blue moon (2)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Blah ©

Is it me or is there a feeling of blah out there in the world?
Maybe it’s just my world huh.
Maybe I’m just horny and need a moist pussy to chew on and a tight ass to spank the monkey on.

TV bores me of late.
When the fuck did they start breaking the season down into, ummmm seasons.
I mean a show would run until the summer and take a break until fall then begin again.
Now they have fall breaks, spring breaks, summer break, someone give me a break.
I wish CNN would take a break.
Imagine if they did?

Three months down the road episode one of CNN comes on and the top stories are something like: Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien marry in California.
The governor gave the bride away.

North Korea invades Afghanistan.
Why not everyone else has.

Monica Lewinski marries Osama bin Laden.
She can find anyone.
And what’s the bin mean.
Bin, bin, bin that’s like a garbage can right?

China goes bankrupt after bootlegging eight track tapes.

India and Pakistan go to war over the Kashmir valley.
When the smoke cleared they were all stoned.
China got a free buzz.
May explain the eight tracks

But until we got the new news, I guess we would have to endure reruns like everything else.
The only reruns I really loved were of Jeopardy.
I used to watch it when I was stoned and during rerun season I knew all the answers.
Made me feel real smart, until the next season started that is and I was dumb as a doornail.
But then I would only smoke a couple of joints and six months down the road I’b be smart once again.

I think there should be no reruns.
They should have new shows go fill in the spots where there would be reruns then when these shows need a break then the others could come back a resume with their new season.

I don’t know if I would want CNN or any other news agency to take a break even though they make me sick sometimes.
I can see it now I turn the TV on to CNN in time to see their first broadcast of the new season and the doorbell rings.
I turn the volume up and as I go and open the door to ET as the news says we are being invaded from outer space and not to open the door to ET.


By the way if you find that I am babbling feel free to stop me at any time.

February, already.
Valentines Day is coming up soon.
It’s one of my favorite days.
It’s when Al Capone tried to take out the North Side Gang of Bug’s Moran.
Did a nice job of it but he missed the boss.

As for the rest, the way I see it is I don’t need a special day to show someone I love them, I have 365 days to do that so Hall Mark can choke on that.
Imagine waiting all year to really show how much you love someone.

The big thing for me in February is the Super Bowl.
This year it’s the Colts against the Saints.
My team didn’t make it.
Actually they didn’t make the playoffs but I am not surprised about that in fact I was kind of shocked at their early success.
Who do I think will win?
On paper I would say the Colts all the way.
The Saints could win it but they have to be hungry and prepared to fight hard then put a lot of hurt on the Colts.
Otherwise, they have no hope on hoisting up the Lombardi trophy unless of course the Colts implode and beat themselves out of a Super Bowl.
The possibilities are endless.
One thing that is for sure, there is only one game left until next September.

I hope your day is not as blah as mine
Have a nice day



Anonymous said...

Amazing how quickly you move from one subject to the

It hasn't been too blah here, except if you include the weather. Strange, because I usually do feel blah between January and February, probably that seasonal disorder thing. This year is different, though. I made a concerted effort to make it so, though, and that's probably the difference.

As for tv shows, you're right, the seasons sure seem to be getting shorter, but that's okay. I just visit Hulu on my laptop and catch whatever show I want :)

nachtwache said...

I like the music, is it Greek?
Where have I been? Well, if not at work or sleeping, doing chores or spending time with my grandson, I've been shooting it up on Mafia Wars and am "WFTC" as in, walking for the cure, on facebook :P No time to really feel blah. No time for TV, but I do enjoy playing the games :)