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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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What do I write for St. Patty’s Day.
I mean I got to say something…..
Inia says, “put up the damn picture and come tell me how many ways you’re going to fuck me”.
Damn Irish redheads have a one track mind………………….it’s St. Patty’s Day not St. Inia’s Day.
St. Patrick tossed the snakes from Ireland.
Inia grabs it and doesn’t let go.
Which make it a little ACKWARD when going for a piss.
You ladies think guys can’t aim but you haven’t seen a drunk Irish redhead holding it and aiming for the hole, I mean bowl.

I remember as a kid forty some odd years ago as I stood on the sidewalk with my mother watching a parade going by.
My mother new to this country didn’t really know what it was about which meant neither did I.
We stood there watching various floats go by.
It was reminiscent of the Santa Clause parade, which we had just had three months earlier so me being a kid I thought that this was it again.
It was my second ever parade so it could have been a rerun in my little naïve mind.

So I am watching all these green and white floats going by with brass bands and clowns staggering up the street.
Years later I found out they weren’t clowns but off duty cops.
I realized that the last parade the floats were red and white and there was only one man with a red nose.
All these men today had red noses.

I didn’t understand much at two years of age but I did understand some things like when the dancing girls bounced down the street with their legs kicking around and their boobs bouncing here, there and every where I got hungry and understood it was time to eat.
My mother shoved a bottle in my mouth.
Wasn’t the same.

The people were cheering as they ran in the street to dance among the various bands marched down towards them.
Everyone was happy.
Wasn’t really the same as the last time they did this I thought to myself.
The first time they gave candy and today it looked like they ate all the candy and were going nuts in the street.

It was at the end of the parade I realized there was something wrong when a horse passed pulling a buggy behind it with a little man dressed in green with a white beard.
Huh, I guess Santa fell on hard times and had to downsize.

Years later I figured out that Santa wasn’t a Leprechaun and there were two different holidays.
I also learned that when Irish eyes are smiling it’s going to be a wild one.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Oh and heres the pictur…………………………ave a ic ay Wakr


Joanna Cake said...

My son just pinched me because I wasnt wearing something green on St Paddy's Day!

Situation rectified over the missing death scene over at my place. I cant believe I forgot that one!

Anonymous said...

Happy St Patty's Day Walker. Hopefully I will be going to Ireland in June with my daughter. I guess I'm a reader of blogs other than being a responder. I do enjoy your journey, keep up the spirit. Phyllis

Walker said...

Joanna Cake : I figured it slipped your mind in all the excitement :)

Walker said...

Phyllis: It's always nice to know people enjoy what I spew
I hope you have a great time in Ireland.
It's one of the places i want to see.
Well at least roll down a lush hill.
I don't have to kiss the blarney stone.
I get enough blarney from all my Irish friends

Boxer said...

Lovely music and I'm wearing green.

Walker said...

Boxer: So am I :D

Teresa said...

It's a big day around here--it's Michael's birthday and we are Irish. So, I have to be my bad-ass Irish lass self!!! Hope you have a great day!

Walker said...

Teresa : I hope you and Irish Mike have a great evening too

Peter said...

No doubt about it Walker, the Irish sure know how to party.

BlazngScarlet said...

St. Inia?
Hmmm .... such a freudian slip of the tongue there!
I'm sure that's how that Wild Irish Red prefers it too!


Walker said...

Peter: Yes they do and i have partied with lots of Irish over the years

Walker said...

BlazngScarlet: Freud has nothing to do with it.
I'm the tongue slipper

Puss-in-Boots said...

The joke I heard about St Patrick ridding Ireland of snakes was that he was the only one who could see them...slainte! A little late, but what the hell.

Just telling it like it is said...

I have a one tract mind to..its dirty I know but I can't help myself