blue moon (2)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stupidville ©

Ever have so much to say but don’t know what to say because there is just so much to say.
Life is so fucken insane lately, I don’t know what living is any more.
I’m mad
Down right fucken pissed off

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one with any common sense around here.
Have people stopped fucken thinking or is stupid the new tread?

Where to start?
When’s the finish?

My head is so full of crap I don’t know what to grasp first.
I have a dozen people coming at me at once.
The Ex stopped by the other day to tell me about this great guy she met online and how she thinks this is the one.
I told her to take it easy and to make sure she knew lots about him before she committed herself to a relationship.

I must have been talking to my ass end because 4 days after meeting this guy on one of those free dating sites she was gone.
I came home Sunday from dim sum and find an IM saying he was there and they were off to see his mother at the hospital.
I answered but she was already gone.

That’s when the EX SIL called if I had heard from her sister and I told her about the IM left on my computer so she decided that since her sister was gone she would go over to the Ex’s place to feed her dog.
She had been given a key to do just that so off she went.
Me, I went on to deal with D2’s teeth at the dentist.

I get back home a couple of hours later and the Ex SIL was on my porch dancing around like she needed to pee waiting for me to show up.
She comes in and runs straight to the washroom while screaming something about having to tell me something.

A couple of minutes later she comes down with a funny look on her face,
“Walker, I have to tell you something”.
“I went over to feed the dog because you told me she had left with that guy”.
“I open the door and walk in and they were there and they were naked”.

Remember this is the woman who has sworn off sex.

“Yes, he was jumping on top of her like a monkey”.
“What happened when they saw you”?
“Well, she said they were naked but I could see that”.
“What did you say”?
“Hi, I’m her sister, I make candles”.
“WTF did you says that for”?
“ I didn’t know what else to say I just walked in on them fucking”.
“You sure they were fucking, you know you are getting older and the eyes are the first to go”.

“So what happened next”?
“Well I went out in the hallway so they could get dressed and I went back when she called me in”.
“He shook my hand and said his name”.
“I see, did you see him washing his hand because he probably had a couple of fingers in her pussy”.

She ran off upstairs to wash her hands.
Twenty minutes later she was back on the couch telling me the rest of the story.
The Ex told her she would be gone for the day and would be back the on Tuesday.
That was two days ago and she is still not back.
Her sister called to tell me she went to her place and fed the dog whom had been left alone.

I hope she is ok but I told her and I have said it here on numerous posts that you got to know who you are dealing with when you meet someone online.
You have to take time to get to know someone before you let yourself run off with them.
There are people out there who feed off of desperate people like my Ex.

I told the Ex Sil to wait one more day and to go see the police.
The Ex had not given anyone his name or where she was going.
Not even a phone number where she could be reached.

Later that evening as I was watching TV the phone rang and it was the Ex Sil.
She said that she talked to her mother and told her she was going to call the police the next day if she hadn’t returned and her mother said it wasn’t her responsibility, that it was mine.

WTF is she talking about?
We broke up 17 fucken years ago.
She said that it was my responsibility because I was a man.


Let’s see……. this is the woman who accused me of raping her
Called the police and said I broke in and tried to kill her and the kids
They came to get me; my saving grace was that I was at a charity function with the chief of police and half the police force at the bowling lanes
She set me up where I was almost killed in the middle of the street by the cops in front of 100 witnesses.

They want me to go down to the police station and report my Ex missing.
Guess who suspect #1 will be?
The Ex is lucky I let her come here in fact, a couple of weeks ago I told the Ex the only fucken reason she comes through my front door is because of the kids.

The whole week was stupid like this.
Friday someone told me a crazy story.
Someone who I was banging between the four posts of the bed ended up with one of my enemies.
It’s a small world.
Now I hadn’t been with her for at least six months prior to them hooking up and she got pregnant with his kid but he didn’t believe it.
He was so obsessed that it was mine he talked her into getting an abortion because it gave him pleasure in destroying something of mine.
Even though she pleaded with him that it was his she went through with it anyway because she loved him.

Fucken morons.
Hate blindly destroys innocence and yes even I know how to hate.
We got to learn to hate with our eyes open.
Fucken morons.

