blue moon (2)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ringing My Bell ©

It’s 7:30 am and I am up sitting at my computer sipping a double, double brandy after just finishing sucking a bowl full out of Inia’s ass, so I got a nice buzz going and with luck it will knock me out.

5:30 am I was snug in my bed strangling a pillow when the doorbell rang.
5 fucken 30 am.
Someone was going to die.

I mean it’s been years since anyone was dumb enough to wake me up this early in the morning unless it was a drunk female friend looking for a back rub…

I stump downstairs and open the door and low and behold a woman.
A 90 year old woman smiling back at me.
I said it had been a while but ummm this isn’t what I was thinking about when I thought it.
My father came out to seems she rang his doorbell first.
Yeah, lets make it a family affair.
All we need is Mr. French or is that getting French.

Actually we knew who she was, it’s the neighbors mother who we have known for 40 years now so we gently walked her back to her house and rang the door bell.
The door opened and let me tell you, there is only one thing that can knock the cobwebs from your brain faster than a pair of Double Ds loose behind a flimsy t-shirt and that’s the Double Js if not bigger that stepped up next to the other one wondering who was at the door.

They both stood there staring at us on their porch with their mother between the both of us.
I was looking at their tits, I don’t know what the fuck my father was looking at and I don’t care.

We told they their mother came over and woke us up and they were shocked to hear of what happened.
It seems the old lady sleep walks and this time she left the house and locked the door behind her.
They said they would have to keep a better eye on their mother from now on.

We all said goodnight and I came home to try and get back to sleep but I just couldn’t pass out so I came back downstairs for a drink when I heard something in the back of the house so me being the brave stupid type I go to investigate.
I unlock the door and fling it open and standing there in front of me were two guys each holding a big fucken axe.
I was glad to see they were fireman but ummmmmm where’s the fucken fire?
They said they didn’t know.

Oh great, I got Jason and Michael Myers standing in front of me and they don’t know why.
Maybe I should grab some scissors and run down the street grooming everyone ones hedges.
So we all walk out of the yard and go next door only to find the baker open and baking loafs.
I took a nose full of fresh bread and came back home and now sit here trying to knock myself out before the next thing happens.

Hmmm, I think I’ll take Inia to bed with me instead and knock myself out silly


Have a nice weekend



Puss-in-Boots said...

So that's Inia...well, I'm relieved Walker. After the things you've written in the past, I was wondering what sort of a woman would go along with all

Glad your neighbour's mother enabled you to have such a lovely reward for your early morning wake up call...

Leah said...

Inia's a knockout.

Michael Manning said...

Never a dull moment! What would you do if you lived in the country? :D) Have a good weekend, Walker!

jlspbs said...

I don't think this is the same Inia I've been reading about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boxer said...

I see you like them tall.

BlazngScarlet said...

.... and skinny.

Hmm .... so NOT what I pictured!
Especially after the mysterious foot picture!

BikerCandy said...

Hmm? I'm sitting here wondering if you are pulling our collective legs or if that is really Inia????

Either way, I like your taste and it looks like she is still a virgin, I'm disappointed in you Walker...she seems like she's been forgotten about, shame on you!

Lindy said...

I'm beginning to wonder how many damn 'Inias' you have? Lots of stories inia, huh?

Anonymous said...

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Cece said...

Are you looking for ways to Market your blog, Walker? Don't you just love that? Inia looks like a lot of fun! And you never have to worry about her leaving you for another man, or woman for that matter, unless someone steals her. Good thing I don't live nextdoor!

JanuskieZ said...

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BlazngScarlet said...

Are those big boobied ladies ringing your "bell" still?!

nachtwache said...

A bit of spam? These guys didn't look too close at your blog, you could help them out :)
I'm thinking too, that the real Inia looks different, maybe a few more curves.
As always, life is entertaining.