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Saturday, August 01, 2009

I'm Still Around ©

It's the damnest thing.
I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and came home blind.
I knew all those years of whacking off would catch up with me some day but now that I can see again I'll put up a decent post not like this fake post I'm using to stale for time.

I spent 5 days feeling my way around the house and city and I have never squinted so much in my life.
I squinted so much my eyes now look like a cross between Chinese, Korean, Japanese eyes mixed with bloodshot red for color.

Preparations for the BBQ continue with two weeks left until the big day but i have been preparing for the last two months so there won't be as much work on the final days which will give me some time to spend with Inia who will be here with her kids.

Oh and the BONG, I call it Inia because she gave in to me as a gift.
Actually she pulled a fast one on me.
I was looking at it to buy from someone online who was selling it whom had one it in a raffle.
Just when I did decide I was going to try and buy it, it was sold which pissed me off a bit for being to slow in acting but thems the breaks.

As I was talking to Inia telling her that I was going to send an email offering double for it she began to freak out because she had bought it to surprise me and now i was trying to steal it from her.
Two weeks later Inia raced across the border before she got to my place to meet up with the lady selling the BONG in some parking lot on the other side of the city then showed up and surprised me with it.

Isn't life a surprize bag of fun.

Have a nice day



Boxer said...

this Inia seems very sweet and I'm glad this year you'll have a date for your BBQ. and someone to help clean up, too. ;-)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Well, now, that's a lovely thing for Inia to do for you. I hope the barbecue goes well and that you don't have the coppers arrive as late guests!'ll tell us if that happens, yes?

BlazngScarlet said...

She got you? LOL
Why do I get the feeling that THAT doesn't happen very often?!
Good for her ... and you!

Enjoy ... Inia, INIA & the BBQ! :D

Wicked man ....

nachtwache said...

Love the music! Great post! As always. How 'bout a few pics from the BBQ, including your Inia, not the bong :) Have fun!

Elvira Black said...

OMG Walker:

I was just skipping around and I saw your post after this first and the part about sucking a bowl outta Inia's ass and I said to myself: wow, he's some kinky-ass Canadian! I can see now it's downright dangerous to not read these in order...cuz of course I also thought you lost your eyesight on top of that. You trickster you.

So is this Inia an, er, love interest? Inquiring minds wanna know, so I guess maybe I'll just have to read backward some more...

PS: if you click on my link it'll take you to my BC writer's page, hopefully.