blue moon (2)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Touched By Love ©

From time to time
We see something
Something we can understand
Sometimes we feel something we can’t

There are things in the world
Things we can’t explain
Things we could only feel
Feel with the fingers of our soul

Among the oceans of people
We all seek out one thing
The thing we can’t understand
Not even see

For some it’s the flesh
For others the feeling
Some seek its glow
While others need its comfort

There comes a time
When alone becomes lonely
When we have to awaken
To draw a blade of sunshine and slash our bonds away

To dive into the river of souls
To swim among the rest
Until you find what’s been missing
The other half of you, what’s always the best

Then you will have something
Something you can’t see, yet feel
Something you can’t touch
But it touches you

Love is what you feel
Something you can’t understand
Until it touches you’re soul
Then you understand


Happy Valentines Day


Peter said...

Beautiful words for Valentines Day Walker.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I particularly liked the line, "Feel with the fingers of our soul."

Hope you get to spend a memorable Valentine's Day with your sweetheart!

Liane said...

That was wonderful (all i can say as i am lost with poetry)... happy Valentine's day to you, my dear Walker ;-)

gab said...

"waaaa""sniff" Excuse me while I blow my nose. Walker! That is so beautiful that you have truely hit the nail on the head. Its so true. And I know I found mine 35 years ago and still love him like the very first day. When he's at work I feel lonely. Even though I do know hes at work has to work for us to live. When he comes home there is such joy and relief that he's here with me. Oh sure we fight but to be honest when we fight neither one of us get serious about what we are fighting about if you can understand that. We talk about we first got together and both of us realise that it had to be faith. We never really belive in faith before but the way we ended up together sure makes us belivers. Not coincidents either just we had to be together.
So walker thank you for those very beautiful words.

Just telling it like it is said...

Happy Love day Walker...
You know I always did love being touched by you...Yes I know I said love

Tom Bailey said...

"To draw a blade of sunshine and slash our bonds away"

This was my favorite line from this... blade is usually in my mind to the best I can think of off the top of my head always connected with grass. I like simple yet possibly complex uses of words like that.

You have a way of sneaking those into the way that you write and it keeps me coming back looking for more of them.

Best regards,
Tom Bailey

BlazngScarlet said...

Love has touched you soul, yes?
I believe so ... and now you understand.

Happy Valentines Day Walker.

Boxer said...

Your Valentine is very lucky.

Monogram Queen said...

Beautiful... just beautiful!
I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day!!!!!

awareness said...

Beautiful Walker!

Love.... kind of like trying to define God. Or maybe they are the same? ;)

Maybe I'm selfish....but I want to experience this essence through all of my it and receiving it too.