I tuned in my radar this morning and decided you and Inia took the boys fishing. That's where you are!

Ok, that's my final answer! :)

Tamara said...

Well...if you ARE INDEED on the toilet,I wasa gona stop in and say hi...but knowing you,you would say something like"Hey Tammi.Could you bring me some dang toilet tissue"?(with door open)!!lol
I wish I couyld get here more often...I'm getting too addicted to facebook & neglecting my 9 year blogging experience(my bad,i know)...I only come back 2 check on you and see if you still have any sanity!!!

Just telling it like it is said...

Butt how long can you be stuck on the toilet? really...I have been on the toilet for like 30 mins but that is the longest I think!!

Peter said...

Now that's a novel way to explain??? an absence from blogging!!!!!

BlazngScarlet said...

Inia left you stranded eh?