blue moon (2)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Run Away ©

The world is turning gray
Swallowing up all the sunshine
From all the places I go too
But the ones locked up in memory

Run away with me
Run with me to places only we can go too
To places no one can find without you and I
Places only we can see

To an island where it’s sunny all day, every day
Where the stars twinkle every night
The moon is always full
And you’re always by my side

The rain falls down on my head
Bouncing off my face
Waking me up as the gray comes over me
Yet, when I close my eyes, it’s always sunny in this place

Skipping through puddles
Laughing through rivers of tears
Racing through muddy meadows
Running away from gray skies

Running from the howling cries
Cries the wind makes when I’m gone away
Running from the gray skies
To an island bathed in what I am missing

Run away with me
To a place only we will know
A place locked up forever
A place locked up in memory

Run with me
Run away
Run until we find the sun
Run to what only we can see

Run away
Run away until tomorrow
Tomorrow the sun will shine again today


Have a nice weekend


Anonymous said...

I'm there

Peter said...

Well said Walker.

awareness said...

I've had those run away dreams all week long.......

don't leave without me!

Walker said...

I hope you;re not driving with your eyes closed

Walker said...

Peter: Thanks Peter, I stole this one from my Last Soul blog as I am trying to hit 1000 posts on this one.
Don't tell anyone ;)

Walker said...

awareness: I won't ;)
We all have to run away from what is chewing away at us sometimes just so we can find a little sunshine in our lives so we could to start another day fresh and live once more.

BlazngScarlet said...

I have been ready .....

Let's go.

Walker said...

I got my Speedos packed.
I just got to fart to unpack them

Puss-in-Boots said...

I think we all dream of running away at times.

Shana said...

Very nice!!

Just telling it like it is said...

I for one would definitely run away with you..

Captain Reality said...

If the moon was full every night the result would be total destruction of the Earth in approximately 12 days.

Boxer said...

while my brother and I were traveling to see my Father we kept ourselves occupied by talking about our dreams about running away from it all and landing in a much better place. It makes me happy to know we weren't alone in our thoughts.


Nishant said...

Well said Walker.

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