Last night as I was settling down I got an IM from of all people, the EX.
The first thing I did was give her shit for taking off without telling anyone where to or with who.
She bubbled something about finding Mr. Right.
I said I was happy for her but she was still a stupid bitch for jumping off a cliff like that.
As I was Iming her I called her sister on the phone to tell her that the EX was still alive.
She told me to ask her if she was going to be home tomorrow and the Ex said no and to tell the Ex Sil she didn’t have to go and feed her dog, which I immediately relayed.
After fifteen minutes I managed to get rid of the lot of them and settle down for the night.

This morning I woke up early to catch up some of what I didn’t finish yesterday and as I was in the kitchen the phone rang.
It was the Ex SIL.
“I thought you told me they were not going to be there”?
“That’s what she said, why”?
“Because I went there this morning to check on the dog and they were they’re jumping around like monkeys again”.
“You really got to learn to knock”.

So for those of you who have been looking for me or wondering where I have been, I haven’t been dodging you.
Just the shit flying around me.

Have a nice day



Megan said...


Just telling it like it is said...

OMGosh she left the Dog? Heartless I tell condolences Huggs

Lindi said...

Must be the full moon...people are acting real wierd on this side of the border too.

Puss-in-Boots said...

How could she leave the dog like that? She needs to be reported to the SPCA.

Save your breath, Walker, when sex gets into the equation, good sense (if she ever had any) goes out the window. At least she's still far.

Good luck with the shit dodging.

Fire Byrd said...

Have you ever thought about running away to join the circus..... oh of course you don't need to, you live amongst it already!
Your family are something else.

deni said...

Your ex is certifiable...LOL

Are you sure you don't live in a nut house?

Boxer said...

sending you big hugs and calming energy - you need to step out of this drama as gently as you can, because THIS isn't your journey with these people. BLOOD might be thicker than water, but stupid people can just take a place at the back of the line.

BikerCandy said...

Holy Crap Batman! She's just crazy, there is no other word for it.

Walker said...

Megan: I think it more like Boinks :P

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: I was thinking how the poor dog has to watch now LOL

Walker said...

Lindi: It's a full moon for some people all the time.
My Ex is one of them

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: The only reason i was even involved was because of her sister and the kids.

The dog was being fed by the Ex's sister but she had to buy food for it.
She just forgot everything when she met this guy.

Walker said...

Fire Byrd: I tell you.
I did a month in jail.
It was heaven.
I begged for more time but the judge thought it a fitting punishment to send me back home.

Walker said...

deni: Oh I know she is and always was now that I think about it.
Walnut house

Walker said...

Boxer: I dopn't want in this drama no one does but i have to stay close to watch out for the kids.
I just told them they can't go to their mothers unannounced like they used to because they may walk in on Orca and Shamou breaking waves.

Walker said...

BikerCandy: There are many words for it but who has the time to write them all down HA HA HA

My favorite word to describe her is "EX"

itisi said...

Walker, you really need to find a hobby!

**walks away laughing hysterically*********

BlazngScarlet said...

WOW ....
is it 4:20 yet?!

Just remember, you can't fix stupid.
I totally agree with Boxer.
Protect the girls yes, but bear in mind, one is an adult, and the other one will be.
You can't protect them from everything, or forever.

I've said what's on my mind, now i'll go away and leave you in Peace. You've earned one less female yammering in your ear. :)

Awareness said...

Stuck on stupid she is, she is!

I know this is painfully frustrating, but really Walker you need to take this stuff on the road and onto a stage. It is hilarious....

human behaviour! YOu can't make this shit up.

As my hubbie's grandma used to say (she really did) "Keep your pecker up!" Lovely lady she demure and usually very lady like.... lol!

Peter said...

Your best days work ever was the day you made her your EX.

Suzanne said...

You know me, I don't give a shit about her, I care about the dog.

Michael Manning said...

Well, at least you are not "on her train" so to speak and are on your own which is a lot more stable, Walker! At some point, you have to celebrate this fact and say...OPA!

Blogget Jones said...

I don't think I've ever read a post that was so freaking scary and so hilarious at the same time!

I wholeheartedly agree with two things:
The EX SIL has to learn to knock.
Fucken morons.

;o) BJ

gab said...

You never have a dull moment do you walker? And I thought my life was a soap opera!

Dotm said...

Gee, I think you need to find a secret hide-a-way under lock and key.
I was once told I could write a better Paten Place than the one that was on TV at the time. I think you could out do mine by a mile. Get some well deserved rest, you sure have earned it.