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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Before you go on, I would like to express my deepest sympathies to a fellow blogger and a good friend,Patti The Monogram Queen.
Her mother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly the other day.
My thoughts are with her family



I don’t know.
Sometimes I think I am a psycho.

The world is either insane or it’s me.
Look at what’s happening in Haiti.
The place was a shit hole to begin with and then an earthquake devastates them.
So now it’s more like an overflowing septic tank.

I have been watching it all unfold on the TV (Not like we have a choice) with the bodies in the street piling up and those struggling to stay out of the pile.
They say that 200,000 people are dead and double that for injured.

The images I have seen on the television are not pretty and some are down right ugly.
People with limbs cut off.
They have so many amputations happening, it’s like a butcher shop and they have no anesthetic to dull the pain.

The UN is there in full force with the Americans and Canadians sending more and more supplies and troops.
I just want to know where the fuck they are?

I see images of planes filled with supplies and troops being unloaded at the airport but I don’t see shit moving out.
They say the roads are blocked.
OK, unblock them and don’t tell me it will take time.
Throw a couple of fucken tanks in the god damn street and blast you way through.
For once put the fucken weapons of mass destruction to good use.

When a truck of supplies does get out and sent to feed the people starving out there it usually gets hijacked half way to it’s destination and that’s with UN soldiers driving and guarding it.
What the fuck is that all about?
I mean ok I know these people are hungry but a truck load of food will feed a whole camp of people not just the 30 unarmed Haitians tossing the soldiers off and stripping the truck of it’s goods for their own personal needs.

Can someone tell me why they even give UN soldiers guns for?
What, the UN only accepts soldiers with limps thus the added weight of a rifle makes them not wobble as much.
Shoot one of the fuckers in the head and the rest will shit their pants and run.

When the sun goes down the jackals come out.
Killing, robbing, raping through the night, I saw a Haitian cop, the guy had a sawed off shotgun.
What the fuck was that?
They can’t afford handguns so they bought the Crips old kindergarten toys.
He’s holding the sawed off shotgun in his hand while he was watching the people loot the post office.
Probably trying to mail their butts out of there.
I guess he was protecting the looters from the owners.

There was a dramatic rescue yesterday, about 50 people with heavy machinery struggling to get under the rubble at the mayor’s house.
I’m thinking, the mayor’s fucked or maybe his mistress was still in there hiding in the closet.
Does anyone know where Monica Lewinski is?
What, I’ve seen weirder things happen.
Maybe she moved to England and flew Fillatio Class to Haiti for a vacation.
It’s possible.
Anyway all these people battle all day moving tons of rubble to rescue a little four-wheeler.
You know, the ones your kids use to bounce around in the bush on the weekend.
They could have used that bloody manpower to clean some of the street.
Fucken morons.

When we see shit like this happening you have to ask yourself why.
We give aid to a lot of these places but when you see images you tend to wonder what the fuck did they do with it?

Public officials live like kings while the general public live in a state of poverty and even that can’t justly describe how they live.
Most of the houses where just piled up stones with hardly, if any mortar holding them together.

Now we are scrabbling to help them when we should have dome it properly to begin with.
When we give countries such as Haiti money there should be certain conditions attached to the money.
Like how it should be used and we should award contracts to companies to build not give money to the government to do with as they please.
How may third world countries took the milk money we gave them to buy weapons they ended up using against us.

So we should have an active3 roll in spending our money there.
What can they say?
It’s our money and we don’t have to give it.
Why should we give it blindly so that a handful of people can live well while the rest struggle with the scraps they pick up here and there?

I’m not saying there wouldn’t have still been a catastrophe after such and earthquake but I bet there wouldn’t be two hundred thousand dead people.
I believe in helping people but it’s not helping by throwing money at a problem especially if the person you are paying has no fucken idea what to do with it.

Would you give you’re fourteen year old a million dollars and tell them to take care of the kids for a decade?
How long would the money last?
You set them up; then teach them how to keep it running and in time, not only will they learn but improve what you gave them.

Look at Cuba, they are driving American made cars from the fifties and building their own parts by hand to keep them running.
The Dominican Republic, it’s the other half of the fucken island Haiti is on, they’re doing great.
So what the problem?

The problem is we don’t really care until we are forced to see something we don’t want to see.
Then we go OMG how could this happen?
How do these people live this way?
Now we throw a hundred times the resources out there to help.
Good for us.

We should have did this before it got to this point; before 200,000 people died, before all those babies lost their limbs.

A cameraman zoomed on the face of a young woman laying on the ground, focusing on her eyes as the rapidly fluttered while her life slowly drained out of her.
Nothing they could do they said.

They didn’t have to show it.

I am not going to say more about that part because it’s images like that, that have us up in arms and running to help.

When will the people of the world stop and look past their leaders to the whole picture to really understand?
Our problem is we don’t look far enough past our own little world to understand the rest of it.

The earth is like any other body.
When its bits and parts start falling apart it will affect the whole unless you think amputation is the best way.

Have a nice day



Monogram Queen said...

Thank you so much.
No, you are many things my friend but Psycho is not one of them!!!

Shana said...

Very well said!!!!!!!!!

Smokey's Daughter said...

Monogram Queen, I send you a hug and prayers. Walker, You are a dear.

BlazngScarlet said...

I am so very sorry Monogram Queen.
Truly, I will keep you in my thoughts ((hugs)).

As for you Walker, you're not psycho. However, some of the people in your life .... ;D LOL (teasing)

I don't agree that we should tell them what and where to spend the money they borrow.
When you get a personal loan from the bank, they don't tell you what to spend it on.
The better solution would be to have the country in question outline what their intentions are for the $$ BEFORE we lend it.
Then the country has to send quarterly reports as to the progress of the project. Kinda like the way a Grant works.
You have to show why you need the funds and then prove progress.

Peter said...

Sorry to hear about The Monogram Queen losing her Mother and all the strife in Haiti, devastation on that scale is hard to comprehend.

BikerCandy said...

Very well said Walker. I totally agree with you.

Nishant said...

you are many things my friend but Psycho is not one of them!!!

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